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Attic Insulation in Cambridge

If you are shopping for attic insulation in Cambridge, Ontario, then you already know about the challenges in choosing the right product and the right contractor.  There’s the decision about the product itself, and how well suited it is for your job.  And there’s the decision on which contractor would be best to use.  At Great Northern Insulation, we encourage every customer to be as well informed as possible – it makes for better decisions and for a better outcome.  In Cambridge, and in the neighbouring towns and communities, Great Northern Insulation is known as Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor.  We install high quality insulation products; our workmanship is at the very highest standard; and our mission is to deliver customer service at its best.

Like all consumer products, attic insulation is advertised and marketed to the maximum, with all kinds of contractors and businesses promoting themselves.  The brand manufacturers continuously market their products as the best, and every contractor and renovator is the “best” one to hire.  We are completely barraged with information, and instead of making things easier, it’s more confusing, and much more difficult to decide.  But when you decide on an established and reputable contractor like Great Northern Insulation, the dynamics are different.  Unlike so many contractors, we work closely with each customer from the beginning of a job to the end, and we cultivate a relationship that addresses specific issues and focuses on delivering results!  

At GNI, we do it right the first time:  we do a thorough attic assessment; we prepare a status report; and we provide workable solutions.  GNI installers recommend products or product combinations that best suit the project.  Unique problems and issues are addressed, and recommendations always consider a customer’s budget constraints.  Doing it right the first time also means that insulation is only one component of the overall job.  We believe in sealing tight, and regardless of the insulation product that we use, every install involves sealing:  all the holes, openings, cracks and crevices.  It’s essential to every insulation job, and it sets the stage for better long-term results.  For GNI, doing it any other way is only doing part of the job.

At Great Northern Insulation, customer service and satisfaction is of paramount importance.  We provide the manufacturer’s warranty when installation is complete; we guarantee our work; and when it comes to problem areas, we resolve things promptly.  In short, we stand behind everything we sell and install.  We’re also committed to customers after the project is finished, with a firm commitment to repair or replace problem areas to an acceptable industry standard.  So if you’re in the process of shopping for attic insulation in Cambridge, or in any of the surrounding towns and communities, give the professionals at GNI your consideration.  You can rest assured that you’ll be in the very best of hands throughout the life of your project. 

In terms of choosing a specific attic insulation product, the professionals are choosing spray foam insulation.  They consider the product to be the best on the market, and with the best benefits.  Generically, it’s polyurethane foam, and it’s sprayed throughout the attic with special equipment for the job.  It’s applied as a thick liquid, and quickly hardens into a very dense coating of insulation.  The attic space is completely covered - wood support beams; plumbing and ducts; electric wires and cables.  The finished coating provides effective insulation, as well as an impervious air and moisture barrier.  And a spray foam application does not require a separate vapor barrier, which contributes to time and money savings.  Spray foam insulation is an install best left to the experts.

Blown-in insulation is another insulation product that is worth considering for the attic.  It’s known as an affordable option for any project, and is available in two versions - cellulose or fiberglass.  The product is manufactured to be “fluffy” - an attribute that is designed to impede air movement, and one that makes it a very effective insulator.  Blown-in insulation is fire-resistant; mold and mildew resistant; and shields against insects and rodents – in other words, an ideal application for the attic.  Special equipment blows the insulation throughout the attic space, and disperses the product for a uniform application.  This product can easily be installed on top of existing insulation (must be dry and uncontaminated), and provides an excellent “thermal blanket” that will enhance R-values.

All things considered, the professionals at Great Northern Insulation favor a “hybrid” approach to insulation.  The “hybrid” application combines two products - the spray foam insulation product and one of the blown-in products.  And since every project is different, GNI installers decide on which combination to employ:  either spray foam WITH fiberglass (blown-in) OR spray foam WITH cellulose (blown-in).  Throughout the industry, insulation professionals see the “hybrid” install as the best option for the attic.  It’s because the spray foam provides the superb sealing qualities, while the blown-in insulation delivers the overall value.  In the projects where insulation is going to be removed, GNI will routinely recommend the “hybrid” approach.  All of the existing insulation is removed (safely) – a product combo is decided - and the install commences.  And in an attic project, the combination of quality product and quality installation makes for excellent results.

With regard to the DIY approach, Great Northern Insulation usually discourages this option.  And while it’s true that the products are often available at home improvement centers, GNI believes that much of this work is best left to those with the experience and expertise.  In so many situations, the insulation products and the applications require product knowledge, skill and proficiency, which is why we generally recommend a professional approach.  At GNI, a complete job means sealing it tight and ventilating it right – it means making sure that the space is completely sealed, fully ventilated, and effectively insulated.  We like to do it right the first time.  It’s a very good reason to consider hiring Great Northern Insulation for your insulation project.

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