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Attic Insulation in Hamilton

If you’re currently shopping for attic insulation in Hamilton, Ontario, you’ve probably realized that the process can have challenges.  Like any purchase, you have to decide which insulation product to choose, and make that big decision on which contractor to choose.  At Great Northern Insulation, we encourage consumers to be well informed - it all makes for a better decision-making process and a better outcome.  In Hamilton, and in surrounding communities, GNI is regarded as Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor.  And it’s for a good reason - we use top-quality products on every job, we install everything at a high standard, and we focus the best customer service possible.

Attic insulation products are like any other products when it comes to advertising and marketing.  Home improvement companies are endlessly promoting their services; the product manufacturers advertise and promote their own brands; and all over the Internet, insulation products are touted as the “best”, and contractors labeled as the “best”.  With all this information, it actually makes the decision-making process more difficult.  But when you decide to hire an insulation contractor like Great Northern Insulation, the scenario is completely different.  We work with our customers from start to finish, and we focus on solutions that best solve the challenges at hand.

At GNI, we start off with an in-depth inspection of the attic, including a status report that describes the current condition.  We then propose options that are solution-focused. And we make product suggestions that are part of an overall plan of action.  GNI always recommends the products that suit the project, and we always make sure that project recommendations align with your budget.  As industry professionals, we believe that insulation is only one part of the job.  Indeed, regardless of the insulation product chosen, the most important thing is to SEAL TIGHT, and that means sealing up every opening, and every little crack and crevice.  For GNI, there’s really no other way.

The install teams at GNI like to do it right the first time, regardless of job size.  Customers receive the manufacturer’s product warranty when we install; our work and our installation is guaranteed; and we make sure to address and resolve problem issues straightaway.  In short, we stand behind everything we do.  Even after the job is done, you have our solid commitment to repair (or replace) problem areas at our cost (to industry standards).  If you are in the process of shopping for attic insulation in Hamilton, or in any of the neighboring communities, consider hiring Great Northern Insulation as your insulation contractor – you’ll be in good hands from start to finish.

As for specific attic insulation products, the industry professionals agree that spray foam insulation is the best product on the market.  Also known as polyurethane foam, the spray foam product is sprayed directly into a cavity.  Installers use special equipment, and are outfitted with appropriate safety gear and protective wear.  Spray foam is an application process that requires product and installation expertise.  The product is sprayed out in thick liquid form, quickly expands, and then hardens into a dense envelope of insulation.  Everything in proximity is coated - the wood support beams in the attic; the plumbing pipes and heating ducts; and all electric wires and cables.  The resulting envelope of foam provides a superb layer of insulation, as well as an impermeable air and moisture barrier.  This type of spray foam application does not require the installation of a separate vapor barrier, saving time and money.   It’s become THE insulation product on the market today.

Another product option well worth considering is “blown-in” insulation.  An affordable product for most budgets, the “blown-in” option is available in two variations:  cellulose or fiberglass.  This product is fabricated to be “fluffy”, a feature that restricts air movement, and contributes to the effectiveness of the insulation.  “Blown-in” insulation is fire-resistant, and resists the build up of mold and mildew.  It’s also treated to prevent insects and rodents from gathering – obviously an ideal feature for the attic.  The application process makes use of equipment that effectively blows the insulation throughout the attic, with everything being dispersed evenly and uniformly.  “Blown-in” insulation can be applied right on top of existing insulation, as long as its not material that is deteriorating.  With a proper install, the coverage creates a “thermal blanket” that improves and enhances existing R-value.  Under the right circumstances and conditions, this product does the job.

For the installation teams at Great Northern Insulation, our “hybrid” approach is one that delivers the best results.  With this approach, we combine the spray foam product and the blown-in product together.  Since every job is different, we would decide on a combination of either spray foam PLUS cellulose blown-in, OR spray foam PLUS fiberglass blown-in.  Throughout the industry, those who know insulation agree that the “hybrid” approach is one of the best for the attic.  It’s because the combination approach provides excellent air sealing (spray foam) and excellent value (spray foam PLUS blown-in).  In some of our projects (especially when existing insulation is removed), GNI installers will routinely recommend the “hybrid” approach.  We safely remove existing insulation, we decide on the combination of products that will be used, and we expedite the installation.   Most importantly, we do it right the first time – it makes for a better job and a better outcome.

Inasmuch as your local home center will maintain that these installations might be undertaken as do-it-yourself projects, we don’t agree.  These insulation products and installation methods should be considered specialized.  And at Great Northern Insulation, we do prefer a professional approach.  We see every insulation project as a “system”, which means we don’t just insulate - we seal it tight, and ventilate it right.  Our install teams always do a job that is comprehensive, making sure that the building is properly sealed, ventilated, and insulated.  For attic insulation in Hamilton, or in any of the surrounding communities in the region, a decision to hire Great Northern Insulation would definitely become a good decision.

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