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Spray Foam Insulation in Cambridge

Throughout the insulation industry, professionals agree that spray foam insulation is the best product on the market.  When spray foam insulation is compared, one-on-one, with similar products, the spray foam product emerges as a better product.  It has better product features and delivers better results.  So if you’re in the market for insulation, and if you’re considering spray foam insulation in Cambridge, it may be the time to consider Great Northern Insulation.  At GNI, we focus on 100% customer service and satisfaction on everything we sell and install.

   Our installation approach is quite straightforward - we seal tight and we ventilate right.  Our spray foam installations are managed professionally by skilled installers, from the moment we start to the end of the project.  And when an installation is complete, there is nothing that can compare with the exceptional performance of the spray foam product.  For GNI installers, spray foam has become a “product of choice” for projects large and small.

More and more professionals, including builders, contractors, and renovators, consider spray foam to be a better product.  It is generically known as polyurethane foam, and GNI routinely recommends the install for new construction, renovations, and retrofits.  We believe that spray foam provides more overall benefits than any of the other products available on the market.  It seals better; it provides higher R-values; and it enhances the structural strength of the space where it’s applied.  No other product will deliver all of these benefits in one application.

In spaces that are large and expansive, spray foam insulation is the preferred installation option.  It’s the ideal insulation product for spaces like the roof, the attic, and right inside wall cavities.  Properly installed, a space like the attic can be totally enveloped - it means that every little crack and crevice can be sealed, including all the hard-to-reach spots.  The finished application is an excellent insulator, and serves as an impermeable air and moisture barrier at the same time.  A spray foam installation eliminates the need for a separate vapor barrier.

A spray foam installation is one that should be handled professionally.  The material is sprayed into a cavity with special equipment, and initially spreads out as a thick liquid.  The installer makes sure that the application is uniform, and allows the foam to expand and harden into the dense envelope of insulation that stays in place.  But the application provides more than just insulation value.  With a good install, energy efficiency is optimized, air circulation and air quality are enhanced, and HVAC equipment performs to its full potential.

GNI believes in a complete “system”, and spray foam insulation is integral to that “system”.  A proper installation will normalize high heating and cooling costs; balance heating and cooling cycles; and optimize the efficiency of HVAC equipment.  More importantly, spray foam will only deliver high performance results when installed properly.  It’s a product and installation that requires a skilled professional - someone who understands the nuances of the product, and the unique nature of the application.  At GNI, we know how to do it right the first time.

If you’re shopping for spray foam insulation in Cambridge, or in any of the communities in the region, Great Northern Insulation can provide the skilled experts that you’ll need.   GNI install teams are trained, experienced installers.  They install according to established building and construction codes; they follow the manufacturer’s product specifications; and they obey local and regional by-laws.  GNI customers receive the manufacturer’s product warranty, as well as a guarantee on the work that is preformed.  In short, we don’t compromise customer satisfaction.

The importance and relevance of proper installation cannot be overstated.  And there are many factors to consider.  For example, GNI installers are licensed and certified - they prepare and organize the work-site appropriately - they make use of the proper safety gear - and they make sure to wear protective attire.  Most importantly, they safeguard the occupants or residents during the installation.  GNI installers also fully engaged in the project – they understand the challenges of a particular job, and they know how to assure an effective installation.

For every project, small or large, GNI recommends the product that best suits the need.  We clearly believe in spray foam insulation, and it’s a product that we recommend for a variety of applications:  new construction, renovations, and retrofitting.  At the same time, we will usually discourage a potential customer from turning a spray foam installation into a weekend DIY project.  Spray foam is an installation process that requires handling special equipment and handling a special product, not to mention that the install itself can have complexities.

Industry statistics show a remarkable growth rate for spray foam usage.  Annual growth of 40% indicates that the product has proven its value.  And even though the spray foam product is relatively more expensive, a simple cost/benefit equation will show that it’s a worthwhile investment.  This is especially true when the cost/benefit is assessed over a long term.  The thing is, spray foam is a premium product, and the benefits are inherent:  the application lasts a lifetime - it needs no replacement or replenishment - and it delivers a payback of 2 to 7 years.

Today’s consumer is quite focused on energy efficiency and energy savings.  That’s why spray foam insulation has gained so much recognition – it delivers the desired results.  In fact, it has become the favorite product for a many insulation professionals in the industry.  So if you are currently looking for spray foam insulation in Cambridge, Great Northern Insulation is worth looking into.  Over the past 35 years, GNI has grown into Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor, and a leading contractor in the “home comfort” industry.  We can show you how a high-quality product and a high-quality install can make all the difference.  And you can rest assured that everything we do is expertly managed and professionally expedited.

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