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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in London, Ontario

Before removing insulation, a thorough assessment is necessary.

Before removing old insulation, it would be wise to do a thorough assessment. In some situations, aging insulation material is obvious. In other situations, deteriorating materials may dictate that insulation removal is an absolute must. Whatever the situation, it’s important to quickly establish if removal is crucial or just routine. The experts at Great Northern Insulation provide insulation removal in London, with guaranteed results. The GNI team evaluates the removal work; assesses the repairs/retrofits that are necessary; and recommends reinstallation options. For customers in London, GNI provides the best brand name products, and installation work that is superior.

Every home will have a different reason for removing insulation.

While every home will have a different reason for removing aging insulation, there are common reasons as well. In some situations, old insulation just has to be replaced (routine removal). In other situations, there may be specific issues (a more difficult removal). And in some situations, removal could even be hazardous. GNI has witnessed practically everything:  homes that have insufficient insulation; homes that have far too much insulation; and homes with insulation work that is second-rate. For a residential homeowner, every inadequacy translates into wasted energy and money. Worse still are homes with poor ventilation and air sealing that is totally inadequate.

Removing insulation during a home renovation is cost-effective.

Removing insulation during a home renovation is definitely cost-effective. With hired contractors who can work together, the process of removal, disposal, and reinstallation can be streamlined. A home renovation is also a good time to take care of repairs and retrofits. With Great Northern Insulation, every insulation removal project is end-to-end. GNI begins with an assessment of the overall condition. It’s then determined how much insulation material will be removed completely and how much retrieved. Finally, GNI will recommend new product for the reinstallation. The aim is to optimize home energy efficiency, and deliver long lasting dollar savings on energy usage.

Removing insulation requires previous experience and expertise.

With most insulation removal projects, there’s more involved than just cleaning and disposing. It’s work that requires experience and expertise, and Great Northern Insulation has what it takes to do the job right. The removal process is thorough.  The disposal is clean and safe. And all of the prep work is completed before new insulation will be installed. For GNI, properly sealing and ventilating the space is critical – it will ensure energy efficiency. Indeed, proper air sealing and air ventilation are essential to the effectiveness of newly installed insulation. And the results will be evident, with enhanced energy efficiency throughout the home, and indoor seasonal comfort.

Some homeowners may be attracted by the do-it-yourself option. 

To trim the budget, homeowners may be attracted by the do-it-yourself approach to insulation removal. Generally, a professional approach is preferable and highly recommended. Insulation removal can sometimes get challenging. A typical homeowner will take twice the time and energy as a contractor. And there are times when insulation removal is just plain dangerous. There could be contamination - there could be mold-infestation – there could even be leftover asbestos from previous installations. Simply put, professionals like Great Northern Insulation have the tools, equipment and expertise to do the work safely and effectively, and with excellent results.

Removing insulation is only one part of a comprehensive process.

For insulation removal in London, GNI can provide a full service package - removal, disposal, and reinstallation. Disposal is safe and responsible. Repair work and retrofits are quality driven. And new insulation is top quality. In some situations, an air barrier or vapour barrier will be required. In other situations, the ventilation will need to be upgraded. And in the majority of situations, air sealing will have to be dramatically improved. Whatever the work, GNI customers are assured of brand name products and superior workmanship. And with GNI doing the work, products and installation are guaranteed, and complete customer satisfaction is ensured, regardless of job size.

At Great Northern Insulation, sealing airtight is vital to the work.

Because air movement has a direct impact on the entire indoor living environment, it’s important to effectively manage that air movement.  A well sealed home provides measurable benefits:  air circulation throughout the home is improved; air quality is noticeably enhanced; and the home’s energy efficiency is optimized, reducing energy consumption. For GNI, energy efficiency is based on effective air sealing, sufficient ventilation, and high quality insulation. It makes for a “system” that boosts energy efficiency to a point where energy consumption is dramatically reduced from season to season. For the homeowner, it means significant energy savings in summer and winter.

In London, GNI installs quality, brand name, insulation products.

For homeowners in London, GNI installs high quality, brand name insulation products. One of the popular options is blown insulation – available in cellulose or fiberglass and very cost-effective to install. Blown insulation is commonly installed in attics, providing satisfactory R-Values, and a “thermal blanket” that has a good lifespan. Also available for installation are fiberglass insulation batts, well suited for attics and roofs, with good R-Values, and a reliable product lifespan.

For London homeowners looking for high performance insulation, GNI highly recommends Spray Foam Insulation. It’s considered to be the best product on the market, and has quickly become a favourite of contractors. With a professional installed, SFI can do it all with a single application: it seals a space airtight; it serves as an air barrier/vapour barrier; and it provides higher R-Values than any comparable product. Long lasting, SFI never needs replacement or replenishment.

Still another option available from GNI is the unique “hybrid” install. It provides excellent results, along with a cost-effective installation. Essentially, it’s a combination of two products installed together. First of all, Spray Foam Insulation is applied throughout a space. It’s then supplemented with blown insulation, in fiberglass or cellulose. The idea is to deliver the maximum benefits from each product, along with a cost effective installation. And with GNI , everything is guaranteed.

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