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Basement Insulation in Burlington

For years and years, the basement was just an empty space. It was a space for doing laundry; for the furnace equipment; for the hot water heater; and quite often, for junk. Few basements were set up for living. The walls were made of brick or cement, and there was never any insulation or drywall. Basements were cold, damp, and musty. In more recent decades, however, basements have become functional – valuable, comfortable living spaces that are being used for a wide variety of purposes.

Today, a typical basement is both livable and comfortable. It could be an additional living room; an office space; a bedroom; even a so-called “in-law suite”. And the key to making the space comfortable is insulation. Insulating the basement walls is integral, and a well-insulated basement will provide personal comfort and energy savings throughout the year.  With heating and cooling costs always on the rise, an insulated basement brings meaningful savings on seasonal utilities, year in and year out.

The average homeowner doesn’t put enough emphasis on insulating the basement. It’s a big mistake because basements should be as well insulated as the rest of the house. In fact, the professionals say that in many cases, insulating the basement is more important. This is because the basement space is a unique physical space, and should be properly sealed, insulated and ventilated. For the homeowner considering basement insulation in Burlington, the result will be reduced monthly utility bills.

Insulating basement walls (and doing it professionally) has a good many benefits. Thermal resistance is enhanced; air transfer (indoor and outdoor) is restricted; and moisture accumulation is averted. A well-insulated basement will allow the heating and air conditioning units to operate more efficiently, and will ensure energy conservation, especially during the extremes of winter and summer. Bottom line, there will be savings throughout the year. And once done, benefits will remain for the long term.

Is insulating the basement walls worthwhile?

For all kinds of reasons, insulating basement walls is well worthwhile. It’s actually one of those home improvement projects that delivers practical results. Insulation will reduce heating bills and cooling bills, and in regions where weather is known to be extreme, the savings will be substantial

What do experts recommend for the basement?

Industry statistics show that outcomes with basement insulation are directly related to R-Value. In other words, higher R-Values deliver better outcomes. Beyond that, however, outcomes will differ relative to the physical layout of each basement; the insulation used; and the installation approach.

Are there savings with an insulated basement?

Savings on monthly utilities will depend on a number of factors - basement size; insulation product; R-Value; and geographic location of the premises. But with a high quality insulation product, and an expert, professional installation, monthly and annual utility savings are all but guaranteed.

Are there install specifications when insulating?

Depending on the region of the country, there may be some building code specifications when doing basement insulation. A professional contractor can provide this kind of information, and recommend the product and install that best suits, whether it’s for new construction, renovation or retrofit.

How should the basement walls be prepared?

When preparing a basement for insulation, it’s most important to evaluate whether there are water entry issues.  Water entry is a problem that must be resolved first and foremost, prior to insulating. And depending on the gravity of the issue, resolving the problem may itself be a major project.

How do hard-to-reach areas get insulated?

Most basements have hard-to-reach areas. As such, it’s quite difficult to apply any insulation properly and thoroughly. The best application in these types of situations is spray foam. Quite simply, there’s no other comparable product that can seal and insulate so well in one single application.

For homeowners doing basement insulation in Burlington, a reputable contractor will suggest the product and application that’s best suited for the job. But from a professional standpoint,   It will deliver the best results, with the most benefits. A spray foam application will create an excellent air barrier, an effective vapor barrier, and an insulating envelope with the highest R-Value of any product.

Insulating the basement floor has also come to the attention of experts. Here, it’s recommended that a thick base of spray foam insulation be applied to the floor area, followed by a layer of concrete. In terms of sealing and insulating, this is the ultimate approach.  However, for some, the project budget may preclude this approach. As for the rest of the basement, it’s critical for the space to be airtight. It means that indoor/outdoor airflow is restricted, and moisture collection is inhibited.

Basement insulation is about conserving energy and reducing heating/cooling costs. To achieve this, the best outcomes result from a professional spray foam install. Indeed, many professionals have made spray foam their product-of-choice. In one single application, the spray foam delivers all of the answers: a basement that is completely airtight; an air and moisture barrier that balances the indoor environment; and an insulated space with the highest R-Value of any product on the market.

Spray foam insulation is a premium product, and the installation could be costly. When the project budget is limited, the next best alternative is a “hybrid” approach – it’s a combination of spray foam insulation AND fiberglass “batts”. Here, installers recommend an initial application of the spray foam product, and an accompanying install using the traditional fiberglass “batts”.  Working together, these products perform to the maximum, and provide excellent results, both short and long term.

All things considered, basement insulation is a big job. And for best results, it’s worth doing right the first time. Spray foam insulation is by far the best product on the market, but as an alternative, the combination install has merit. Applying spray foam in combination with fiberglass “batts” is an ideal approach that provides excellent performance within a given budget. The spray foam provides the excellent sealing and insulation, while the “batts” provide additional R-Value that is cost-effective.

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