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Spray Foam Insulation in Concord

During the last decade, spray foam insulation has gained more popularity than any of the other products on the market.  Consumers are very satisfied with the installed product and insulation professionals are using it extensively.  When it’s compared to other insulation products, spray foam emerges as a more superior product than any of the others.  If you’re currently thinking about installing spray foam insulation in Concord, Ontario, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  You’ll be 100% satisfied with everything we do – it’s guaranteed.

We specialize in spray foam insulation - we know the product, and we have the experience and expertise when it comes to a quality installation.  We have become leaders in the business, with a reputation for superior workmanship, and for professionally handling every project from start to finish.  We have the same high regard for quality on every project we do, regardless of the size or scope.  And when we’re done with a spray foam installation, it’s clear that there’s no product or application that can compare with the finished results.  

For professionals in the industry, the spray foam product is considered the best on the market. It has quickly become the “go to” product for new homebuilders, independent contractors, and local renovators.  Spray foam is known generically as polyurethane foam, and is being installed almost routinely in projects of all types - new builds, retrofits, and renovation jobs.  For the team at GNI, spray foam insulation has also become a company favorite, and with great results - its a product and installation that delivers more benefits than any other product on the market.

Spray foam insulation is multi-purpose and performs several functions in one application - it seals up like no other product - it creates higher R-Value than other products - and it provides structural strength to the space where its installed.  It’s an ideal application for large spaces like the attic and roof, and is equally ideal inside the walls.  When properly installed, spray foam covers completely, and envelops a space from edge to edge to edge.  And it seals up everything in sight – holes, cracks, crevices, and all of those awkward spaces that are hard to reach.

Because of the nature of the product, spray foam has the highest R-Value of any product.  But there’s more - a finished application creates an air and moisture barrier that’s impenetrable to both, and it means there’s no need for a separately installed vapor barrier.  Overall, the indoor air environment is significantly improved - energy efficiency is maximized; HVAC equipment performs better; and air circulation and air quality are both enhanced.  All in all, everything works together as a “system”, and the seasonal energy savings are measurable.

The team at Great Northern Insulation endorses a professional install for spray foam insulation.  The foam compounds require special handling; the installation requires special equipment; and the application process can be quite involved – it’s an installation that requires a professional approach.  Using specialized equipment, the installer sprays the thick liquid foam into a given space, and takes great care to ensure that coverage is total and uniform.  Once sprayed, the foam expands and hardens into the dense layer of insulation that will remain in place for years.

The reason that spray foam insulation is favored by so many is that it resolves several issues with the one application.  The finished application normalizes high heat and cool costs; it serves to balance indoor heat and cool cycles; and it allows the HVAC unit to perform efficiently.  The thing is, with an expert installation, the spray foam product performs as promised, and at GNI, we have the expert installers for the job.  GNI teams know the spray foam product intimately, and understand the unique challenges that are posed by the different job applications.

We strongly believe in doing every job right the first time.  It’s a professional philosophy that applies to every project and every team member.  Our installers are licensed and certified - they properly prepare the job site - they make use of the correct safety gear - and they assure the safety and security of occupants.  They also understand the nature of the project at hand, and the requisite objectives that are expected.  All in all, it makes for quality workmanship that strives for optimum product performance.  And for the customer, it means significant results.

If you are looking at spray foam insulation in Concord, have a look at Great Northern Insulation.  We are the experts; we don’t take shortcuts; we obey the building code; and we install the products according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  When the project is complete, we provide the manufacturer’s warranty as well as our own company guarantee on work performed.  Above all, our focus is on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, no matter what the size of job – and that’s another company commitment you can count on.

While GNI will routinely recommend spray foam as the product-of-choice, we also routinely discourage a customer from making a spray foam project into a DIY project.  This whole endeavor requires experience and expertise.  As mentioned, the equipment requires expertise in handling - the chemicals require special care in preparation - and the installation requires competence and proficiency.  The DIY approach poses some serious risks, and calling in the experts for a rework can be stressful, time-consuming, and sometimes quite costly.

There’s clearly good reasons for the exponential growth of spray foam insulation.  And although the process is considered more costly than most, long-term benefits do outweigh the upfront expense.  The truth is, spray foam brings more benefits to an install than any other insulation product.  It’s an application that lasts a lifetime, without the need to replace or replenish.  It delivers a reasonable payback period of between 2 and 7 years.  And most importantly, the energy savings around the year are measurable – it’s a worthwhile cost-benefit trade-off. 

If you’re considering spray foam insulation, consider Great Northern Insulation for the job.  We’ve been in this business for 35 years and it shows.  We have a reputation as Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor.  We sell and install only top quality products, and we provide superior workmanship throughout.  We’ll show you how a quality approach makes a difference, with a professionally managed project from end to end, and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction every time.

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