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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in the GTA

It’s important to start with a good inspection

Before removing any home insulation, its wise to have a good inspection. Over time, insulation may start to perform poorly. There may even be some areas that are deteriorating. Whatever the case, a good inspection will reveal the condition of installed materials, and the potential need for removal. For homeowners who are considering insulation removal in the GTA, the experts at Great Northern Insulation can provide the complete service. The team will begin with a thorough inspection, then make suggestions for removal, and then offer some options for re-insulation.

Removal will vary with house type and size

Insulation removal varies with each home, and over the years, the GNI team has seen it all. Many times, removal is problem-free. In some situations, there are inherent problems. And sometimes there are dangers and hazards. Once insulation has been removed, repairs/retrofits are often recommended, before installing new insulation. In many homes, airtightness and ventilation will need to be upgraded. This is necessary in ensuring optimum performance for the newly installed insulation. Not doing so will surely contribute to heating and cooling loss from season to season.

It’s easy to remove insulation during a reno

Removing old insulation during a renovation can save money. Contractors can work together to streamline the workload, and therefore save on labour. For the experts at GNI, insulation removal goes step by step. To begin with, there’s an inspection. Next, installers decide how much of the insulation can be disposed and how much reclaimed. Finally, there’s a re-installation plan, with the aim of enhancing energy efficiency for the home. When a home is energy efficient, energy consumption is reduced, and there are substantial dollar savings on summer and winter utilities.

Insulation removal requires a professional

Regardless of the scope, insulation removal requires professional attention. This work is beyond the capability of any average homeowner. At GNI, crews are trained and experienced. They make use of industrial vacuums. They handle waste safely. And they properly prepare the work area for new insulation product. GNI also makes the repairs and/or retrofits that have been identified as necessary. The aim is to prepare the space so that the newly installed insulation will deliver long-term performance. Anything short will definitely diminish the potential for peak performance.

Deciding on a DIY approach to removal

When the budget is limited, a DIY approach to insulation removal might look appealing. But this is not a good option. Homeowners will find the work to be demanding, challenging, and time-consuming. An expert will take half the time to do the same work, and with better results. Worse, removing insulation can be both risky and dangerous. The materials may be contaminated. There may be asbestos, or even mold. And here, there’s no reason to take chances - insulation removal should quite simply be left to the professionals – those with relevant experience and expertise.

There is often need for repairs/retrofits

For homeowners in the GTA, GNI offers a full service approach, from removal to reinsulating. All repairs/retrofits are done to code. All products are top quality. And all work is expertly managed. The GNI team does it all – from air sealing, to vapour barriers, to ventilation.  The objective is to optimize energy efficiency in the home, and therefore save on utility costs around the year. With improved energy efficiency, the HVAC system (heating, air conditioning, ventilation) works better and consumes energy much more moderately. The result:  lower heating and cooling bills.

Sealing airtight maximizes efficiency

A home that is well sealed manages air movement better than a home that is a poorly sealed. A well sealed home allows for better air circulation, much improved air quality, and maximized efficiency. For the team at GNI, improved energy efficiency is a direct result of a well functioning “system” – in other words, a combination of airtightness, insulation, and ventilation. And when all three elements are working together, the “system” allows for maximal energy efficiency in the home.  Winter or summer, the home is comfortable and heating/cooling is better balanced.

GNI installs the highest quality products

For customers in and around the GTA, GNI offers the best quality insulation products on the market. One option is blown-in insulation, ideal in the attic, where an effective “thermal blanket” provides good R-Value. Blown-in insulation, available as cellulose or fiberglass, is a cost effective install. Another option - fiberglass batt insulation – is also ideal in the attic, with a satisfactory lifespan and good R-Value. Both products will deliver performance when professionally installed.

For customers seeking higher performance insulation, Spray Foam Insulation is the best option. SFI will seal a space tight; provide a combined air and vapour barrier; and install very high R-Value. With a professional installation, SFI outperforms and outlasts all comparable products. In addition, a finished install will not require topping up over the years, and will not require any replacement or replenishment. Many other products will require some boosting over the years.

Another option available from GNI is a so-called “hybrid” application. It’s very cost effective and combines two insulation products into one install. Firstly, Spray Foam Insulation is applied into a given space in order to seal tight. Then, blown-in insulation is installed in order to complement the SFI. This is an ideal option that will reduce energy consumption and reduce utility costs right around the year. Oftentimes, the annual dollar savings will significantly offset the project cost.

For Great Northern Insulation, every project is focused on customer satisfaction. GNI only installs the highest quality products on the market, and offers a manufacturer warranty to ensure long-term performance for many years to come. Regardless of project size, all installation work is company guaranteed, and every effort is made to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If there are any outstanding issues or problems with the job, GNI makes the required repairs, and at no cost to the customer. For GNI, it’s all about quality products and superior installations. 

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