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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Brampton

First step - determining if existing insulation should be removed.

The decision to remove insulation will usually depend on the quality of the existing insulation. Old and aging insulation is definitely a reason to remove, particularly if the insulation has lost its integrity over the years. But there are other reasons to consider removal, with some being more urgent than others.  For homeowners who are considering insulation removal in Brampton, Great Northern Insulation offers a practical, workable approach: assessing the extent of the removal; gauging the scope of the work involved; and offering possible solutions for the re-installation.

In some cases, there are good reasons to be removing insulation.

Since homes are all different, removal needs will also be different. At GNI, the crews have seen all kinds of things. Like too much insulation in the attic, which can easily compromise the ventilation and create new problems. As well, the attic could be poorly sealed, allowing undesirable moisture to accumulate. Worst of all, and primarily in older homes, deteriorated insulation could be found. It might be the result of water damage, or animal contamination – but it all has to go. Finally, in some residential attics, existing insulation may comprise materials that are banned (asbestos).

Taking the opportunity to remove insulation during a renovation.

Removing insulation during a renovation or retrofit is ideal.  If the trades can work together, it’s an excellent opportunity to remove old insulation, make some of the required repairs, and then upgrade with newly installed insulation. This is where the experts at GNI can assess whether any existing insulation can be saved, and whether new insulation can be installed over the existing materials. Most important, where insulation is being removed, it must be done thoroughly and safely. At GNI, crews also ensure that the occupants and residents are completely safeguarded.

Insulation removal requires professionalism and project expertise.

Even though insulation removal is primarily a “cleanup” project, it’s still highly specialized work that needs the right kind of project expertise. The crews at GNI use state-of-the-art equipment to effectively clean a space, and ensure proper removal and disposal. Crews use highly specialized vacuums to eliminate all of the waste to an external disposal system. The jobsite is made free of all debris, and is ready for proper reinstallation: with brand new insulation product; enhanced sealing to make the space airtight; and appropriate ventilation to allow the “system” to perform.

Deciding on a do-it-yourself methodology with insulation removal.

Today, many home centres have various DIY (do-it-yourself) options for insulation removal. At GNI, past experience has proven that a professional approach is a better approach. Insulation removal is labour-intensive, and a typical homeowner could work twice as long on the job as an expert contractor. More importantly, removing old insulation could be hazardous for those who are inexperienced. Deteriorated insulation could be contaminated; there may be animal remains; there may be deposits of mold; and there be leftovers of asbestos or vermiculite in the insulation.

Removing insulation is only a part of the process of re-installation.

For insulation removal in Brampton, the team at Great Northern Insulation must often remind the homeowner that removal is only part of the project. And although removal and disposal is important, it’s also necessary to plan for some repairs and retrofits. For example, an air barrier may be required; or a vapour barrier; or perhaps some new ventilation installed. For GNI sealing the space airtight is always a priority (just as important as insulation). This is because sealing will ensure much better insulation performance, and more longevity for the installed R-Value.

For GNI, sealing a space airtight is just as important as insulation.

In every home (whatever the size) air movement has an impact on the indoor living space. That air movement will carry moisture, pollutants, and oxygen throughout the home, which is why air sealing is important. A home that is properly sealed effectively manages air movement (airflow) between the outside of the house (unconditioned space) and the inside (conditioned space). A properly sealed space, with appropriate ventilation, will practically guarantee the performance of newly installed insulation. It’s a “system” that works together: sealing, ventilation, and insulation. 

There are many products/techniques for re-installing insulation.

When it’s time to install new insulation, Great Northern Insulation can offer a variety of products and installation techniques. Blown insulation, just as an example, has become a popular product in residential applications. Offered in cellulose or fiberglass, the product is installed to code, with satisfactory results in the attic and roof. GNI crews blow the product throughout a space, creating a thermal “blanket” that effectively insulates even hard-to-reach gaps, holes, and openings. When expertly installed, blown insulation provides satisfactory R-Value, along with a very cost-effective installation. Another application, fiberglass batt insulation, is a viable option for attics, roofs, and basements. With an expert install, the batts allow for good R-Value and good product lifespan.

Attics or basements, the professionals at GNI recommend Spray Foam Insulation as the very best on the market. The product is recognized by experts as the best performer, with far more benefits than anything comparable. In fact, SFI will do more with one application than any other product. With an expert installation, SFI creates a completely airtight space, and creates an air barrier and vapour barrier at the same time. Installed R-Values are higher than other insulation products and the product’s lifespan is without comparison. In fact, when professionally installed, SFI will never require replacement or replenishment. Spray Foam Insulation is a premium application in terms of project cost, but the substantial energy savings over the year make for very good investment.  

For some residential projects, GNI recommends a combination application for new insulation. It’s referred to as a “hybrid”, with excellent results, and very cost-effective. The combination allows for Spray Foam Insulation to be installed along with one of the blown insulation products (either fiberglass or cellulose).  It’s an application that offers the very best attributes of each insulation product, with excellent results (short term and long term). The “hybrid” is also extremely cost-effective, with energy savings that quickly “pay down” the overall project investment. With GNI, customers can rest assured of complete satisfaction that comes with the manufacturer’s product warranty, and a guarantee on installation workmanship.

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