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Spray Foam Insulation in London Ontario

As the popularity of spray foam insulation increases, more and more professionals throughout the industry are endorsing the product.  When it’s compared to other insulation products, spray foam always rises to the top of the list as a better product, with better features, and better long-term results.  So if you are shopping around for spray foam insulation in London, it may be the time to consider Great Northern Insulation as your contractor of choice.  GNI specializes in the spray foam product, and in expert installation - regardless of the size of project.

Great Northern Insulation is an established, reputable contractor in the London area, with a reputation for quality and reliability.  Our installation approach is simple - we seal tight and ventilate right.  And every project is managed professionally.  We have highly trained install teams who oversee each project from start to finish.  And once our installation is complete, there is no other product that can quite compare to the performance of the spray foam.  The fact is, spray foam insulation has become a product-of-choice for GNI on many projects.

Whether it’s a homebuilder, an independent contractor, or a local renovator, the consensus seems to be common - spray foam insulation is a better product.  It’s commonly known as polyurethane foam, and is installed in projects of all kinds:  new construction, retrofits, and renovation projects.  GNI agrees with the consensus that spray foam brings more benefits to a project than other products.  It seals much better; it creates much higher R-value; and it provides structural strength to the space where it’s installed.  No other product comes close.

For expansive areas like the roof and attic, spray foam has gained popularity as the preferred installation.  And when applied properly, it’s an excellent option for inside the wall cavities.  A good installation envelops the attic (or roof cavity) completely, and covers the entire space from one end to the other.  Every hole, crack and crevice is filled, including those hard-to-reach spots.  The application provides superb insulation throughout the year, and acts as an impermeable air/moisture barrier at the same time, with no need for a separate vapor barrier.

As a contractor, GNI believes that an expert should expedite a spray foam installation.  This is an install that requires special application equipment, and the expertise to spray the foam in and around the cavity.  It initially spreads out as a super-thick liquid, with the installer making sure that the application is even and uniform.  Very quickly, the foam expands and then hardens into the super-dense coating of insulation that surrounds the cavity.  The completed application enhances everything: energy efficiency, air circulation, air quality, and HVAC performance.

For the GNI install teams, a proper spray foam application is part of an overall “system”.  The whole idea is to address a number of outstanding issues at once – higher than usual heating and cooling costs; unbalanced heating and cooling cycles; and inefficient performance of the HVAC unit.  Spray foam insulation can do it all, but for maximum performance, it must be properly applied, with a professional approach.  GNI installers are those professionals – they know the ins and outs of the spray foam product, and they understand the complexities of the job.

A “proper” installation is actually more than just spraying foam.  GNI installers are licensed and certified - they prepare the work area appropriately - they use the right safety gear - they make use of personal protective wear – and they ensure the safety and security of the occupants and residents during an install.  On every project, GNI installers make certain to understand the challenges of the job.  It makes for a high-quality installation, and will assure that the product performs to its potential, while delivering the desired results for the customer.

If you are currently shopping for spray foam insulation in London, or in the various towns and communities of the region, Great Northern Insulation can provide the expert installation work required.  GNI installers don’t take shortcuts - they follow building codes; they install according to the manufacturer’s specs; and they observe local and regional by-laws.  When the work is completed, GNI provides a product warranty from the manufacturer, and a company guarantee on the installation itself.  The priority on every job is 100% customer satisfaction.

Large project or small, GNI always suggests a product to match the need.  We often recommend spray foam applications for use in new construction, renovations, and retrofits.  At the same time, we regularly discourage customers from turning a spray foam install into a weekend, do-it-yourself endeavor.  Once again, this is a project requiring expertise - the spray equipment is unique, the spray foam product needs special handling, and the installation itself can have some complexities.  It’s a project for those with the right kind of experience and expertise.

In recent years, the popularity of spray foam has grown exponentially.  With annual growth at close to 40%, it just shows how widely accepted the product has become.  And while the product and installation are more expensive than other options, a cost-benefit calculation will readily show that the upfront costs are well worthwhile.  Spray foam insulation delivers the kinds of benefits that other products cannot.  The finished application will last a lifetime – there is no need for replacement or replenishment; and the payback is between 2 and 7 years.

Today, most everyone is concerned about energy efficiency and energy costs.  Spray foam insulation addresses both, and much more, and therefore become the favorite of insulation professionals nationwide.  If you are currently looking for spray foam insulation in London, it’s time to have a good look at Great Northern Insulation.  We have been in the insulation business for some 35 years, and have built a solid reputation as Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor.  We can show you how our quality approach makes all the difference.  When you contract GNI, you’re in good company, where your project is professionally managed, and your installation is handled by experts.  After all, we want to deliver results.

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