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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Cambridge

Proper insulation removal begins with a thorough assessment.

Prior to doing any insulation removal, a thorough assessment of the existing insulation is highly recommended. In some situations, insulation materials may simply be aging. In other situations, it may be clear that complete removal is required. Also important is to assess if removal is urgent or run-of-the-mill. Great Northern Insulation provides insulation removal in Cambridge, with a step-by-step approach, and guaranteed results. GNI evaluates all of the removal work; assesses the necessary repairs and retrofits; and recommends a viable approach for reinstallation. GNI customers in Cambridge are provided with top-quality products and superior workmanship.

Every home has a different reason for removing old insulation.

While every home has a different reason for removing insulation, there are some commonalities. In some homes, insulation removal is basic and routine. In other homes, things can get somewhat more difficult. And in some situations, removals can actually be hazardous.  GNI has found homes with insulation that is insufficient and ineffective. Other homes often have too much insulation. And in many homes, GNI has found installations that are simply unsatisfactory. For a homeowner, poor quality material or workmanship usually translates into wasted energy and money. Beyond that, there are also other issues - like insufficient ventilation and/or inadequate air sealing.

Removing insulation when doing a renovation is cost-effective.

Removing insulation while doing a renovation can be very cost-effective. If hired contractors can work in tandem, removal and reinstallation work can be streamlined. Renovation time is also an excellent opportunity for repairs/retrofits. With Great Northern Insulation, the process is end-to-end. First, GNI assesses the current condition of insulation materials. Next, GNI advises how much insulation material to remove and how much can actually be saved. Finally, GNI proposes a plan for new product and new installation. For GNI, the overriding objective is to enhance the energy efficiency of the home – and that means significant savings on summer and winter utility bills.

Insulation removal will require some experience and expertise.

In most cases, removing insulation involves more than just cleaning up. It’s work that demands experience and expertise. The professionals at Great Northern Insulation have that experience. Insulation removal is thorough. The disposal process is clean and safe. And GNI undertakes all of the prep work before new insulation is installed. For GNI, a high priority is air sealing and air ventilation, both of which will ensure maximum energy efficiency. In fact, proper air sealing and ventilation enables the newly installed insulation to perform at peak. When work is complete, the combination of sealing, ventilation, and insulation together provide efficiency and comfort.

Homeowners occasionally opt for a do-it-yourself (DIY) method. 

In an effort to save money, homeowners may decide on a do-it-yourself approach to insulation removal. However, all things considered, a professional approach is recommended. Removing insulation can get challenging – an average homeowner could take twice as long to do the work as a contractor. And in some situations, removal can be out-and-out dangerous. Insulation may be contaminated. There could be areas of mold-infestation. And there could be areas where asbestos is leftover from previous years. Professional contractors have the right equipment, along with the necessary experience to deliver the best job results short term, and the best long-term outcomes.

Responsible disposal is compulsory when removing insulation.

For insulation removal in Cambridge, Great Northern Insulation provides disposal that is clean, safe and responsible. At the same time, GNI takes on all of the necessary repairs and retrofits to prepare the space before reinstalling new insulation. In some situations, an air barrier or vapour barrier may be needed. In other situations, the ventilation may need to be upgraded. And in many situations, air sealing will have to be improved upon. Whatever the work involved, customers can be assured of the highest quality products and superior workmanship. With GNI, everything is guaranteed to perform, and customer satisfaction remains a top priority on every project.

For GNI, sealing up a space airtight is one of the high priorities.

Inside a home, air movement has an impact on the living environment. Managing air movement is therefore essential to energy efficiency and indoor comfort. A home that is properly sealed will manage air movement and provide benefits:  indoor air circulation will be improved; indoor air quality will be enhanced; and home energy efficiency will be enhanced. For GNI, every project focuses on energy efficiency. It means that air sealing, ventilation, and insulation work together as a “system”. And for the homeowner, that “system” delivers maximized energy efficiency in the form of reduced energy consumption. Bottom line: monthly and yearly savings on utilities.

In the Cambridge area, GNI offers a variety of quality products.

For homeowners in Cambridge, GNI offers a variety of brand name insulation products. One of the product options is blown insulation - a reliable and cost-effective installation that’s available in cellulose or fiberglass. Blown insulation is popular for the attic, providing satisfactory R-Values and an effective “thermal blanket” with good lifespan. GNI also offers fiberglass insulation batts, particularly well suited for the attic, and with good R-Values throughout the installation space.

For homeowners who want a higher performing product, GNI highly recommends Spray Foam Insulation. Well regarded as the best product of its kind, SFI is a favourite for many professionals. A single application of SFI does it all: completely sealing a space airtight; providing an air barrier and vapour barrier simultaneously; and installing higher R-Values than comparable products. SFI also needs no long-term maintenance, with no need to replace and no need to replenish.

Another insulation approach from GNI is the “hybrid” installation.  The results are excellent and the investment is cost-effective. The “hybrid” installation combines two insulation products into one install. First, the Spray Foam Insulation is applied throughout a space. Then, blown insulation (fiberglass or cellulose) is installed as a supplement to the SFI. This “hybrid” installation ensures benefits from each of the products. For the homeowner, products and installation are guaranteed.

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