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Basement Insulation in Waterloo

Residential basements were often considered secondary areas in the home. Basements were for doing laundry, for extra storage, for the furnace, and for the hot water tank. And mostly, the space was musty and damp – not a very hospitable environment. The basement walls were made of cement brick – there was no drywall – and there was no insulation. But these days, residential basements are quite livable - multi-use spaces that are very comfortable living areas in the home.

For many homeowners thinking about basement insulation in Waterloo, the intention is to create a space that could be more usable, more livable, and more comfortable. All the furnace equipment will remain in place, the laundry area will likely be improved, and storage space will be upgraded. But the most important thing is to make the finished space more family-friendly. The truth is, a well-insulated basement can easily become an extra bedroom, media room, or home-office setup.

Having a comfortable basement means having the space well insulated. And having the insulation expertly installed will allow for maximum comfort. Like any home project, a quality approach will have a positive impact in terms of results, and this is particularly true with basement insulation.  But there’s more than comfort to consider - a well-insulated basement will improve the energy efficiency of a home, reduce energy consumption, and lower seasonal heating and cooling costs.

Insulating the basement is clearly about keeping the space comfortably warm during winter and comfortably cool during summer. But a well-insulated basement has many more benefits, and a good insulation professional can explain the benefits, while recommending a suitable installation. Importantly, basement insulation work should be done right from day one, regardless of product installed. However, like anything, a quality approach always results in better outcomes overall.

For homeowners thinking about installing basement insulation in Waterloo, this is one of those home projects that actually has a good “payoff”. As it is, most home projects are aesthetic, like a washroom renovation or kitchen renovation. On the other hand, basement insulation can deliver real cost savings from season to season. A well-insulated basement saves substantially on heating and cooling expenses, with savings that can often offset the project investment in a short time.

A basement insulation project, professionally managed, will deliver better long-term results. And for a typical homeowner, the benefits are many:  installed R-Values are considerably increased; undesirable air movement is blocked; air leakage is practically eliminated; and common moisture is prevented from collecting (something that’s essential in the basement). But best of all is that energy efficiencies throughout the home are dramatically enhanced – all with good outcomes.

A well-insulated basement will deliver results

A well-insulated basement, professionally installed with a quality product, will increase R-Values considerably.  The home’s energy efficiency will therefore be enhanced, and energy consumption will be measurably reduced. The result: lower heating and cooling bills.

Properly insulating a basement is cost-worthy

Beyond improving home comfort, properly insulating the basement can result in sizable energy savings. All depending on the scope of the insulation project, the savings on seasonal heating and cooling could be enough to actually “pay down” the total project cost.

The dollar savings after insulating a basement

The actual dollar savings after insulating the basement will depend on a few variables: the size of the space; the quality of the product installed; and the quality of the install. Clearly, going with a quality product/installation will have superior results and savings.

Proper preparation before any insulation work

Many basements still have water entry issues (even new construction). They must be remediated professionally before any of the insulation work begins. This is obviously work for an expert who has the necessary experience to professionally expedite the repairs.

With insulation, building codes must be obeyed

Building codes differ with the building structure and with the type of insulation work. An expert insulation contractor will assess the project, and advise about building code pre-requisites. Good insulation contractors always follow and respect the building codes.

Properly insulating “awkward” basement spaces

Depending on the basement layout, there are usually a number of “awkward” spaces that require insulation. These must be properly insulated, even though difficult to reach. With Spray Foam Insulation (SFI), these areas can be very effectively sealed/insulated.

By any definition, it’s preferable to have the basement insulated professionally. Expert installers can recommend the product and installation that will best suit the job. And in recent years, many of the experts are suggesting Spray Foam Insulation (SFI) for the basement. SFI basically needs one application, and delivers more benefits with one application than anything comparable. It’s simply the best product available, and achieves far better performance than any other product.

For the ultimate in basement insulation, contractors are insulating the floor. Here, SFI is sprayed into an exposed basement floor, and covered over with cement. This application goes beyond any comparable approach, delivering the ultimate in results. But this is not an install for all budgets. Hence, the walls are the clear priority when insulating the basement. In this case, the focus for an installer is to effectively seal and insulate the walls with the best product or product combination.

The bottom line with basement insulation is to dramatically improve energy efficiency. For the professionals, it’s the SFI product that delivers the best performance. SFI does it all:  it creates a space that is completely airtight; it installs higher R-Value than anything else; and it stops any moisture from collecting. However, as a premium choice product, Spray Foam Insulation is not appropriate for every project budget, and here, a good option could be the “hybrid” installation.

The “hybrid” installation from Great Northern Insulation has proven to be a cost-worthy option for many. The results are first-rate, the benefits are long lasting, and the project investment is extremely cost-effective. This installation combines SFI with a supplementary insulation product, where the basement is sealed and insulated to the maximum. It’s an installation that allows the products to work together, delivering years of performance, within a reasonable project cost.

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