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Spray Foam Insulation in Etobicoke

When shopping for spray foam insulation in Etobicoke, and in other suburban communities of the GTA, Great Northern Insulation is a company worth considering. Our basic approach to insulation is simple: we work on every project by sealing it tight, and ventilating it right. We believe that sealing with insulation, but without proper ventilation, is only a half-job. When we take on an insulation project, we seal for air leakage AND we create an optimum level of ventilation – that sort of combination effort is the only way to go. The “complete” job increases energy efficiency in the home, enhances indoor air quality, and improves home comfort.

Spray foam insulation – the product.

Spray foam insulation is essentially comprised of polyurethane foam. It is “sprayed” directly into the wall, under the floor or into the ceiling, with special equipment designed for the application. The sprayed foam comes out as a liquid, and then transforms into the dense, hard insulation that remains in place. There are two types of foam: open cell foam (sometimes to referred to as half-pound) and closed cell foam (sometimes referred to as two-pound). The open cell product is the less expensive option, and although it provides a great air barrier, it does not function as a great water vapor barrier. Closed cell foam is a denser product, providing a great air barrier, and a great water vapor barrier in one shot. For outdoor applications, like for roofing insulation or new siding, closed cell foam is the preferred choice.

The benefits of spray foam insulation.

To begin with, industry professionals agree that spray foam insulation products are superior to the pink fiberglass insulation batts. They also agree that closed cell foam does a measurably better job of insulating than the other insulation products. Closed cell foam products are regarded as delivering the highest R-value of all insulation materials, and will therefore provide the best dollar value in the long run. When spray foam insulation is installed correctly, the finished application leaves virtually no openings, cracks or holes, which means that indoor heat or cool does not escape – this is an advantage over many of the other insulation products. The people at Great Northern Insulation consider spray foam as an ideal insulating product in new construction, renovation, or retrofit. A well-installed spray foam application will also deliver improved indoor air quality, and better performance of the HVAC system.

Cost and payback of spray foam insulation.

Closed cell spray foam is likely one of the more expensive options when compared with other products in the market. However, as with other premium products, you get what you pay for, and this is certainly a product that will deliver substantial benefits, but in the long-term. The point is, installed foam lasts a lifetime, and offers a “pay-back” period that ranges between 5 and 7 years. Energy savings on seasonal heating and cooling are significant, and on a project like home insulation, thinking long term makes abundant sense.

More to know about sealing tight, ventilating right.

There’s a lot to say about sealing tight and ventilating right. Although it’s true that spray foam is effective and efficient like no other, just insulating is not enough. Experts throughout the industry all agree that a home needs to “breathe”. A GNI installation ensures that the home is BOTH insulated AND ventilated, and that there is a suitable exchange of fresh outdoor air and stale indoor air. This is a formula for air circulation that works – and it also reduces the condensation and moisture in the air (conditions that might result in mould). When installing, we use methods and techniques to provide optimum ventilation.

GNI believes in doing it right the first time.

Doing it right the first time means having a solid understanding of the project at hand; then choosing the right product to suit the job; and finally installing with respect to building codes and standards. When it comes to spray foam insulation, we don’t recommend a weekend do-it-yourself project. This work is for experts – for those who know the products and how to install them. GNI installers are professionals - they know how to do it right: wearing protective gear; properly preparing the work area; and taking provisions and precautions to avoid problems. Spray foam requires a high degree of expertise. These are chemical compounds that need precise mixing, special tools and equipment, and application techniques that are equally specialized. All things considered, this is the right time to use an expert.

Popularity and growth of spray foam insulation.

In Canada, it’s estimated that the growth of spray foam insulation is about 40% per year over the last decade. These are very notable growth numbers, and indicate the products’ popularity in recent years. And it’s primarily because of the excellent product benefits: this is an insulation with the highest rated R-values; it’s a system that combines air and moisture resistance simultaneously; it has sound dampening attributes; and it delivers quantifiable energy cost savings.

Consider GNI for quality products and expert installation.

These days, it’s not uncommon in the marketplace to find installations and applications that are just plain inadequate. This is not what you will find at GNI - our installers are trained, licensed, and certified; all of the products we sell and install are warrantied by the manufacturer; and our teams are fully insured (covered by the WSIB). Above all, your satisfaction is a priority, so when considering spray foam insulation in Etobicoke, or any of the suburbs of the GTA, be sure to consider GNI. When choosing a company to handle your spray foam requirements, it is recommended that you choose a service provider carefully, so as to prevent any problems or complications during an install, or after. Additionally, seek out a provider who promotes high levels of professionalism amongst contractors, and supports spray foam products and the long-term benefits they promise. As always, it’s best to be well informed, to do the research, and to make an educated decision on the product and the contractor.

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