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Attic Insulation in Brantford

If you’re in the process of shopping for attic insulation in Brantford, Ontario, then you’ve already come across the challenges – like choosing the right product for your specific need, and choosing the right contractor to do the work.  Choosing the right product means making absolutely sure that it’s suited for your job.  And choosing the right contractor means more than just price point.  For the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, we want customers to be informed - they make much better decisions.  In Brantford, and throughout the region, GNI has become Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor.  It’s because we install quality products, with superior workmanship, and a commitment to customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

Throughout the calendar year, and from season to season, attic insulation products are advertised and marketed continuously.  The big brand manufacturers market their proprietary products and convince us they are the best.  And contractors and renovators of all kinds promote themselves as the best choice.  With all this information, instead of making things easy to understand, it’s actually more confusing – and of course, the decision making process is made more difficult.  But when you decide to hire a recognized, reputable company like Great Northern Insulation, those dynamics are gone.  Our people work with customers from end to end; we develop customer relationships that address specific project needs; and we focus on solution-oriented results.  

At Great Northern Insulation, our installation approach is to do it right the first time.  We start with a comprehensive attic assessment - we provide a detailed report - and we offer recommendations for a viable solution.  GNI installers recommend the products or combination of products that best solve the challenges of the project.  As well, product and installation recommendations take into consideration the customer’s budget.  We also believe in sealing everything tight - every hole and gap, every crack and crevice.  Sealing tight is essential, whatever insulation product is being used.  And it creates an insulated environment that delivers the best results from one season to the next.  For Great Northern Insulation, this approach to installation is complete and comprehensive.

For GNI, 100% customer service is at the top of our priority list.  We provide our customers with the manufacturer’s product warranty when the job is finished; we guarantee our workmanship fully; and in the event of problems or issues, we are committed to prompt resolutions.  We’re also with our customers after the job is finished, and if there’s a need for repair or replacement, we are committed to resolving the issue according to acceptable industry standards.  For attic insulation in Brantford, or in any of the communities throughout Brant County, the professionals at GNI can do the same for you.  You’ll be in good hands from the beginning of your project to the end – with high quality products, a top-notch installation, and customer service that is unmatched.

When it comes to choosing a specific attic insulation product, the industry professionals are going with spray foam insulation.  They see spray foam as the best product on the market, and one that delivers the best overall benefits.  It’s also known generically as polyurethane foam, and is sprayed directly into the attic cavity using special application equipment.  Spray foam presents in the form of a thick liquid, and hardens into a super-dense insulation layer.  The attic cavity gets completely coated from end to end, including the wooden beams; the plumbing and ductwork; and all of the exposed electrical wires.  The finished coating insulates the attic very effectively, while providing an impenetrable air/moisture barrier.  It’s an application that does not need a separate vapor barrier.

Another product option is blown-in insulation.  It’s worth considering for the attic as an affordable product that will suit most budgets.   This product is available in two compositions:  fiberglass and cellulose.  Both of the compositions are fabricated to be “fluffy” in nature – this is in order to restrict airflow and it makes for very effective attic insulation.  The blown-in products are fire-resistant, mold/mildew resistant, and insect/rodent resistant – the ideal application in an attic environment.    Special equipment is required to blow the insulation through the attic, and to disperse everything evenly and uniformly.  The product can be blown right on top of any existing insulation (must be clean, uncontaminated and dry) and will provide a “thermal blanket” with excellent R-value.

Everything considered, Great Northern Insulation favors a “hybrid” installation for attic insulation.  The “hybrid” approach is a combination of two specific products – the spray foam product and the blown-in product.  And depending on the attic project in question, GNI installers choose either the spray foam product + fiberglass blown-in – OR – the spray foam + cellulose blown-in.  The “hybrid” approach is considered by insulation professionals to be the best approach for the attic.  This is because the spray foam product provides excellent sealing capabilities, and the blown-in product provides excellent dollar value.  In attic projects that require insulation removal, GNI will usually recommend a “hybrid” approach.  Existing insulation is carefully and safely removed; the product combination is chosen; and the installation is expedited.  All in all, using quality products and a quality approach to installation, is what delivers the excellent long-term results and benefits.

Today, home improvement centers are promoting a DIY approach to insulation.  At Great Northern Insulation, the preference is for a professional installation.  Inasmuch as all the products are sold at retail, GNI believes that both product handling and installation are better left to the experts who have the hands-on experience.  In many cases, the insulation products require special handling, and the installations require the kind of skill and proficiency that comes with many years of experience.   And for GNI, insulation is only part of the project – a complete job incorporates sealing tight and ventilating right – and this translates into a “system” that is sealed, ventilated, and insulated.  Our install teams do it right the first time – it’s the only way we know.  And it makes for the best reason to hire Great Northern Insulation as your insulation contractor.

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