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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Stratford

Before removing home insulation, a thorough assessment is advisable.

Prior to removing any home insulation, a thorough assessment of the space is highly advisable. In older homes, aging insulation is conspicuous, and it’s easy to see where materials have lost their performance potential. Importantly, in any home, a thorough assessment should ascertain if the insulation removal is an urgent matter or just routine. For homeowners who plan on insulation removal in Stratford, Great Northern Insulation offers a complete service from beginning to end. GNI takes on the project from removal and disposal - to repairs and retrofits - to reinstallation.

Residential homes have very different reasons for removing insulation.

While every home will have a different reason to remove aging insulation, there are also common reasons. GNI crews have seen just about everything - homes with straightforward removals; homes with more complicated removals; and homes with removals that are dangerous, and even hazardous. There are also homes with insufficient insulation installed, and homes with insulation that’s been installed very poorly. For a homeowner, all of this translates into wasted energy. Year after year, season after season, homeowners are wasting money on heating and air conditioning.

It’s a convenient time to remove old insulation when doing renovations.

When home renovations are being planned, it’s a great opportunity to remove old insulation. And when contractors can work together, removal and reinstallation can get very cost-effective. This is also a good opportunity to make repairs and retrofits before new insulation gets installed. For Great Northern Insulation, the process is very orderly. GNI starts with an in-depth assessment of existing insulation materials. This is followed by a decision on what will be removed and what will be saved. Finally, GNI proposes reinstallation work to ensure long-term energy efficiency.

In most residential homes, insulation removal requires some expertise.

All things considered, insulation removal is a project that requires expertise. And in the majority of homes, the work entails far more than clean up and disposal. Bottom line, this is work that will require expertise beyond the abilities of a typical homeowner. Great Northern Insulation has the expert crews, the industrial equipment, and the project experience to do the work efficiently and effectively. Every scrap of debris is removed and all waste is disposed safely. After the cleanup, GNI prepares the area for reinstallation - sealing the space tight and ensuring proper ventilation.

To save money, homeowners might try out the do-it-yourself approach.

In an effort to trim the budget and save money, some homeowners attempt the DIY approach to insulation removal. It’s soon clear that a professional approach is preferable. Insulation removal can quickly turn into painstaking work, and a time-consuming undertaking. The truth is, it can also be dangerous – the old insulation could be contaminated, it could be mold-ridden, or it could contain asbestos from a previous install. This is truly work for those who have the appropriate experience and the high performance equipment to take on the entirety of the project end to end.

Before installing new insulation materials, removal has to be in-depth.

For homeowners in Stratford, GNI offers comprehensive insulation removal from start to finish. Removal and disposal is thorough. Repairs and retrofits are professional. And new insulation is top-quality. The GNI team does it all: some projects require an air barrier or vapour barrier; some projects require upgrades to the ventilation; and most projects require serious improvement to air sealing capacity. Indeed, GNI considers air sealing to be a priority on every project – it’s an effort to create an airtight environment that will enhance the performance of the new insulation.

For GNI, sealing the space airtight is critical to every insulation project.

In every home, indoor air movement impacts the indoor environment. When a home is properly sealed, the indoor air movement is better managed. Simply put, a well sealed home allows for better air circulation, better air quality, and better energy efficiency. For the specialists at Great Northern Insulation, an insulation project is about creating a “system” that includes air sealing, air ventilation, and quality insulation. When the “system” is complete, homeowner benefits are considerable: improved energy efficiency, reduced energy usage, and savings on utilities.

In Stratford, Great Northern Insulation installs high quality insulation.

For homeowners in Stratford, GNI installs only the highest quality products. In some homes, blown insulation is preferred. It’s reliable and cost-effective, and well suited for an attic space. Blown insulation installs a “thermal blanket” with satisfactory R-Value ratings and good product lifecycle. This insulation product is available in fiberglass or cellulose, depending on the specific application. GNI also sells and installs fiberglass insulation batts, another option for the attic or roof. Fiberglass batts are reliable, with good R-Value ratings, and a satisfactory product lifecycle.

Some homeowners are interested in installing high performance insulation. Here, GNI suggests Spray Foam Insulation. SFI has become a favourite throughout the industry, and is considered by many to be the best product on the market. SFI delivers more benefits in one application than any comparable product. It will seal a space tight; it will create an air barrier and vapour barrier; and it will provide very high R-Value. In terms of product life, SFI is hard to compare - the finished install needs no topping up, replacement, or replenishment. The product simply lasts a lifetime.

Great Northern Insulation offers another, more unique option - the “hybrid” installation. This is a cost-effective install that essentially combines two separate insulation products. First, the Spray Foam Insulation is applied. Following this, a blown insulation product (cellulose or fiberglass) is installed as a compliment. This unique combination allows for excellent product benefits from each product installation. As for the project investment, the “hybrid” installation is a very cost-effective approach, with seasonal energy savings that can easily offset the overall project cost.

GNI assures customers of complete project satisfaction - whether it’s insulation removal, repairs, or reinstallation.  GNI also warrantees all installed products, and guarantees every installation.

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