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Spray Foam Insulation in Guelph

If you’re currently in the market for spray foam insulation in Guelph (or in the neighboring communities) Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration.  As one of the premier insulation contractors in the region, our installations follow a simple formula - we seal tight and ventilate right.  And spray foam insulation is part of that combination.  For us, sealing tight, without ventilating, is only doing half the job – we want to do the full job, by sealing for air leakage and ventilating for air circulation.

Probably the most common question we get from homeowners, builders, and contractors is whether or not spray foam is really needed for the job.  We contend that spray foam insulation is the insulation “system” money can buy.  This is especially true if heating and cooling costs are excessive; if heating and cooling cycles are imbalanced; if HVAC equipment is not performing at peak; or if indoor drafts are prevalent.  The professionals consider spray foam (sometimes referred to as polyurethane foam) as the best approach in creating energy-efficiency.

Simply put, spray foam insulation is a better product:  it seals everything better; it delivers a better R-value; and it adds structural strength in areas where it’s installed.  As far as we are concerned at GNI, there’s no product (or combination of products) that does a better job, and we routinely recommend spray foam.  In fact, with probably the highest R-value rating when compared to other products, spray foam applications maintain a quantifiable competitive edge over any of the other insulation systems.

Application-wise, the spray foam is sprayed right into a given space – it could be an attic, a wall, the floor or the ceiling.  Installers use special equipment to initially apply the thick liquid foam, which expands, and then quickly hardens into a dense, impenetrable layer of insulation that remains in place.  The deposit of foam envelops everything completely and seals holes, cracks, crevices, and even the hard to reach corners.  A spray foam application actually eliminates the need for a vapor barrier because the foam envelope itself impedes the movement of moisture.  

At GNI, we endorse the spray foam product because it delivers so much in one application:  it improves the overall energy efficiency of the dwelling; it enhances air quality because the air circulation is improved; and it delivers more comfort because the HVAC system is better balanced.  More importantly, when a dwelling “breathes” properly, utility bills are generally lower throughout the seasons. And because the final spray foam application doesn’t allow for the absorption of water, it inhibits the growth of mould and mildew.

Installation by Great Northern Insulation is unequalled in the industry.  Our teams are made up of skilled professionals – trained installers who have years of experience with the spray foam product itself, and the installation process.  Our people adhere to building standards, to local construction codes and by-laws, and to the product specs that are set out by manufacturers.  We are so confident about the quality our products and our work, that we regularly offer our customers warrantees on everything that we sell and install.  

GNI likes to do it right, the first time.  This approach applies to every job and every customer.  We make sure to understand the challenges of a given project; we choose and recommend the product, or combination of products, that will best suit the project; and we install it all with the greatest attention to detail.  And because we know the ins and outs of this industry, we strongly urge NOT to make spray foam installation a do-it-yourself project.  This work is best left to the professionals with expertise - those who know the product and the process.

The spray foam product was first introduced in the 60s, as a product for industrial applications.  It was a very effective insulation for freezers, coolers, and cold rooms, and eventually became the insulating product we know today.  It has become the “go to” product for larger, unenclosed cavities like garages, attics, and roofs.  When the foam is properly applied, there are no gaps or holes that remain open, and consequently no air can escape.  An expert application insulates even the hardest to reach spaces – spaces that other insulation products cannot cover.

Great Northern Insulation highly recommends spray foam insulation for new construction, for renovations, and for retrofit projects.  But we also believe that without the proper installation, no product can perform to its maximum potential – and that’s why we employ installers who are trained, licensed and certified.  Our install teams know how to prepare a work area in the appropriate manner, they protect themselves with the proper safety gear, and they make sure to safeguard everyone during the installation process.

In Canada, the use of spray foam insulation has grown in leaps and bounds (almost 40% each year).  This growth reflects the popularity of the product and its obvious success.  The fact is, when heating and cooling costs can be reduced by up to 50%, the product has already proven itself.  Spray foam insulation provides outstanding benefits – the application delivers excellent air and moisture impedance, superb R-values, and even sound-reducing effects.  We have also found that homes insulated with spray foam have potentially higher resale prices.

With regard to cost layout, spray foam insulation is more costly option in comparison to other products.  Bottom line, as a consumer, you are getting what you pay for, and spray foam is a premium product with premium features.  It lasts a lifetime, does not need replacement or replenishment, and has a “pay-back” period between two and seven years.  Above all, the heat and cool savings make the initial cost layout worth it.  This is an indoor air environment where air circulation is maximized, condensation is impeded, and moisture is controlled.

If you are currently thinking about spray foam insulation in Guelph, or any of the neighboring communities, Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration.  Spray foam insulation is our specialty.  We have extensive experience and expertise with both product and installation, and whatever we sell and install is warrantied – by the manufacturer and by us.

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