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Basement Insulation in Cambridge

Throughout Canada, and for so many years, the basement space was for the washing machine and dryer, the water tank, and the entire furnace setup. The space was mostly vacant, the walls were cement blocks, and there was no insulation or drywall to be found. Most basements were cold, damp, and musty – not really a livable space. Today, most basements are fully finished and livable. In Cambridge, basement insulation is an essential element when designing and constructing a comfortable basement space.

A comfortable basement living space could take shape in various different ways. It could become an extra bedroom - it could be a TV room - perhaps a home office - even a small apartment unit. Today, the basement has become functional and livable, and indoor comfort is a result of good insulation. When well insulated, the basement is warm during winter and cool during summer. And in Cambridge, basement insulation also contributes to energy conservation, while reducing utility costs from season to season.

Interestingly, many residential homeowners don’t fully appreciate the potential of properly insulating the basement.  At the same time, they don’t quite understand that basements require insulation in the same way as the rest of the home. In fact, insulation experts maintain that a well-insulated basement is more important than the rest of the home. And they go further by arguing that basement insulation is a project with many more benefits than some of the other, more conventional, home improvement projects.

Cost wise, basement insulation is entirely worth the investment. With a good insulation product (like spray foam), and a professional installation, the home can benefit in several ways. Air leakage is curtailed - thermal resistance (measured in R-Value) is augmented - moisture is prevented from gathering - and the HVAC unit can function at peak. The best outcome, of course, is energy conservation, and for the average homeowner it means noticeable cost savings during both summer and winter months.

Is it worth insulating the basement?

In terms of home improvement, insulating the basement is worth the time, effort and cost. With a quality product, and a professional install, it’s practically assured that heating and cooling bills will be reduced. And overall, the total annual savings make the investment worthwhile.

What would the experts recommend?

Insulation experts agree that a well-insulated basement will benefit according to the amount of R-Value that is installed. And with insulation, the higher the R-Value, the more insulation benefits. However, individual results will differ with the basement layout and product installed.

Are savings obvious after insulation?

With a high quality product like spray foam insulation, and an expert installation, cost savings on winter and summer utilities are certainly measurable. But annual savings will depend on the R-Value installed, the size and layout of the basement, and the type of insulation being used.

Are there building codes to follow?

For basement insulation, building codes will vary with geographic location.  As well, new home construction will have different specifications than retrofitting an existing basement. A reputable insulation contractor always follows the building code and installs correspondingly.

Do basements need preparation?

The biggest problem in basements is water entry. Where present, water entry needs to be properly assessed and immediately repaired. And regardless of extent, repair is critical prior to any insulation work. However unfortunate, water entry could be a major undertaking by itself.

What about hard-to-reach areas?

Most basement layouts have spaces that are difficult to reach. These spaces are also difficult to insulate. The solution here is spray foam insulation. No other product can seal and insulate those hard-to-reach spaces like spray foam. Best of all, its all done with one single application.

For those shopping for basement insulation in Cambridge, this is an appropriate time to connect with a reputable contractor. Professional installation teams like Great Northern Insulation have the right expertise to recommend the product and install that best suits a project. Like many other professionals, GNI has been recommending spray foam as the product-of-choice for basements. In one application, the walls are fully encased - an air barrier, vapor barrier and insulation barrier in one.

The ultimate for basements includes insulation for the floor. In this application, spray foam is installed into the floor - then covered with a layer of concrete. The floor is completely sealed and totally insulated. As for the basement walls, the prime objective is to create an airtight environment.  With spray foam, it’s easy – a professional installation will provide a very airtight environment, and will further inhibit airflow and air leakage. At the same time, moisture is prevented from collecting.

For the most part, basement insulation should contribute to conserving energy. For the typical homeowner this should translate into reduced utility bills. And for the professionals, their best outcomes come from installing spray foam – it’s a high quality product that provides the most benefits in one application. A good install will create an airtight basement, along with an effective air and vapor barrier. Better still, spray foam provides the highest R-Value of any of today’s insulation products.

There’s no doubt - spray foam insulation is a premium installation, and not suited for all project budgets. As such, the team at Great Northern Insulation can offer a “hybrid” installation. This is a combination install that incorporates the spray foam product with fiberglass “batts”. Here, spray foam is applied initially, and then followed with an install of fiberglass “batts”.  This approach is cost-effective, appropriate for most every project budget, and doesn’t compromise any insulation integrity.

In Cambridge, basement insulation is an improvement project with excellent outcomes. And although spray foam is widely regarded as the best, the “hybrid” option for the team at GNI is an excellent alternative. The two “hybrid” products seal and insulate together, and provide a cost-effective approach with short term and long-term benefits. For the professional installers at Great Northern Insulation, doing it right means using a high quality product with a high quality installation, and delivering the best possible outcomes.

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