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Fiberglass Batt Insulation and Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation in Stratford

Having some basic knowledge of residential home insulation is worthwhile

When it comes to insulating the home, having some basic knowledge of insulation is worthwhile. For those homeowners choosing between fiberglass batt insulation and fiberglass loose fill insulation in Stratford, understanding the basics will contribute greatly to a productive working relationship with the installer. Without getting overly technical, insulating the home is essentially about limiting “heat flow” inside the home. During the winter, it means limiting indoor heat from escaping. And in summer, it means limiting outdoor heat from entering. Either way, “heat flow” isn’t a good dynamic for a home. It means that energy efficiency is compromised, and energy bills are higher than need be.

For insulation experts, addressing “heat flow” dynamics is fundamental.  And when insulating, it’s all about the “building envelope" - the building structure of the house. It’s the building structure that most influences “heat flow”, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. And for an insulation expert, the main goal is to get rid of the negative influences. This is why it’s so important to choose insulation that will be right for the job. Indeed, with high quality insulation, and an expert install, the benefits for a homeowner are numerous:  much improved energy efficiency; substantially reduced energy use; and noticeably lower heating and cooling bills. In fact, those savings are on going and long lasting.

Every year, there are “new and improved” insulation products for sale. But no matter which product is ultimately chosen, the priority for a homeowner should be product performance. A good insulation product will effectively constrain air movement and moisture build-up, while augmenting the existing R-Value in the installation space. Today, it’s not uncommon for a homeowner to think about a D.I.Y. approach to home insulation. There are definitely cost savings with this approach, but the results can never be compared to a professional approach. The truth is, an expert installer will always deliver the best results in terms of product performance, long-term benefits, and annual energy savings.

For many in North America, fiberglass insulation continues to be popular

For many in North America, fiberglass insulation continues to be one of the most popular. Whether it’s the traditional batts, or the loose fill version, fiberglass continues to be used in roofs, attics, walls, and attached garages. With a good quality product, and an expert install, fiberglass provides satisfactory R-Values and good product lifespan. In a typical residential home, the results can be quite satisfactory:  better overall energy efficiency; reduced energy consumption; and lower seasonal utility bills.

By any measure, a fiberglass insulation project requires some expertise. And here, it’s the professional installer who best understands product and installation. A professional installer can also guarantee a high level of product performance, even after the initial installation. Professionals know how to install for maximum, long-term performance – they install the loose fill product with consistent uniformity – and they install fiberglass batts in a methodical and strategic manner. It all takes expertise.

When choosing fiberglass insulation, there are benefits to the installation

When installing fiberglass insulation, the best outcomes result when following manufacturer product specifications. In general, both of the fiberglass products are considered safe for residential use. They are asbestos-free, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible. Fiberglass insulation products are also considered to be “green”, since the products are manufactured with various amounts of recycled glass.

When properly installed, a fiberglass environment will not typically attract animals, rodents, or insects. But quite importantly, a fiberglass environment must be well ventilated. This is critical in preventing product deterioration, and ensuring longevity for the installed environment. For those homeowners choosing to install fiberglass insulation in Stratford, it’s one of the more cost-effective options.

Choosing fiberglass insulation also presents some issues with the install

For professional installers, fiberglass insulation does not fully accommodate the needs of an effective installation. Fiberglass insulation will not fully address air movement, nor will it fully address moisture buildup. Both of these issues are problematic, most especially in areas like the attic and roof.

Another important issue with fiberglass insulation is air leakage. Even with the most expert install, fiberglass does not seal a space completely. And the result is air leakage – a dynamic that significantly compromises insulation performance. For the professional, sealing is absolutely necessary.

There are additional problems when fiberglass gets wet. In a situation like this, wet fiberglass will lose integrity as well as R-Value. Eventually, wet fiberglass will deteriorate, and here, the only solution is to start from scratch – removing, repairing, and reinstalling the full extent of insulation.

Spray foam products have become a practical alternative to the fiberglass products

For a variety of reasons, installer contractors are using spray foam applications instead of fiberglass.  A spray foam application can achieve more than any of the other products now available on the market. This is an application that stops air leakage; inhibits moisture buildup; and provides high R-Value.

Overall, the best attribute of spray foam is its capacity to restrict “heat flow”. A good spray foam install will seal a space completely, and allow the insulation to perform at its maximum. Bottom line, there’s no other comparable product that can achieve the same results with one application.

In many cases, the “hybrid” installation turns out to be the most cost-effective

As the best insulation product on the market, contractors are installing spray foam almost routinely. However, the spray foam insulation product is not suited for everyone’s budget. Because of this, spray foam contractors like Great Northern Insulation offer homeowners a more cost effective installation, especially for those customers who are budget conscious.  The installation is referred to as the “hybrid” approach.

With the “hybrid” approach, spray foam is actually combined in a dual installation, along with one of the two fibreglass products. The spray foam component serves to seal a space and insulate, while the fibreglass component serves to supplement R-Value, and contribute to cost-effectiveness. This method can provide superb insulation results for those homeowners who are working with a more limited budget.

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