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Basement Insulation in Kitchener

A few decades ago, basements were allocated for the washing machine, the dryer, the furnace and the water heater. Other than storage, the space was open and vacant, with cement walls, no insulation, and no drywall. Basements were mostly damp and cold - musty and moldy - certainly not for living. Things have changed, and today basements are finished, comfortable, and livable. In Kitchener, basement insulation is key when deciding to create a basement space that will eventually become functional and livable.

A livable basement space is a different space for every homeowner. It might be another bedroom; perhaps a television and media room; maybe a home-based office setup; or for that matter, a self-contained apartment. The common element for all is indoor comfort, and that comes from proper insulation. A properly insulated basement stays consistently warm in winter and comfortably cool in summer. For those in Kitchener, basement insulation can also save and conserve energy, while reducing utility costs.

Remarkably, many homeowners still don’t understand the full impact of insulating the basement properly.  They also don’t seem to understand that basements have to be insulated as well as other parts of the house. The fact is, many professionals insist that a properly insulated basement is actually far more important than other parts of the house. They even go further to suggest that insulating the basement brings more practical benefits to the house than many of the other sought after home improvement projects.

From a cost perspective, basement insulation is well worth the upfront cost. A quality insulation product, along with a professional install can bring great benefits into a home’s indoor environment. Indoor and outdoor air movement is restrained; thermal resistance (based on R-Value) is increased; and moisture is prevented from accumulating. Best of all - heating and cooling functions perform much better.  And with a product like spray foam insulation, homeowners also save on seasonal utility costs.

Is insulating the basement worthwhile?

As a home improvement project, insulating the basement is worth the investment. With the right insulating product, and a quality approach to installation, reduced heating and cooling bills are practically guaranteed. Overall, the cost savings throughout the year make the project investment well worth it over the long run.

What do the pros suggest for R-Value?

Insulation professionals usually suggest a high R-Value for best results. A basement that is well insulated will benefit according to the R-Value installed. And while this rule applies equally to all insulation products, the individual outcomes will vary with the size of the basement being insulated, and product being installed.

After insulating, are savings evident?

When insulating a basement with a product like spray foam, the seasonal savings on utilities are evident and measurable. This is especially true during the temperature extremes of winter and summer. But once again, the actual savings are relative to the R-Value installed, the size of the basement space, and the product used.

Are there any building specifications?

Building codes and specifications vary with location and building type. Naturally, new construction will have different requirements than renovating or retrofitting. With a reputable contractor on board, every install is performed according to required building specifications – otherwise, benefits can certainly be compromised.

Do basements require any prep work?

Probably the biggest issue in a basement space is water entry. A water entry problem must be fully assessed and then repaired before any insulation work is performed. And regardless of severity, water entry must be fully resolved. Unfortunately, in some basements, it’s a project that could turn into a serious undertaking.

How are hard-to-reach areas handled?

Most every basement will have a space or two that is hard to reach. As a result, these spaces are hard to insulate. This is no problem for a product like spray foam insulation. There’s no other comparable product than can provide the same kind of sealing and insulating.  And spray foam does it in one single application.

For homeowners shopping for basement insulation in Kitchener, it’s a very good idea to work with a reliable contractor. Professionals like Great Northern Insulation can recommend both product and installation, and today, the team at GNI routinely recommends spray foam. It has become the product-of-choice for basement insulation - with one expert install the basement is completely insulated, with the most effective air barrier, and the best vapor barrier money can buy. As for R-Value, nothing compares.

The ultimate in basement insulation includes the floor. This is an install where spray foam is applied into the floor, and then covered with concrete. The floor gets sealed and insulated to the max. For basement walls, the aim is to install an airtight envelope.  Here again, spray foam is the answer, providing airtightness, which inhibits air movement as well as air leakage. A spray foam install also prevents moisture from collecting, which in itself prevents mold from growing and spreading throughout.

Insulating the basement is mainly about conserving energy. But for the average homeowner, the real issue is reducing utility bills. Professional insulation contractors contend that the best outcomes come with spray foam insulation. It’s a high quality approach, with many benefits, from one application. Spray foam, expertly installed, creates airtight walls, an efficient air barrier, and an equally efficient vapor barrier. Best of all, spray foam delivers the best R-Value when compared to other products.

Spray foam is a premium insulation product and may not suit all budgets. With this in mind, Great Northern Insulation offers a “hybrid” installation that combines spray foam and fiberglass “batts” in one application. To begin with, the spray foam product is applied, followed by a comprehensive installation of the fiberglass “batts”.  The “hybrid” approach from GNI is cost-effective, and suitable for most budgets. Most importantly, the results are impressive, without compromising product efficacy.

In Kitchener, basement insulation is a home improvement project that delivers results. For the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, it’s all about doing it right. And that means making use of the highest quality products while maintaining the highest quality installations. It also means delivering the best results.

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