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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Norfolk County

Before removing old insulation, some important things to consider.

Professional or not, it’s a good idea to do a thorough assessment of the existing insulation before doing any removal. Old homes will clearly have aging insulation, with material that has lost much of its performance capability. But whatever the conditions, it’s important to ascertain if removing the insulation is routine or requires urgency. For homeowners planning insulation removal in Norfolk County, Great Northern Insulation offers a service package from start to finish. GNI takes on the complete project right from removal, to disposal, to repairs, to retrofits, to reinstallation.

Every home will have a different reason to remove aging insulation.

While every home surely has a different reason for removing insulation, there are some common elements as well. GNI has seen almost everything – homes where removal is straightforward; homes where removal is somewhat more complicated; and homes where the work is hazardous. GNI crews have seen homes with too little insulation, too much insulation, and insulation that has been dreadfully installed. For homeowners, all of the scenarios translate into wasted energy, year after year, and consequently wasting money on winter heating and summer air conditioning.

It’s expedient to remove and dispose insulation during renovations.

It’s definitely advantageous to remove insulation while doing renovations. If the contractors can actually work together, then removal and reinstallation can turn out to be quite cost-effective. It’s also a good time to do repairs and retrofits prior to installing new insulation materials. For Great Northern Insulation, it becomes a step-by-step process. GNI begins with a careful assessment of the existing insulation. Then, it’s decided which materials will be removed/disposed, and which will be saved. Finally, GNI recommends a reinstallation to ensure long-term energy efficiency.

In most situations, insulation removal needs experience/expertise.

In most situations, insulation removal needs experience and expertise – this project will be more than just cleaning and dumping. It’s work that demands experience beyond the capability of the typical homeowner. Great Northern Insulation has experienced crews, industrial equipment, and expertise to efficiently remove and dispose of insulation. All debris is removed entirely, and all materials are disposed of safely. In addition to the cleanup, GNI also prepares the space for the new insulation - sealing the space tight and retrofitting the ventilation where it’s necessary.

To save money, there are homeowners who choose a DIY approach.

Sometimes, to save money, homeowners choose a DIY approach. But all things considered, it’s the professional approach that’s preferable. For the amateur, insulation removal can turn out to be a painstaking, time-consuming undertaking - and in some situations, simply dangerous. Insulation materials could be contaminated, they could be ridden with mold, or contain hazardous asbestos from previous installers. The risks are justified. This is work for experts who have appropriate experience and high performance equipment to expedite the entire project comprehensively.

Before installing any new insulation, removal has to be exhaustive.

For insulation removal in Norfolk County, GNI offers a service package from start to finish. The removal and disposal process is exhaustive. The repairs and retrofits are at a professional grade. And newly installed insulation material is the best on the market. On some projects, retrofitting may entail an air barrier or vapour barrier. On other projects, the ventilation may need some upgrading. And many times, air sealing will require improvement. In fact, for GNI, air sealing is a top priority on every project – airtightness will improve the performance of the new insulation.

For GNI, sealing airtight is critical on every project, large or small.

Indoor air movement has an impact on the indoor environment of every home, regardless of size. Simply put, a well sealed home effectively manages indoor air movement, and does it better than a home with air leakage issues. Well-sealed homes also have better air quality, better overall air circulation, and much better energy efficiency from season to season. For GNI, it’s about creating a working “system” that combines air sealing, ventilation, and insulation. And when that system is complete, energy efficiency is improved, energy usage is reduced, and utility costs are lessened.

In Norfolk County, GNI installs the best quality products available.

For homeowners in Norfolk County, GNI offers the best quality products on the market. For some, blown insulation is the preferred option. This is a reliable, cost-effective installation, particularly well suited for the attic. Blown insulation provides an effective “thermal blanket” and satisfactory R-Values where installed. Available in fiberglass or cellulose, blown insulation has good lifespan. GNI also installs fiberglass batts, another insulation option that’s suitable for the attic or roof. The fiberglass batts also deliver satisfactory R-Values, along with a good product lifecycle.

For some, a high performance insulation product is the preferred option. This is where GNI can recommend Spray Foam Insulation. It’s a big favourite of professionals, and regarded as the best insulation product on the market today. SFI has more product benefits than other comparables. It seals a space airtight; it creates an air barrier and vapour barrier in one install; and it provides the highest possible R-Value. As for product lifecycle, SFI is incomparable – the completed space and finished install doesn’t ever need any topping up, any replacement, or any replenishment.

Great Northern Insulation also offers something more unique. It’s a “hybrid” installation – a cost-effective approach that combines two insulation products into one install. Initially, Spray Foam Insulation is applied as a first step. It’s then complemented with one of the blown insulations (a choice of cellulose or fiberglass). The unique combination brings together excellent benefits from each of the products, along with satisfactory R-Values throughout. As for project investment, the “hybrid” installation is very cost-effective, providing significant energy savings for years to come.

With GNI, customers are always assured of project satisfaction – whether it’s insulation removal, repairs and retrofits, or reinstallation of new insulation material. GNI provides a guarantee on products installed and on all workmanship. Customer satisfaction is assured with manufacturer’s product warranties, and a company commitment to long-term satisfaction.

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