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Attic Insulation in Kitchener

When shopping for attic insulation in Kitchener, Ontario, the process is fraught with the same kind of challenges as any major purchase.  There’s the decision on which insulation product to pick, and there’s an even bigger decision on which contractor to hire.  At Great Northern Insulation, we think that consumers should be well informed on both counts – it makes for better decision-making, and it makes for better outcomes.  Throughout the Kitchener region, we are considered the largest full-service insulation contractor – and for good reason - we only use the best quality products on the market; we install at the highest standard; and our focus is on superior customer service.  

The truth is, attic insulation is much the same as any other consumer product.  We’ve got the home improvement contractors sending us promotional flyers; we’ve got the manufacturers advertising their specific brand; and on the Internet, every insulation product is the “best” product available, and every contractor is the “best” one to hire.  We are overloaded with information, and it makes the decision process much more difficult, and even frustrating.  However, when you decide to hire an insulation contractor like Great Northern Insulation, you’ll be exposed to a completely different experience - we work closely with YOU, and we to determine what options are best for YOU.

The team at GNI starts things off with an extensive attic inspection that includes a detailed report on the condition of the attic.  We would then offer some solution-oriented options, with product suggestions, and a recommended plan of action.  We always recommend a product that suits the project, and more importantly, we make sure that the scope of the project matches your budget.  Whatever decisions are made, industry professionals agree that insulation is only part of the overall job.  In fact, regardless of the product being used, it’s most critical to SEAL – and that includes every hole and opening, every crack and crevice.  For the install teams at GNI, there’s no other way.

Our approach on every job, whether large or small, is to do it right the first time.  We provide a manufacturer’s warranty on the products that we install; we guarantee our own workmanship and installation; and we always do our best to resolve any problems or issues promptly.  At Great Northern Insulation we stand behind everything that we sell and install, and even when we’re done, you’ll have our commitment to repair or replace (to established government standards) at our cost.  So if you’re currently shopping for attic insulation in Kitchener, or in any of the communities in Waterloo Region, give Great Northern Insulation some serious consideration for your project.

As for options amongst attic insulation products, industry professionals wholeheartedly agree that spray foam insulation is the best product available today.  The spray foam product is prepped and sprayed out of a special hose mechanism, using specialized equipment, including safety gear and protective wear.  For a host of reasons, this is an application process that is best left to the experts.  When sprayed out, the foam presents as a thick liquid.  It expands as it’s applied, and then hardens into a super dense blanket of insulation.  Everything in the immediate vicinity is enveloped:  the wooden support beams throughout the attic; all of the plumbing and piping; and all of the electrical wiring and HVAC ducts.  The hard foam coating forms the actual insulation layer, but also acts as an air and moisture barrier.  It means that an independent vapor barrier doesn’t have to be separately installed – this is truly the ultimate insulation product.

Another option for insulating the attic (and affordable for most budgets) is known in the industry as “blown-in” insulation.  This product is available in two compositions - fiberglass or cellulose.  Both compositions are “fluffy” in nature, which creates a covering that traps air and makes for very effective insulation.  “Blown-in” insulation is fabricated to provide fire-resistance, and to resist mold and mildew, insects and rodents – clearly a good option for a space like the attic.  Installation requires special equipment that blows the product throughout the attic space, disperses it evenly, and distributes it all so that density is uniform.  An excellent feature of this product is the option to apply the coverage on top of existing insulation (but not on top of deteriorating material).  “Blown-in” insulation covers very effectively, creating a “thermal blanket” that will significantly increase existing R-values.  In specific spaces, and for specific solutions, this product is ideal.

At Great Northern Insulation, our preference in many job scenarios is the “ULTIMATE” approach to attic insulation.  We install a “hybrid” system – it incorporates spray foam insulation and blown-in insulation together.  And although every project is different, we would combine spray foam with cellulose blown-in, or spray foam with fiberglass blown-in.  Industry professionals agree that either of these two approaches is the very BEST option for attic insulation.  And the reason is clear:  this combination provides superb air sealing properties (the spray foam product) and excellent dollar value (spray foam combined with blown-in).  In some job scenarios, especially when we remove insulation completely, our installers will recommend one of these combination approaches.  We will carefully remove all existing insulation; decide which product combination is best for the job; and expedite the installation the right way, the first time.

It’s no secret that some of these installations and applications could be undertaken as do-it-yourself projects.  At the same time, it’s also true that the products and product combinations mentioned above require experience and expertise.  At Great Northern Insulation, we prefer the professional approach, and we look at every insulation job as a “system”.  It means that we don’t just insulate - we seal it tight, and ventilate it right.  The whole idea is to prevent air movement and moisture penetration, and without that, the job is not complete.  The team at GNI always does a complete and comprehensive job, and makes sure that the home is sealed, ventilated, and insulated.

For attic insulation in Kitchener, or in the towns and communities throughout Waterloo Region, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Great Northern Insulation.

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