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Spray Foam Insulation in Brampton

The spray foam insulation currently on the market is comprised of polyurethane foam, and is “sprayed” into wall cavities, under floors or into the ceiling, using special equipment designed for that purpose. The foam comes out as a liquid, and then quickly transforms into a dense, hard insulation. There are two different types of foam: open cell foam (known as half-pound) and high density closed cell foam (known as two-pound). Open cell is a less expensive product – it provides a great air barrier, but does not function as a water vapor barrier. Closed cell is a much denser product, and provides a great air barrier AND a great water vapor barrier at the same time. Clearly the closed cell foam is the preferred choice when it comes to outdoor applications, like roofing or siding. In the insulation industry, it’s agreed that the spray foam insulation products are a superior option to those pink fiberglass insulation batts. In fact, the industry experts will attest that closed cell foam spray insulation does a much better job of insulating than other types of insulation.

The closed cell product is regarded throughout the industry as delivering the highest R-value of all traditional insulation materials, and therefore provides the best dollar value. When spray foam insulation is applied properly, the finished application has practically no openings of any description, meaning that heated or cooled air cannot escape – it’s an advantage that is head and shoulders above the rest. At Great Northern Insulation, we consider spray foam to be the ideal product for new construction, a renovation, or a retrofit. The benefits are measurable, with improved indoor air quality and improved performance of HVAC equipment.

If you are currently shopping for spray foam insulation in Brampton, or in any of the suburban communities of the GTA, Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration. Our approach to an insulation project is simple: we believe in sealing it tight, and ventilating it right. We also believe that sealing, without ventilating, is a job that is half done. When we undertake an insulation project, we seal off the air leakage AND we make sure to create optimum levels of ventilation – we insist on a combination effort. A complete job significantly increases energy efficiency throughout the home; enhances the overall air quality; and generally improves home comfort.

When it comes to cost, closed cell spray foam is one of the most expensive when comparing with the other products. However, as a consumer, you’re getting what you pay for, and this is a product that delivers substantial long-term benefits. The installed foam lasts a lifetime, with a “pay-back” period that is from 5 to 7 years, and with savings on heating and cooling that are significant. This is a good time to think long term.

There’s more to sealing tight and ventilating right. While it’s true that spray foam is super-effective and super-efficient, insulating is just not enough – the experts know and understand that the home needs to “breathe”. And GNI makes sure that the home is BOTH insulated AND ventilated, ensuring the appropriate exchange of fresh outdoor air and stale indoor air. That’s the formula for air circulation that works, and with the added benefit of reducing condensation and moisture (conditions that might lead to mould). We use various techniques to provide optimum levels of ventilation, and when the job is done, sizeable energy savings are built in.

At Great Northern Insulation, we believe in doing it right the first time - it means having a good understanding of the project; choosing the right product for the job; and installing it all based on acceptable building codes and standards. In principle, we do NOT recommend making spray foam insulation into a weekend DIY project. This is work for the experts – those who know the products and have the direct experience with installation. GNI installers are the professionals – and beyond product knowledge and install experience, they know how to do it right: with protective gear; proper preparation of work areas; and taking all precautions. We specialize in spray foam, and much of it requires a high degree of expertise. Spray foam is a chemical compound, and as such, precise mixing is required and special application techniques are essential. This is a time to be using an expert, and to ensure proper installation and curing, thus delivering optimal performance.

In Canada, industry experts approximate that spray foam insulation has grown some 40% each year during the last decade. Those are impressive product statistics, and vividly show how popular the product has become. Spray foam applications offer a range of equally impressive benefits – its an insulation with the highest R-values; it combines an insulation system with both air and moisture resistance; it contributes to sound reduction and dampening qualities; and it delivers serious energy cost savings over the long term.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon in the insulation industry to encounter installations and applications that are inadequate, and just wrong. You won’t find that at GNI - our installation teams are trained, licensed, certified personnel; the products we sell and install are warrantied by the original manufacturer; and our install staff is fully insured (covered by the WSIB). Above it all, your satisfaction as our customer is guaranteed. So when you’re considering spray foam insulation in Brampton, or in the surrounding suburbs of the GTA, be sure to consider GNI.

We always advise and recommend that consumers choose an insulation provider wisely and carefully in order to prevent potential problems and complications during the installation itself, and after. We want to ensure customer satisfaction with the spray foam products they choose, and we want to promote a high level of professionalism amongst contractors. Finally, as contractors, we want to ensure that the spray foam products we install deliver the long-term benefits that are promised. But in the end, it’s best to be an informed and educated consumer, a consumer who does the necessary research and groundwork, and who makes the very best decisions possible.

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