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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Vaughan

The first thing is to determine if existing insulation requires removal.

Deciding on whether or not to remove insulation will depend entirely on the quality of existing insulation materials. For one, aging insulation may well be a reason for removal, especially if the insulation has lost its original R-Value. And while there are other viable reasons to remove, some will be more pressing than others. For homeowners pondering insulation removal in Vaughan, the experts at Great Northern Insulation offer a professional, step-by-step approach: evaluating the scope of any removal; assessing the extent of work that might be involved; and coming up with viable options for re-installation.

There are a good many reasons to consider home insulation removal.

Since every residential home is different, removal priorities will also be different. The crews at GNI have been exposed to most every scenario. In some cases, there may be too little insulation – in other cases, too much insulation (compromising ventilation and creating other problems). In attics and roof cavities, these may be inadequately sealed, allowing for moisture to collect. In worst cases (mainly older homes) insulation may be deteriorated. This may have been caused by water damage or even animal infestation. Finally, in homes that are very old, insulation that contains asbestos requires removal.

Taking advantage of insulation removal during planned renovations.

It’s ideal to remove insulation when other renovations or retrofits are planned. If contractors can manage to work together, removing old insulation can be quite streamlined. Repairs can be made to the space; retrofits can be expedited; and upgraded insulation can easily be installed. This is an ideal time for the experts at GNI to assess whether existing insulation can be spared, and if new insulation can be installed/applied over materials that exist. Most importantly, when insulation is going to be removed, it has to be thorough and safe. GNI does the work right, ensuring that all residents are properly safeguarded.

Insulation removal will require the experience and expertise of a pro.

For the most part, insulation removal is mainly a “cleanup” job. But it’s specific work that needs experience and expertise. Great Northern Insulation employs advanced “cleanup” equipment that efficiently cleans a space, and ensures total removal and safe disposal. GNI crews use specialized vacuum units that eliminate waste materials to an exterior disposal setup. They ensure that the jobsite is completely debris-free and ready for reinstallation. GNI then seals the cleaned up space airtight; installs a high quality insulation product; and makes sure that ventilation is upgraded to allow for maximum performance.

Some homeowners might decide to take a DIY approach with removal.

These days, home improvement centres have a myriad of do-it-yourself (DIY) possibilities for insulation removal. For the experts at GNI, experience has shown that a professional touch is far better. The whole process of insulation removal is labour-intensive – it will be twice the work for someone without the right experience. But more importantly, insulation removal can turn out to be hazardous, and especially so for the inexperienced. Old and deteriorating insulation could well be contaminated; there may be mold; there may be animal impurities; and worst case, there may be asbestos and/or vermiculite.

Properly removing old insulation is necessary prior to re-installation.

For insulation removal in Vaughan, Great Northern Insulation often reminds customers that the removal part is only the beginning of the overall project. And while proper removal, cleanup, and disposal is vital, it’s also essential to plan well for repairs and retrofits that may be necessary. Just by example, there may be need for an air barrier; there may also be need for a vapour barrier; or there may be need for ventilation to be improved. For GNI, sealing up the space airtight is vital, mainly because it ensures better product performance for the newly installed insulation, as well as longevity for the R-Values.

For the pros at GNI, airtight sealing is as important as the insulation.

In every residential home (regardless of size) air movement impacts the indoor space. Moving air carries moisture, oxygen, and pollutants throughout a home. This is why air sealing is so vital. A home that has been properly sealed is going to effectively manage air movement from outside of the house (referred to as the unconditioned space) to the inside of the house (referred to as the conditioned space). Spaces that are well sealed and well ventilated, like the attic and roof, will virtually guarantee performance for new insulation. It all makes for a working “system” - sealing, ventilation, and insulation. 

There are a host of products available when re-installing insulation.

When it comes to re-installation, Great Northern Insulation offers various product approaches to homeowners in Vaughan. Blown insulation, as one example, is a popular product for residential application. It’s available in cellulose or fiberglass fabrication, and delivers satisfactory results in both the attic and roof cavity. GNI professionals blow product into a space, allowing the thermal “blanket” to effectively insulate even hard-to-reach spaces. When expertly installed to code, the blown insulation delivers satisfactory R-Values, and a cost-effective install. Another approach is fiberglass batt insulation, also good for attics and roofs. Professionally installed, fiberglass batts provide good R-Value and reasonable lifespan.

For attics and basements, GNI often recommends Spray Foam Insulation. It’s widely recognized in the industry as the best performing insulation, and has more benefits than any comparable product. SFI does more with a thorough application than any comparable product. It creates a totally airtight space, and combines an air barrier and vapour barrier in one. With SFI, R-Value is higher than other products, and product lifespan is without compare. Indeed, SFI will never need replacement or replenishment. Spray Foam Insulation is considered a premium quality product and application as far as project cost, but the significant energy savings throughout the year will make for a worthwhile project investment.

In some residential installations, Great Northern Insulation offers a combination approach when installing new insulation. It’s known as a “hybrid” approach, with excellent product performance and a cost-effective install. Spray Foam Insulation is installed first, followed by a blown insulation product in either fiberglass or cellulose.  This is an application that provides the best attributes of the installed insulation products, with excellent short term and long-term results. With a “hybrid” approach, ongoing energy savings “pay down” the initial project investment quite quickly. With GNI, homeowners are assured of 100% project satisfaction, with a manufacturer’s warranty, and installation work that’s guaranteed.

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