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Attic Insulation in Norfolk County

If you’re shopping for attic insulation in Norfolk County, some basics are worth considering.  Since you’ve already decided to insulate (or re-insulate), it’s important to pick an attic insulation product that will suit the needs of the project.  It’s just as important to pick an insulation contractor who can do a great job for you.  And finally, it’s important for you, the homeowner, to understand the project you’re getting into.  If you’re knowledgeable and informed about the project, you’re bound to make better buying decisions and more likely to work productively with the company you’ve chosen.

Picking a good contractor can make a big difference in an attic project.  It’s therefore wise to pick a contractor that is established, reputable and reliable.  Great Northern Insulation is Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor.  Our company approach is simple – we use quality products and we install professionally.  We help customers to have a good understanding of their attic project so they can make appropriate decisions when it comes to products and installation.  And we believe that a knowledgeable consumer will engage in a more constructive way with our company.

Choosing attic insulation that’s right for the job can be taxing.  We’re constantly bombarded with promotion and marketing for every kind of insulation, and it can get confusing rather than getting informative.  Manufacturers will promote their products as the “best”, and contractors will promote their services as the “best”.  The “best” for you is to hire a reputable contractor who will answer questions honestly; discuss all of the project options directly; and make product and installation recommendations that are best suited for the job.  The focus will be on you, the customer.

The team at Great Northern Insulation works with each customer throughout the life of the project.  We pay great attention to the prerequisites of the job.  We address the unique challenges of the job.  And we make recommendations according to the requirements of the job.  Our company approach is to do the job right the first time, and that means installing quality products and ensuring quality workmanship.  Doing it right also ensures that installed products perform at their best, and deliver the greatest benefits to the customer.  Doing it right simply assures customer satisfaction.  

When GNI undertakes an attic insulation project, the methodology is comprehensive.  We do an in-depth assessment of the attic.  We then present a detailed summary report.  And finally, we propose project options for both product and installation.  In our proposal, we typically include the physical aspects of the project; the objectives and aims; and the budget.  The truth is, GNI customers are in good hands from day one - we want what’s best for the customer; we want to deliver customer service and support that is unmatched; and we want to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

For Great Northern Insulation, quality products and workmanship go well beyond the install.  We provide the manufacturer’s warranty on installed products, and we provide our own guarantee on the installation work performed.  If there’s a problem, we resolve it.  If repairs are required, we undertake to make the repairs and we meet the acceptable industry standard.  So if you’re currently shopping around for attic insulation in Norfolk County, or in any of the surrounding communities, take a good look at GNI – it may be the right choice to make for your attic insulation contractor.

For GNI, routine attic insulation begins with sealing.  Our objective is to create an attic space that is completely airtight.  We do it by sealing up the holes, gaps, cracks and crevices.  By any measure, an airtight attic has a number of benefits:  airflow and air movement are both restricted; energy use is conserved during the cold winter and hot summer; and installed insulation works effectively and efficiently.  Together, sealing and insulation work as a “system”.  When the attic is properly sealed, ventilated, and insulated, that “system” delivers both energy savings and enhanced indoor comfort.

Clearly, there are many types of insulation products on the market.  In recent years, however, the professionals in the industry have been choosing spray foam insulation as their product-of-choice.  When comparisons are made with other products, the spray foam product comes out on top.  It’s just a better product all round - ideal for the attic; with more product benefits; and with much higher R-Values per installed inch.  The product and installation are somewhat costlier than other insulation products but the cost savings and long-term benefits make the initial cost well worth it.

With a professional installation, the spray foam product is “sprayed” into the attic with special equipment.  The foam spreads out uniformly, hardens quickly, and becomes a “blanket” of dense insulation.  A good install covers the attic space entirely - the wooden crossbeams - the plumbing pipes - the electrical wiring - and all of the HVAC ductwork.  This application delivers better R-Value to the attic space than any other product on the market.  And at the same time, it creates an impermeable barrier to air and moisture – an ideal solution for the uniqueness of the attic.

Another insulation product worth considering for the attic is “blown-in” insulation.  It’s available in either fiberglass or cellulose, and is an affordable option for most budgets.  When applied properly, “blown-in” insulation settles down in the attic and forms a thermal blanket with excellent R-Value. Both the fiberglass product and the cellulose product are “fluffy” in nature, and are specifically designed to restrict airflow in and around the attic.  “Blown-in” insulation is ideal for the attic and has many benefits:  it’s fire resistant - mold/mildew resistant - and resistant to insects/rodents.

For the team at GNI, the best application for the attic is a “hybrid” application.  The team starts off with a conventional spray foam application, followed by an application of “blown-in” insulation.  With a proper install, the “hybrid” application provides benefits from both products at the same time.  The spray foam application provides excellent sealing and insulating, and the “blown-in” insulation brings added R-Value and outstanding dollar-value.  The “hybrid” application allows both products to perform at peak with an excellent mix of insulation value and dollar-value all in one.

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