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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Brantford

Some things to consider when removing old or aging home insulation.

When it comes time to remove old or aging home insulation, it’s sensible to do an assessment of the overall condition of the insulation. In old homes, aging insulation may be obvious, and it may be clear that the insulation has lost its performance capacity. But whatever the overall condition, it’s important to identify if removing the insulation urgent or not. For homeowners planning for insulation removal in Brantford, the experts at Great Northern Insulation can offer services from start to finish – GNI undertakes the process right from removal, to retrofitting, to reinstallation.

Every home has a different reason for removing old/aging insulation.

While every home will have a different reason to remove insulation, GNI crews have seen almost everything. In many homes, insulation removal is quite straightforward; in some homes, removal can get complicated; and in a number of homes removals can get hazardous. Indeed, every home scenario is different:  sometimes, there’s too little insulation to even perform; sometimes, there’s too much insulation throughout; and sometimes, the insulation material is badly installed. For the average homeowner, all of it translates into wasted energy every year, and wasted money.

It’s a definite advantage to remove aging insulation when renovating.

It’s clearly an advantage to remove aging insulation when doing a home renovation. If each of the contractors can work together, insulation removal and reinstallation can be efficient and cost-effective. This would also be a good time for repairs and/or retrofits throughout the space. For Great Northern Insulation, the process is step-by-step. To begin with, existing insulation material is carefully assessed. Then, it’s decided how much material will be removed and how much saved. Finally, GNI proposes a reinstallation strategy that will enhance long-term energy efficiency.

In most residential homes, removing insulation needs some expertise.

In most residential homes, insulation removal is going to be more than just a clean and dump. It’s work that requires expertise beyond the capacity of the average homeowner. Great Northern Insulation has the expert crews, the industrial equipment, and the know-how to remove/dispose insulation effectively. All of the debris and waste is removed, and everything is disposed safely. Beyond cleanup, GNI also prepares the installation space for new insulation. This work includes sealing the entire space air tight, and retrofitting the ventilation to ensure proper air circulation.

To save some money, homeowners might decide on the DIY approach.

To save some money, homeowners might decide to go with a DIY approach. But the truth is, the professional approach is the way to go. For an inexperienced homeowner, insulation removal can become painstaking and time-consuming - and in some circumstances, potentially dangerous. Old insulation can be contaminated, infested with black mold, or contain asbestos from years ago. The risks can’t be justified just to save some money. This is clearly work for professionals who have the right experience and expertise, and the right equipment to do the work properly.

Prior to installing new insulation, removal work has to be thorough.

For insulation removal in Brantford, Great Northern Insulation undertakes the project work from end to end. Removal and disposal is comprehensive. Repairs and retrofits are professional. And new insulation material is top quality. With some projects, retrofits may include an air barrier or vapour barrier. With other projects, ventilation may require upgrading. And in some situations, air sealing might be a priority. For the team at GNI, air sealing is always an important component of any project – an airtight space improves the performance level of newly installed insulation.

For the pros at GNI, sealing a space airtight is essential for every job.

Indoor air movement impacts the inside environment of every home. As such, a well sealed home manages air movement better than a home that suffers from air leakage. A well sealed home has better air circulation, better air quality, and better energy efficiency throughout the seasons. For Great Northern Insulation, it’s all about creating a “system” that incorporates effective air sealing, ventilation, and insulation. When complete, it’s a “system” that delivers noticeable results for the homeowner – improved energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and savings on utilities.

In Brantford, GNI offers top-of-the-line products and superior installs.

In Brantford, GNI offers homeowners top-of-the-line insulation products, and superior installs. One popular product option is blown insulation. It’s a reliable and cost-effective install for attics and roofs, providing a “thermal blanket” with satisfactory R-Values. Blown insulation is available in either fiberglass or cellulose, and allows for very good product lifespan. GNI can also install fiberglass insulation batts, another reliable product option for attics and roofs. Fiberglass batts deliver good R-Value wherever installed, along with good product lifespan.

For some homeowners, a more high performance insulation is the preferred approach. Here, GNI can recommend Spray Foam Insulation – a favourite of many professionals, and highly regarded as the best insulation on the market. SFI has more benefits than anything comparable - it seals a space completely airtight; it creates an air barrier/vapour barrier at one time; and it provides higher R-Values than anything comparable. The product life for SFI is unparalleled – the finished installation will not need topping up, replacement, or replenishment.

Great Northern Insulation also offers a more unique option. The “hybrid” install is a cost-effective installation that incorporates two products into one. To start, Spray Foam Insulation is applied into the installation space. It’s then accompanied by one of the two blown insulation products (cellulose or fiberglass). This unique option brings together benefits from each of the insulation products, along with excellent results and satisfactory R-Values. In terms of project investment, the “hybrid” install is cost-effective in the short term, with energy saving over the long term.

With GNI, customers in Brantford are assured of complete project satisfaction. From insulation removal; to repairs and retrofits; to reinstallation, GNI guarantees products and workmanship. Customers are provided with manufacturer’s product warranties, and a company commitment that guarantees installation satisfaction for the long run.   

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