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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Guelph

Insulation removal should start with a good general assessment.

Before removing insulation, it’s important to do a good general assessment of existing conditions. For one, older homes may have noticeable aging insulation, and it may be clear that the materials require removal. What’s equally important is to establish if removal is going to be urgent or just routine. For insulation removal in Guelph, Great Northern Insulation offers a practical approach, with guaranteed results. GNI will properly evaluate the extent of removal work; assess what kind of repairs and retrofits are necessary; and recommend a plan for installing new insulation. GNI customers are assured of the best quality products, along with superior installations.

Different homes have different reasons to remove old insulation.

Every home will have a different reason to remove old insulation, and Great Northern Insulation has seen it all. There are simple, routine removals. There are more difficult jobs. And there are removals that can turn hazardous.  Some homes have insufficient, ineffective insulation. Other homes have too much insulation – also a source of problems. And in many homes, the insulation or the workmanship is simply second-rate. For a homeowner, second-rate insulation or a second-rate install means wasted energy and wasted money. Beyond insulation, there are other common problems - one is inadequate air sealing throughout a space – the other is insufficient ventilation.

Removing old insulation can be cost-effective when doing a reno.

It can be very cost-effective to remove insulation while renovating. If individual contractors can work together, insulation removal and reinstallation can be simplified. It’s also an excellent time to expedite repairs and retrofits. For Great Northern Insulation, this is a step-by-step process from end to end. First, GNI does an assessment of existing insulation materials. Next, GNI makes recommendations on how much insulation to remove and how much to save. Finally, GNI makes proposals for new product and installation. For the professionals at GNI, the overall objective is to improve the home’s energy efficiency, and ensure homeowner savings on seasonal utility bills.

Insulation removal definitely requires some previous experience.

Most insulation removals involve more than just a cleanup. It’s work that requires professional experience, and Great Northern Insulation provides that experience. Removals are thorough. The disposal of old material is safe. And GNI does all of the preparation work prior to new insulation being installed. For the team at GNI, air sealing the space is a high priority, while retrofitting air ventilation is of additional importance. For the homeowner, the preparation work ensures energy efficiency – the sealed space and enhanced ventilation will allow the new insulation to perform. When the work is complete, sealing, ventilation, and insulation all combine for energy efficiency.

Homeowners sometimes opt for the do-it-yourself (DIY) method. 

There are always homeowners attracted to the do-it-yourself method when it comes to insulation removal. But all things considered, a professional approach is preferred. Removing insulation can be a challenge - an inexperienced homeowner will work twice as hard and twice as long as an experienced contractor. In fact, in some situations, things could quickly become dangerous. There could be exposed, contaminated material. There could be mold-infestation. And there could well be pockets of asbestos throughout. In other words, the risks are high. For professionals, having the experience and expertise is what delivers the best job results and best long-term outcomes.

When removing old insulation, responsible disposal is requisite.

For insulation removal in Guelph, Great Northern Insulation provides responsible disposal from start to finish. Beyond a comprehensive cleanup, GNI provides customers with safe and secure disposal. GNI also undertakes necessary repairs and retrofits, and provides top-quality insulation for the reinstallation. In some cases, an air barrier or vapour barrier may be specified. In some cases, ventilation may require upgrading. And in most cases, air sealing will require enhancing. But whatever the work, customers can depend on GNI for products and workmanship guaranteed to perform. Indeed, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every project, large or small.

At Great Northern Insulation, air sealing is essential for success.

Indoor air movement impacts every home. Therefore, managing that air movement is essential to ensuring energy efficiency and occupant comfort. When a home is properly sealed, air movement can be managed, and results can be noticed:  improved air circulation; healthier air quality; and better energy efficiency. For Great Northern Insulation, the focus is on energy efficiency, and that means combining air sealing, ventilation, and insulation into a working “system”. For a typical homeowner, the “system” delivers primary benefits – a level of improved energy efficiency that reduces overall energy consumption, while saving money on monthly and yearly utilities.

In the Guelph area, GNI installs a range of high quality products.

For homeowners in the Guelph area, GNI installs a range of high quality, brand name products. One of the options is blown insulation - a reliable and cost-effective installation available in either cellulose or fiberglass. Blown insulation is a very popular option in the attic, with a satisfactory R-Value rating, and a very effective “thermal blanket” that provides good product lifespan. GNI also installs fiberglass insulation batts, another good option for the attic, and one that provides good R-Value wherever installed.

For homeowners who prefer a high performance product, GNI will often recommend Spray Foam Insulation. Considered to be the best product on the market, SFI has become a favourite for many professionals. SFI does it all in one single application: it completely seals a space airtight; it provides an air barrier and vapour barrier at the same time; and it installs higher R-Values than other products. Best of all, Spray Foam Insulation does not need maintenance - no replacement and no replenishment.

Another option from GNI is the “hybrid” technique - an installation with excellent results and a cost-effective price point. The “hybrid” technique essentially combines two insulation products. First, Spray Foam Insulation is applied throughout a given space. Then, blown insulation (either the fiberglass or the cellulose) is installed as a compliment to the SFI. This “hybrid” technique brings noticeable benefits from both products. And for the homeowner, products and installation are fully guaranteed.

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