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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Hamilton

When it’s time to remove old insulation – some things to consider.

When it’s time to remove old insulation, it’s wise to assess the overall condition of the existing materials. In old homes, aging insulation material may be obvious to the eye. It may also be clear that some of the material has lost capacity to perform. Whatever the conditions, it’s important to determine if insulation removal is an urgent issue, or only routine. For homeowners considering insulation removal in Hamilton, the experts at Great Northern Insulation offer expertise from end to end - the entire process, from removal, to repairs, to retrofits, to reinstallation.

In every home, there’s a different reason for removing insulation.

Every home has a different reason for removing insulation, and GNI crews have seen practically everything. There are homes with removals that are straightforward; homes where removal is more complex; and homes where removal is actually hazardous. GNI crews have also seen homes with insufficient insulation, or even too much insulation. But the worst are homes with insulation that’s simply been badly installed. For homeowners, it all translates into wasted energy. The most dangerous, of course, is insulation that is waterlogged, deteriorated, or asbestos laden.

It’s advantageous to remove insulation during home renovations.

It’s an advantage to remove insulation during a home renovation. If contractors can easily work together, the removal process (and the reinstallation) can be efficient and money saving. This is also a good time to repair or retrofit a space before new insulation gets installed. For the team at Great Northern Insulation, it’s a step-by-step process. First - assessing the existing insulation. Next, deciding how much insulation will be disposed and how much saved. And finally, proposing a viable reinstallation plan to enhance the home’s energy efficiency for the long term.

In most homes, insulation removal will require relevant expertise.

In most homes, and in most scenarios, insulation removal becomes more than a simple cleanup. It’s work that requires relevant expertise. Great Northern Insulation has expert crews, with high performance equipment, and the capacity to efficiently remove and dispose the waste. All debris is completely removed, and everything disposed safely. Beyond the cleanup, GNI also preps the space before new insulation is installed. This includes sealing the space tight, and retrofitting the ventilation where required. All of the work will ensure that the new insulation performs.

To save money, some homeowners may decide on a DIY approach.

To save money, some homeowners might decide on going with a DIY approach. However, nothing can compare with a professional approach. For the inexperienced, insulation removal can be very painstaking and very time consuming. Worse still, it could be dangerous work. The old insulation could be contaminated, or infested with mold, or contain asbestos from previous installations. These risks cannot be justified just for purpose of saving money. This is work for professionals who have experience and expertise, and who have the equipment to do the job right.

Before installing new insulation, removal work must be thorough.

For insulation removal in Hamilton, Great Northern Insulation does all the work from end to end. The removal and disposal process is thorough. Repair work and retrofits are professional. And new insulation is top-of-the-line. On some projects, retrofitting may include an air barrier or vapour barrier. On other projects, it may be necessary to upgrade the ventilation. And in some cases, it may be necessary to seal the space airtight. For the pros at GNI, air sealing is a priority - a space that is totally airtight will serve to improve the performance of the new insulation.

For the experts at GNI, sealing a space tight is always the priority.

Since air movement impacts the inside of a home, it’s important to effectively manage it. A home that is well sealed will manage air movement far better than a home that leaks air. A sealed home provides better air circulation, better air quality, and much improved energy efficiency around the year. For Great Northern Insulation, it’s about a “system” that combines adequate air sealing, efficient ventilation, and good quality insulation. It’s a “system” that maximizes a home’s energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and offering seasonal savings on the utilities.

In Hamilton, GNI offers superior quality products and installations.

In Hamilton, GNI can offer homeowners a selection of top quality insulation products, along with professional grade installations. One popular product is blown insulation. It’s reliable and cost-effective for attics and roofs, and provides an effective “thermal blanket” with good R-Values. The product is available in fiberglass or cellulose, and offers a satisfactory lifespan where installed. GNI can also offer homeowners the traditional fiberglass insulation batts. This is a reliable option for attics and roof cavities, delivering good R-Values throughout, and good product lifespan.

For some homeowners, a high performance insulation product is the preferred option. Here, GNI highly recommends Spray Foam Insulation. It has emerged as the favourite for many insulation professionals, and is considered the best product on the market. SFI offers more benefits in a single application than anything comparable. SFI seals a space totally airtight; it produces an air barrier and vapour barrier at the same time; and it installs higher R-Values than other products. Product life is unparalleled - SFI needs no topping up, no replacement, and no replenishment.

Great Northern Insulation also offers a unique “hybrid” installation for homeowners. It’s a cost-effective installation that uniquely incorporates two insulation products into one install. To begin with, Spray Foam Insulation is purposefully applied into a given space. It’s then supplemented with an installation of blown insulation (in either cellulose or fiberglass). This unique “hybrid” method brings about excellent results, with very satisfactory R-Values throughout, and a project investment that’s cost-effective over the long term. Clearly, there are benefits from each product.

With GNI on the job, customers are assured of complete satisfaction. And that includes insulation removal, repairs/retrofits, and reinstallation of new product. GNI customers are provided with sound product warranties, and a guarantee on all workmanship.   

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