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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Burlington

Determining if existing insulation materials need to be removed.

Whether or not insulation materials need to be removed will depend on the condition of existing materials. In some cases, aging insulation may require removal if the materials have lost their R-Value. But whatever the reason for removal, there will be cases where urgency may necessitate fast action. Homeowners who are considering insulation removal in Burlington can rely on Great Northern Insulation for a professional approach. GNI experts evaluate the scope of the removal; assess the amount of work required; and recommend options for repairs and re-installation.

There are many reasons why insulation removal may be needed.

Every residential home has unique priorities for insulation removal. Over the years, GNI has come across virtually every type of situation. Sometimes, there’s too little insulation to do a good job. At other times, there’s too much insulation, which blocks ventilation, causing new problems. As well, most attics and roofs are poorly sealed, causing unwanted moisture to collect. In some worst-case situations (like in older homes), existing insulation may be deteriorating. Finally, homes that are extremely old may contain insulation materials with asbestos or vermiculite.

Removing insulation materials while renovating or retrofitting.

It’s very opportune to remove insulation while other renovations or retrofits are being done. If contractor teams can work together, insulation removal can be streamlined. As well, necessary repairs can be undertaken; retrofit work can be included; and new insulation can be installed. This is an ideal opportunity for the GNI team to assess how much insulation has to be removed, and if the new insulation can be installed right over existing materials. What’s most important is for insulation removal to be thorough, clean, and safe, especially when safeguarding residents.

Removing insulation materials demands the experience of a pro.

Most insulation removal jobs are “cleanup” jobs. But it’s still work that demands the experience and proficiency of a professional. Great Northern Insulation uses industrial “cleanup” equipment to thoroughly clean a space and ensure the safest disposal. GNI uses special vacuums to remove and eliminate waste directly into an exterior disposal unit. GNI crews make sure that the site is debris-free and fully ready to install new insulation. Once cleared, the space is sealed airtight; new insulation product is installed; and the ventilation is retrofitted to maximize performance.

For some, a DIY approach to insulation removal may be inviting.

Most home improvement centres offer various DIY options for insulation removal. For GNI, experience shows that a professional approach is a better approach. Insulation removal is quite involved and quite labour-intensive. It will take twice the time for someone without experience. What’s more important is that insulation removal could be a hazardous undertaking, especially for someone without experience. Deteriorating insulation might be contaminated; there may also be mold; there may also be animal residue; and worse - there may be asbestos or vermiculite.

Proper removal of old insulation is required before re-installing.

For insulation removal in Burlington, homeowners can count on Great Northern Insulation for an end-to-end job - from removal, to cleanup, to reinstallation. And while removal and disposal is an essential step, it’s also important to plan for necessary repairs and retrofits. For example, it may be necessary to have an air barrier; it may also be necessary to have a vapour barrier; and finally, it may be necessary to retrofit the ventilation. For GNI, any re-install necessitates proper sealing. It will ensure better performance for the new insulation, and longevity for the installed R-Value.

For GNI, sealing a space airtight is just as essential as insulating.

Whatever the size or layout of a home, air movement has an impact throughout the building. And because moving air carries oxygen, moisture, and pollutants, sealing a space airtight is critical. A properly sealed home manages air movement from outside the house (this is the unconditioned space) to inside the house (this is the conditioned space). Overall, homes that are well sealed and well ventilated will be more energy efficient from season to season. It makes for a “system” that works better all around – proper sealing, effective ventilation, and better performing insulation. 

Today, there are many product options for installing insulation.

For re-installation, the experts at Great Northern Insulation offer a number of product options for customers in Burlington. Blown insulation, by example, is popular for attics and roofs. Available in cellulose or fiberglass, blown insulation products provide satisfactory results where installed. GNI installers blow the product into place, creating a thermal “blanket” that insulates the entirety of the space, including any hard-to-reach spots. With an expert install, blown insulation provides satisfactory R-Value, at a very cost-effective price point. Another product option is fiberglass batt insulation – a good option for the attic and roof, with good R-Value, and good product lifespan.

Attics or basements, GNI routinely recommends the installation of Spray Foam Insulation. This product is widely recognized as the highest performing insulation, with more benefits than other insulation products on the market. SFI can do more with one application than any comparable product. Professionally installed, SFI creates an airtight space that incorporates an air barrier and vapour barrier. SFI has higher R-Values than other products, along with a lifespan that is without comparison. Spray Foam Insulation never needs replacement or replenishment. It’s considered a premium product in terms of project cost, but with very significant dollar savings on energy.

Great Northern Insulation also offers a “hybrid” approach when re-installing new insulation. It’s a combination of two products, with excellent performance results, and a cost-effective price point. At first, the Spray Foam Insulation is installed, followed by one of the blown insulation products (either the fiberglass or the cellulose).  This “hybrid” application provides the best of each product. Short term and long-term results are excellent, and annual energy savings serve to “pay down” the original project cost. With GNI, homeowners in Burlington can be assured of complete job satisfaction, with a manufacturer’s product warranty, and workmanship that’s guaranteed.

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