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Spray Foam Insulation in Brantford

When compared to similar insulation products, spray foam insulation has become increasingly recognized as the best product on the market.  In all comparisons, the spray foam product has come out on top - with better product qualities and better installation results.  If you’re now shopping for spray foam insulation in Brantford, or in any of the communities around Brant County, it’s a good time to check out Great Northern Insulation.  We are well established in the region, and have proven ourselves as a reputable and reliable professional contractor.

At GNI, our main focus is on 100% customer satisfaction – and that applies to every job we take, regardless of size or scope.  Our installation approach is simple - we seal it tight and ventilate it right.  And when undertake a project like spray foam insulation, that project is professionally managed and executed from start to finish.  We have some of the best installers in the industry, and when one of our installs is complete, there’s nothing that can compare with the quality and performance of the spray foam product.  Quite simply, we do it right the first time.  

Today, professionals throughout the industry recognize spray foam insulation as the “product of choice”.  For homebuilders, contractors, and renovators alike, spray foam insulation is just a better product. And at GNI, we highly recommend the product for new home construction, renovations, and retrofit projects.  We’ve seen the product perform, and we know the kind of benefits that can be expected.  Spray foam will deliver the highest R-value of any product; it will seal better than anything else; and it will add structural strength to the area where it’s applied.

For very large spaces, spray foam insulation (also known as polyurethane foam) is better suited than any other product, or combination of products.  For large spaces like attics and roofs spray foam is the ultimate coating.  And when properly installed, the spray foam coating envelops and seals a space totally – including every hole, crack and crevice.  Even hard-to-reach spaces are coated and sealed.  Additionally, the insulation envelope is impermeable to air and moisture, which in itself eliminates the need for installing an independent vapor barrier.

Spray foam insulation should be professionally installed.  It requires special nozzle equipment, through which the material is sprayed, and it requires expertise in allowing the material to spread out evenly and uniformly throughout a given space.  The spray foam expands during the install, and then hardens into a dense layer of insulation that remains in its place.  When it’s complete, the application provides many benefits: air circulation and air quality are enhanced; overall energy efficiency is improved; and HVAC equipment performs to its full capacity.

For the team at GNI, spray foam insulation is part of a “system”.  The “system” creates a better-balanced indoor environment, with improved performance all around.  Heating and cooling costs are reduced - heat and cool cycles are balanced - and HVAC equipment performs at its peak.  However, spray foam insulation will ONLY perform to its optimum capacity when the installation is 100%.  And that’s why we believe in a professional install, with expert installers who understand the nuances of the spray foam product AND the uniqueness of the installation.

If you’re looking for spray foam insulation in Brantford, consider Great Northern Insulation.  We have the quality products and the expert installers.  Our people are trained, with years of industry experience and expertise.  They do every job right the first time.  Our installers follow established building codes - they obey local and regional by-laws - and they install according to the manufacturer’s product specifications.  Customers are provided with the manufacturer’s warranty on every project, and the team doesn’t quit until customer satisfaction is at 100%.

Professional, expert installation cannot be overstated when it comes to spray foam insulation. This is vital to the performance of the product.  And GNI provides that kind of expert install.  Our teams are licensed and certified, and they understand the challenges of each job.  Every job site is prepared appropriately; every worker is equipped with safety gear and protective wear; and occupants or residents are always safeguarded.  Once again, it’s our way of doing the job right the first time, and it’s an approach that delivers the best possible results.

Inasmuch as GNI believes in spray foam insulation, we only recommend the product that suits the need.  And although we recommend spray foam for new builds, renos and retrofits, we also discourage customers from making spray foam a DIY project.  This isn’t the right time or place to do-it-yourself.  Spray foam insulation requires the handling of specialized equipment and the handling of special compounds.  Sometimes, the installation process can get complex, which is why it’s best handled by a professional with the skill, experience and expertise.

The incredible growth of spray foam insulation only reinforces the efficacy of the product.  And while it’s true that the product is more expensive than others, a basic “cost-benefit” analysis clearly shows that the initial investment is a worthwhile investment.  The fact remains:  spray foam is a superior product, with superior features and benefits.  The finished application will last a lifetime – it will not require replacement, and will not need replenishment – and best of all, the payback period is impressive at between 2 and 7 years.

With so many consumers being concerned about energy consumption and energy efficiency, spray foam insulation has naturally become the “go to” product for many professionals in the industry.  If you’re in the process of shopping for spray foam insulation in Brantford, take the opportunity to consider Great Northern Insulation.  Over the past 35 years, we have become Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor, and recognized as a leader in home comfort.  At GNI, you can rest assured that your project will be managed expertly and guaranteed 100%.

Like we said before – we do it right the first time.  And with spray foam insulation, we’ll show you how a top-quality product, and a top-notch installation, can make all the difference.

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