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Spray Foam Insulation – The Premium Insulation System

Throughout the industry, spray foam insulation is widely acknowledged as the best. It’s a system that’s superior to any of the other insulation products on the market, providing maximum energy efficiency, as well as indoor comfort from one season to the next. It’s often referred to as Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation (SPFI) and is routinely installed in new builds, renovations, and retrofits. Spray foam insulation is a multi-purpose application, equally effective in attics, garages, walls, and basements. It’s truly a premium insulation product that delivers superior performance.

Great Northern Insulation is the largest SPFI contractor in Ontario, supplying and installing SPFI systems throughout the region. For the install teams at GNI, the brand-of-choice for spray foam is WALLTITE ECO™. This is a high quality, premium product, ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. WALLTITE ECO™ is the perfect insulating product for above grade or below grade; interior or exterior walls; inside foundation walls; and under concrete floors. No other product or combination of products can seal and insulate like spray foam – and all in one install.

National Building Code of Canada

When installed as a comprehensive barrier system, WALLTITE ECO™ surpasses the specification guidelines established by the National Building Code of Canada. It’s the only barrier system on the market that satisfies the Polyurethane Durability Test of the Canadian Construction Materials Centre. It also conforms to CAN/ULC S 705.1 (includes amendment 1 and 2), also under NBCC.

WALLTITE ECO™ is EcoLogo™ Certified

The closed cell version of WALLTITE ECO™ is the first spray foam product of its kind certified by EcoLogo™. This is North America's most recognized and acknowledged eco-certification group, providing consumers with the assurance that WALLTITE ECO™ is environmentally friendly. For EcoLogo™ product certification, the assessment process is audited by an independent third party.

GREENGUARD® Children/School Certified

GREENGUARD® Certification Programs are designed to ensure enhanced indoor air quality and comfort for both residents and occupants. When installed throughout a facility space, WALLTITE ECO™ meets the rigorous specifications of GREENGUARD®. Product certification ensures that WALLTITE ECO™ has met the standards for low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds.

As an insulation system, WALLTITE ECO™ is an air barrier, vapor barrier, and insulator in one. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, WALLTITE ECO™ adheres to practically any substrate in the building. It’s totally seamless, and recognized throughout the industry as the most effective air barrier on the market. Year after year, Great Northern Insulation installs WALLTITE ECO™ spray foam into thousands of homes and buildings. It has become the “go-to” product for projects of all sizes, delivering more benefits than other applications.

Amongst the professionals, WALLTITE ECO™ is recognized as a premium insulation system.  But for the best results, both short term and long, professional installation is required. At GNI, the install teams are trained and qualified - it’s highly specialized work, with customized equipment, and complex installation methods. This is work best left to the experts. A professional install provides the best thermal insulation, the best air-barrier and vapor barrier, and the best energy savings season to season. Bottom line - no other insulating product can compare.

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