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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Waterloo

A thorough assessment is necessary before removing home insulation.

Before doing home insulation removal, a thorough assessment is recommended. Naturally, older homes will have insulation that has aged, with materials that may have been compromised over the years. But the real aim of an assessment is to determine whether insulation removal is urgent or not. For homeowners planning insulation removal in Waterloo, Great Northern Insulation can offer a complete service from end to end. The professionals at GNI will take the project right from the removal phase, to repairing and retrofitting, to reinstalling new, quality insulation product.

Every residential home has a different reason for removing insulation.

Since every home is different, every home will have a different reason to remove insulation. At GNI, the crews have seen everything - homes with simple, straightforward removals; homes with removals that are more difficult; and homes where insulation removal is dangerous, sometimes hazardous. There are also situations where homes have inadequate insulation, or where material has been poorly installed. For the average homeowner, anything inadequate is a prescription for wasted energy. And wasted energy is quite simply wasted money on heating and air conditioning.

Removing insulation while doing other home renovations is expedient.

Removing insulation while doing other home renovations is both expedient and cost-effective. If work is coordinated well amongst the trades, removal and reinstallation can be expedited with significant cost savings. This would also be a good time for repairs and retrofits, especially before new insulation is installed. For Great Northern Insulation, the process starts with a complete and thorough assessment of existing conditions. At this point, it can be decided how much insulation has to be removed and how much can be saved. Finally, GNI makes a proposal for reinstallation.

For most insulation removal projects, previous experience is required.

In general, insulation removal is work that requires previous experience. In most homes, both old and new, removal work is going to be more than just “clean up and dispose”. In short, the work requires experience beyond the ability of the average homeowner. At Great Northern Insulation, expert crews expedite the removal work effectively and efficiently. With industrial equipment, all of the waste and debris is removed and disposed safely. When cleanup is complete, GNI prepares the space by sealing everything airtight, and retrofitting the ventilation to ensure air circulation.

Sometimes, to save money, homeowners might opt for a DIY approach.

Because of budget constraints, some homeowners may choose the DIY method when undertaking insulation removal. This method should be discouraged for a number of reasons. To begin with, insulation removal is painstaking, time-consuming work for someone without experience. It can also be dangerous:  the insulation might be contaminated; there could be residual mold; and worse, there could be asbestos left over from a previous installation. This is work for a contractor with experience and expertise, who can take on the project from the beginning to the end.

There is much work to do before reinstalling any of the new insulation.

In Waterloo, GNI offers insulation removal from start to finish. Removal, cleanup and disposal are exhaustive. Repair work and retrofits are professionally managed. And new insulation product is top-of-the-line. GNI does it all: there may be a need for an air barrier or vapour barrier; there may be a need for the air ventilation to be improved; and quite often, there may a need to air seal areas that so require. For GNI, air sealing is considered a priority on every project, large or small.  It’s a concerted effort to create an airtight space and ensure performance for the new insulation.

For GNI, it’s essential to seal a space tight and ensure energy efficiency.

In every home, large or small, air movement affects the indoor environment. But when a home is well sealed, indoor air movement is properly managed. In short, a well sealed home will provide great benefits:  improved air circulation, improved air quality, and improved energy efficiency. For Great Northern Insulation, every insulation project is about building a “system” - one that will incorporate air sealing, air ventilation, and thermal insulation. And when the “system” is working, the benefits to the homeowner are noticeable:  reduced energy usage, and reduced utility costs.

In the Waterloo area, GNI offers a range of quality insulation products.

For homeowners in the Waterloo area, GNI offers a range of quality insulation products. Blown insulation is one of the popular options. It’s a reliable installation, cost-effective, and suitable for the attic. Installed as a “thermal blanket”, blown insulation has satisfactory R-Values and a good product life. Depending on the application, blown insulation is available in fiberglass or cellulose. GNI also installs traditional fiberglass batts, another good insulation option for the attic and roof. Fiberglass insulation batts provide good R-Values, and satisfactory product life.

Some homeowners are committed to installing high performance, quality insulation. For this, GNI recommends Spray Foam Insulation. It has gained wide popularity throughout the industry as the best insulation product on the market. SFI offers more benefits in a single install than anything comparable. It will seal a given space airtight; it will create a combination air barrier and vapour barrier; and it will install high R-Values throughout. As for product life, SFI has no match - the finished space will never need any topping up, replacement, or replenishment.

A more unique option from Great Northern Insulation is the “hybrid” install. It’s a combination of two separate insulation products, but installed together. Firstly, Spray Foam Insulation is applied. Immediately after, blown insulation (fiberglass or cellulose) is installed to supplement the SFI. This unique approach delivers excellent benefits from each of the products installed. In addition, the “hybrid” install is very cost-effective. Indeed, seasonal energy savings from year to year serve to offset the original project investment, making for a very cost worthy approach.

GNI customers are assured of complete satisfaction. For insulation removal and reinstallation, GNI provides a manufacturer’s warranty for products installed, and a company guarantee on all workmanship.

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