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Attic Insulation in London, Ontario

If you’re currently in the market for attic insulation in London, Ontario, you’ve probably discovered the challenges of shopping around.  You have to decide on the insulation product (or products) that is best suited for the job, and more importantly, you have to decide on the contractor that you’ll be using.  At Great Northern Insulation, we want our customers to be well informed.   And being well informed makes all the difference when it comes to making decisions.  In London, and in any of the neighbouring communities, GNI has established itself as the nation’s largest full-service insulation contractor.  We use the highest quality products when we install; our installations are always at the highest standard; and our focus is always on the best customer service possible.

Like everything else, attic insulation products are being advertised and marketed to the max, and there is no shortage of contractors and companies who are promoting themselves.  Manufacturers market their own product brands, and of course, they have the “best”.  As for the Internet, every insulation product you come across is the “best”, and every insulation contractor is the “best” one to choose.  The truth is, we are bombarded with information, and instead of making it easier, it’s actually more difficult to decide.  However, when you decide on an insulation contractor like Great Northern Insulation, those dynamics are completely changed.  We are known for working closely with our customers, right from the start of a project to the end – and we deliver results!  

GNI does it right the first time.  We start with a comprehensive attic inspection.  We then prepare a report describing the condition of the attic.  And we follow up with viable, problem-solving options.  GNI installers will always make product suggestions to suit the project – they address the specific issues at hand, and make sure that their recommendations are in line with the customer’s budget.  We take a professional approach to insulation, and believe that insulation is one component of the overall job.  In fact, regardless of the insulation product that we install, our focus on every job is to seal the space tightly - it means sealing up every hole and opening, and crack and crevice.  For the installers at GNI, sealing tightly is an essential component on an insulation job.

At Great Northern Insulation, customer satisfaction is more than just a slogan.  We provide our customers with the manufacturer’s product warranty when we complete an installation; we also guarantee our installation work; and best of all, we make sure that problem issues are resolved with immediacy.  Essentially, GNI stands behind everything that is sold and installed.  Even after a project is finished, we are committed to repairing or replacing the problem area to the acceptable industry standard (and at our cost).  So if you are currently shopping around for attic insulation in London, or in the neighboring communities of the region, consider GNI for your insulation needs - you’ll be fully serviced from the moment we start your job to the day we’re done.

When it comes to choosing an attic insulation product, professionals in the industry are choosing spray foam insulation – it’s considered to be the best product available.  Sometimes referred to as polyurethane foam, spray foam is sprayed directly into the attic with special equipment.  It sprays out as a thick liquid, and hardens into a super-dense coating.  Everything in the attic is coated:  wooden support beams; plumbing pipes and ductwork; and all electrical wiring and cables.  The foam coating provides the insulation, and acts as a barrier that is impervious to air and moisture.  This application requires NO separate vapor barrier, which saves time and money.  For the best possible results, spray foam insulation requires expertise with BOTH product and installation.  

Another insulation product worth considering is blown-in insulation.  This is an affordable option for many, and is available in two product variations - cellulose or fiberglass.  The product is made to be “fluffy”, a feature designed to restrict air movement, and making it an effective insulator.  Blown-in insulation is also designed to be fire-resistant, and resistant to mold and mildew.  In addition, it thwarts insects and rodents – perfect for the attic environment.  Special equipment is used to blow the insulation properly through the attic, so that dispersion is uniform.  Blown-in insulation can be installed on top of existing insulation (that is dry and uncontaminated).  And with a good install, this very effective “thermal blanket” significantly enhances the original R-value rating.

The install teams at Great Northern Insulation prefer the “hybrid” approach to insulation, an approach that delivers the best outcome.  This type of application combines spray foam insulation and blown-in insulation in one effort.  Depending on the project, our installers decide on which combination to use - either spray foam AND cellulose blown-in, OR spray foam AND fiberglass blown-in.  Industry professionals who specialize in insulation consider the “hybrid” approach to be the best one for attics.  This is because the spray foam provides excellent air sealing, while the blown-in insulation provides the dollar value.  In attic projects where existing insulation is being removed, GNI installers recommend a “hybrid” approach.  The existing insulation is removed safely and carefully, the product combination is decided, and the installation is expedited.  For the attic, it’s the combination of a quality product and a quality install that makes for the best outcome.

For those considering the DIY option, we routinely discourage this approach.  Yes, these products are readily available at the local home center, but we contend that some of this work is best left to the experts.  In many cases, the products and installations require experience and expertise, and at Great Northern Insulation, we recommend the professional approach.  We always do a complete job and that means we seal it tight, and ventilate it right.  We make sure the space in question is sealed, ventilated, and insulated.  Doing it right the first time is one of our primary objectives, and a great reason for hiring Great Northern Insulation as your insulation contractor.

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