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Basement Insulation in Stratford

In the majority of homes today, basements are comfortable living spaces. There’s still some room for doing laundry, for storage, and for the furnace equipment, but the space is essentially family-friendly. Old house or new, basements have become functional and livable. And for homeowners thinking of installing basement insulation in Stratford, it’s one of the first steps in enhancing basement comfort and improving energy efficiency throughout the entire home.

Apart from any practical considerations (laundry, storage, furnace), the main point of insulating a basement is to create indoor comfort throughout. This is exactly why basement insulation should be installed properly from the start of the project. Simply put, it’s the well-insulated basement that will ensure comfort throughout the year, and especially during winter and summer months. From every respect, this is work that should be expedited at a high level of quality.

The truth is, nothing beats quality when it comes to a project like basement insulation. Basically, it’s about installing top-quality products - professionally. And while the comfort of the basement is a priority for every homeowner, a properly insulated basement is going to do much more. Quality insulation and quality work will ensure better energy efficiency. And from that, comes reduced energy consumption, and lower gas/electric bills from season to season.

For a typical homeowner installing basement insulation in Stratford, it’s about keeping the space warm in wintertime and cool in summertime. But with a comprehensive approach, much more can be accomplished, especially when there’s a professional on hand. A professional insulation contractor will know which installation will deliver best results, and which product will assure performance. Nothing really comes close to a professional approach for results.

Doing basement insulation with a focus on quality is a wise choice. As it is, basement insulation is much different than most other home improvements. For example, a washroom or kitchen reno is mainly an aesthetic improvement - but with basement insulation, dollar savings can actually be generated. The fact is, a quality-insulated basement space can reduce electricity and gas bills to a point where the original project costs can be offset just by the annual savings.

Now, while it could be argued that a DIY approach to basement insulation can be money saving, there is little doubt that a professional approach will deliver better outcomes. This is especially true in the basement, where benefits are most noticeable: R-Values will be substantially boosted; airflow and air leakage will be blocked; and moisture will be practically eliminated. But best of all is that improved energy efficiency will contribute to reduced energy usage.

When the basement is well insulated, energy efficiency is enhanced.

With the basement well insulated, energy efficiency is assured. And with a quality approach, the results are apparent:  energy use is reduced; heating/cooling cycles are balanced; and utility bills for electricity and gas are consistently lessened from season to season.

Having the basement space insulated professionally is cost-worthy.

Having basement insulation professionally installed is cost-worthy. And an expert touch is going to contribute greatly to the savings on utilities. Indeed, in many cases, the ongoing savings on gas and electricity can allow a homeowner to balance out the project cost.

Utility savings are going to depend on the quality of insulation work.

In any basement installation, several factors are going to affect total energy savings, once the basement has been fully insulated:  the extent of insulation work in a given space; the quality of insulation product used; and the quality of the installer’s workmanship.

New basement or old, the basement space must be properly prepped.

Before any insulation work commences, the basement should be properly inspected for water entry. When there’s a need for repairs, these should be handled by an experienced contractor. In every case, repairs/restoration must be done prior to any insulating work.

With basement insulation, complying with building codes is essential.

Building codes are going to be different with every type of work. This is actually where an expert can be very valuable to the project:  assessing the space and the type of work required; advising on building codes that apply; and installing everything according to codes.

Many basements will have “awkward” spaces that are hard to insulate.

Old basements or new, “awkward” spaces always pose a problem for insulation. They are hard to insulate, especially when using typical insulation products. However, with Spray Foam Insulation, it’s not a problem – all of the spaces are effectively sealed and insulated.

For the most part, basement insulation requires a level of expertise. The fact is, expert installers have product knowledge and installation experience - they offer project proposals that fit the need. And today, many are suggesting Spray Foam Insulation for best results in the basement. It’s because one SPUF application will do more than anything comparable. Throughout the industry, SPUF is considered the best product of its kind.

In some cases, homeowners are deciding to insulate the basement floor as part of their insulation project. For this, Spray Foam Insulation is installed into an open basement floor, and finished with concrete. However, where budget doesn’t allow for this, the basement walls should remain the priority. Here again, having an expert installer on hand will ensure that both the product and installation will meet the needs of the project.

Regardless of the installation approach in the basement, the project should be about improving energy efficiency. For this, experts are recommending SPUF for best outcomes. A good install will block air leakage; prevent basement moisture; and increase R-Value substantially. However, the SPUF product is considered premium, and may not suit every budget. As an alternative, a “hybrid” installation might be the best of all options.

The “hybrid” installation from Great Northern Insulation integrates Spray Foam Insulation with an accompanying insulating product for a so-called “dual” install. It’s excellent in the basement, and provides long lasting results that are cost-effective in terms of project investment. The “hybrid” installation benefits from both of the installed products, and allows for a project that is cost effective from start to finish.

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