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Spray Foam Insulation in Woodbridge

Year after year, and most noticeably during the last decade, spray foam insulation has gained increasing popularity.  Insulation professionals are endorsing the product widely, and are using it extensively.  When compared with similar insulation products, spray foam usually emerges as the product with more benefits and better outcomes.  If you are currently considering spray foam insulation in Woodbridge, consider Great Northern Insulation for your project - we bring a depth of experience and expertise to every jobsite.

Our specialty at GNI is spray foam insulation.  We know the spray foam product, and we’ve become experts with the installation process.  We are leaders in the industry - we’re known for our superior workmanship, and for professionally managing every project from beginning to end.  Large project or small, we have the same approach to quality products and quality work.  And when we complete a spray foam project, no other product, or combination of products, can quite compare with the performance results.

In general, professionals in the insulation industry agree that the spray foam product is the best one on the market.  And that includes agreement amongst homebuilders, contractors, and renovators alike.  Throughout the industry, spray foam is generically known as polyurethane foam, and it’s being used routinely in new construction, retrofits, and renovations.  For GNI, spray foam insulation has become the “product-of-choice” – and we completely agree that the product and installation delivers more than any other product.

The spray foam product is probably the most versatile product on the market.  It seals like no other, it delivers the very highest R-Value, and it adds structural strength where applied.  It’s ideal for those expansive spaces like the attic and the roof, and is just as suitable for the inside of wall cavities.  Properly installed, spray foam insulation envelops a given space completely, and serves to cover that space from top to bottom.  All of the openings, holes, and cracks are sealed, and all of the “hard-to-reach” spaces are filled.

There is little debate about the high insulation value of spray foam, but there’s an additional benefit that is significant – the finished application makes for a perfect air and moisture barrier - it’s an impenetrable barrier, without the need to install a vapor barrier.  But with a proper install there’s even more:  seasonal energy efficiencies are heightened - HVAC performance is enhanced; and indoor air circulation/air quality is improved.  Overall, the indoor environment is operating as a “system”, and significant energy savings are noticeable.

Great Northern Insulation believes in a professional approach to spray foam insulation.  The chemical compounds need special care and attention, the install uses specialized equipment, and the actual application can be complex – it’s simply a project for a professional.  The actual installation sprays thick liquid foam into a cavity, whereby the installer ensures that the coating is uniform throughout the space.  The foam quickly expands and then hardens into a super-dense layer of insulation that remains in its place.

The beauty of spray foam insulation is that it resolves a number of problem issues with one application:  overly high heat/cool costs are brought under control; indoor heat/cool cycles are re-balanced; and HVAC equipment performs more efficiently.  It’s also known that optimum product performance is a direct result of an expert install.  And at GNI, we have that expertise – our people know the ins and outs of the spray foam product, and understand the complexities and challenges of a thorough application.

Great Northern Insulation believes in doing the job right the first time.  We are professional in everything we do - our installers are highly trained, licensed and certified; they prepare the job site properly; they use appropriate safety gear; and they always ensure safety for occupants during an install.  GNI install teams understand the project they’re working on, and the challenges involved.  It all makes for a quality installation that is designed to assure product performance, while setting the stage for long-term results.

If you are considering spray foam insulation in Woodbridge, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering for the job.  Our people work smart, without taking shortcuts; they follow building codes; they install to product specifications; and they observe local by-laws.  At the completion of a project, the manufacturer’s product warranty is provided, as is our company guarantee on the installation.  Product and installation aside, we are always focused on ensuring customer satisfaction, regardless of job size.

Inasmuch as GNI recommends products to suit a particular job, we routinely recommend spray foam insulation.  At the same time, we regularly discourage customers from getting into a do-it-yourself endeavor with spray foam.  This is a project that needs expertise.  The equipment needs careful handling, the chemicals need special care, and the installation itself needs a level of proficiency.  A do-it-yourself approach is risky, and having to call in an expert for a rework or redo can be time-consuming and expensive.

There’s no doubt about the increasing popularity of spray foam insulation.  And even though the product and installation are costly, the long-term outcomes far outweigh the initial expense.  A spray foam install delivers more benefits than any of the insulation products on the market.  The application lasts a lifetime, doesn’t need replacement or replenishment, and comes through with a “payback period” (between 2 and 7 years) that is quite reasonable.  And with noticeable energy savings year round, the cost-benefit is worthwhile. 

If you’re considering spray foam insulation as an option, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering for the job.  We’ve been in business for some 35 years with a sound reputation as Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor.  You can rely on us for top quality products and top quality workmanship, and we’ll show you how quality can make a difference, no matter what the size the project.  We professionally manage every installation from end to end, and make it our business to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time.

GNI is all about doing the job right the first time.  Simply put, you’ll be in capable hands when you contract GNI for your spray foam insulation project.

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