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Spray Foam Insulation in Rexdale

Every season, year after year, spray foam insulation is gaining in popularity.  Consumers love the results, and industry professionals endorse the product for a wide variety of applications.  When spray foam insulation is compared to other insulation products, it usually rises to the top as a better product, with better benefits, and better results.  So if you’re considering spray foam insulation in Rexdale, and you’re in the market for a reputable contractor, have a look at Great Northern Insulation – we have the experience and expertise to deliver results.

At GNI, we specialize in spray foam insulation.  We know the product, and our installers are experts when it comes to installation.  GNI is well established in Rexdale, with a long-standing reputation for superior workmanship.  Our people manage every project professionally, and oversee the job from end to end, regardless of the scope or size of job.  The truth is, when our team completes a spray foam insulation project, there isn’t another product or application that can deliver the same high level of performance.

The consensus throughout the insulation industry is that spray foam is the best product on the market.  For the most part, homebuilders, private contractors, and independent renovators all agree.  Most commonly referred to in the business as polyurethane foam, spray foam is being used in new construction, retrofits, and renovations alike.  At GNI, we agree with the consensus, and with the premise that spray foam insulation delivers more benefits than anything else.  It has quickly become our “product-of-choice” at GNI.

Spray foam insulation is truly versatile - it seals up a space completely - it creates the highest R-Value - and it adds structural strength to the area where it’s installed.  It is the preferred choice for large, expansive spaces like the attic, and is equally suitable for the roof cavity, and even inside walls.  With a proper install, spray foam insulation completely encases a space, covering the entire expanse thoroughly.  Every opening, hole, and crack is totally sealed, and best of all, the foam reaches into all of the “hard-to-reach” spaces.

Beyond the high insulation value of a spray foam install, there is additional value that is central.  The finished install creates an ideal barrier to air and moisture – it’s an impermeable barrier that precludes the need to install an independent vapor barrier.  Once again, the spray foam delivers multiple benefits:  it improves indoor air environment; it improves energy efficiency and HVAC performance; and it enhances air circulation and air quality.  Most importantly, with improved overall efficiencies, the result is energy savings from one season to the next.

Great Northern Insulation strongly believes in the professional approach when it comes to a spray foam application.  Spray foam compounds require special handling and the installation requires special equipment – this is a project best left to those with experience and expertise.  During an installation, the spray foam is sprayed into a cavity as a thick liquid, and the installer makes sure that the coating is uniform and consistent.  Section by section, the foam expands and hardens into a solid and dense layer of insulation that fixates into place.

With spray foam insulation, the finished application resolves a number of indoor environment issues at one time - high heating and cooling costs are regulated – heating and cooling cycles are brought into balance - and HVAC equipment performs efficiently.  To achieve all this, a professional install is suggested.   At GNI, the team understands the unique spray foam product, and the complexities of a proper application.  In every project, large or small, optimum product performance is always relative to the expertise of the install.

For the team at GNI, the professional approach is the only approach - installers are trained, licensed and certified; they prepare the work site properly; they employ proper safety gear; and they ensure the safety of building occupants during the entirety of an installation.  On every jobsite, GNI installers have a thorough understanding of the job at hand, and of the particular challenges that are posed.  It makes for a job done right the first time - a quality install that assures product performance, and ensures meaningful results for the long-term.

If you’re looking at spray foam insulation in Rexdale, then Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  Our installation teams work smart, without taking unnecessary shortcuts.  They follow the required building code, they install according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and they obey local by-laws.  When we complete a project, we provide the manufacturer’s product warranty as well as a company guarantee on workmanship.  It’s simply our commitment to customer satisfaction, and it applies to every job we do.

GNI policy is to recommend insulation products that match the job requirements.  We will often recommend the spray foam product, and will routinely discourage a customer from engaging in a do-it-yourself effort.  This is an installation that requires proficiency - the spray equipment requires special handling, the foam compounds require special care, and the install process requires a high level of expertise.  The fact is, the do-it-yourself approach is fraught with risk, and getting into a rework or revamp or complete redo can get costly. 

Industry wide, spray foam insulation has become more and more popular.  The product and installation are considered more costly than other options, but a basic cost-benefit assessment will show that the initial costs are worthwhile in the long run.  The finished product delivers more benefits in one application than any other insulation product.  The application itself will last a lifetime, and without the need for replacement or replenishment.  Finally, the “payback period” is between 2 and 7 years - reasonable and meaningful. 

If you’re planning for a spray foam installation, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  We have been in business for over 35 years, and have established a reputation as Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor.  You can count on us to address your project requisites and to recommend viable resolutions.  The team at GNI will show you how quality workmanship can make a difference.  We manage every project professionally, handle every installation from start to finish, and assure 100% customer satisfaction.

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