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Spray Foam Insulation in Toronto

Spray foam insulation (polyurethane foam) is sprayed directly into a wall, floor or ceiling cavity using specially designed application equipment. It presents in a liquid form, and quickly transforms into the dense, hard foam that remains. Two kinds of foam are generally used in the industry – open cell foam (half-pound) and the higher density closed cell foam (two-pound). Open cell foam is a less expensive product, provides a very good air barrier, but does not provide a water vapor barrier. Closed cell foam is denser, provides a very good air barrier and water vapor barrier at the same time. Industry experts across the board agree that these spray foam insulations are far superior to the conventional fiberglass insulations (the fluffy pink batts). And they further support the opinion that the two-pound product does a better job of making the home airtight than any other type of insulation on the market.

If you’re considering spray foam insulation in Toronto, or around the GTA, then Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration. Our installation philosophy is simple: seal it tight and ventilate it right. So for us, spray foam insulation is a product we love to work with. The thing is, sealing without ventilating is just doing half the job - we make sure to eliminate air leakage AND to ensure optimum ventilation - it all adds up to improved energy efficiency, enhanced air quality, and greater home comfort.

Throughout the industry, closed cell spray insulation is considered the highest R-value amongst insulation materials, giving it the best insulation value compared to the others. With spray foam that is properly installed, there are virtually no holes, gaps, or openings where heated or cooled air can escape – its just another great advantage of the product. For Great Northern Insulation, spray foam is the ideal application for new house construction, a major renovation, or even a smaller retrofit, and the new indoor environment serves to improve air quality as well as the performance of HVAC equipment.

At GNI we believe in doing it right the first time. It means fully understanding the challenges of the project, picking and choosing the right product for the job, and finally installing it all according to building standards and codes. That’s exactly why we recommend NOT getting into a DIY project with spray foam. This work is specifically for experts, for those who appreciate the nuances of the product, and who are experienced with the ins and outs of installation. Our installers are those experts, working professionally, wearing the necessary protective gear, and preparing the work area appropriately.

When it comes to cost, closed cell spray foam is probably the most expensive insulation option you can choose. But like everything else that we decide to purchase, we really do get what we pay for, and therefore the price-point should not be the one and only consideration when making a decision. It could be said that spray foam lasts a lifetime, which in itself is a big deal, and the experts in the industry agree that the so-called “pay-back” period is a very reasonable five to seven years. Indeed, the substantial seasonal savings on heating and cooling makes a serious contribution to the benefits of these products. There is little doubt that this is a good time to be thinking long term. Let’s get back to the idea of sealing tight and ventilating right. The amazing and efficient spray foam insulation that you are installing (whichever one you choose) is just not enough on its own – the fact is, every home needs to “breathe”. That’s why we make sure that the home is well ventilated, bringing in fresh air from the outside and clearing stale, indoor air. It makes for proper air circulation, while preventing condensation, and other moisture issues that could lead to mould. We use a variety of heat recovery units and HVAC components to ventilate properly, and when the job is done, we’ve created additional efficiencies that translate into meaningful energy savings.

For GNI, doing it right the first time is not just a company slogan. We specialize in spray foam insulation, and we have the in-depth experience with both product and installation, each of which require a high level of expertise. These spray foam products are chemical compounds, requiring very precise mixing, and very specific application techniques - we are the experts because we do it all the time.

In Canada’s insulation industry, it’s been estimated that the use of spray foam insulation has grown between 30 and 40% every year during the last decade. Those numbers are very impressive, and are directly based on the popularity and appeal of the product - after all, with heating and cooling costs reduced by 40-50%, that’s a noticeable reduction. Spray foam insulation offers it all - super high R-values; exceptional air and moisture resistance; excellent sound dampening features; and money savings for the long term.

Today, the industry is rife with examples of installations that are improper, incorrect, and just plain inadequate. At Great Northern Insulation, we make it our business to operate in a different environment: our installers are specially trained, licensed and certified; the products that we sell and install are warrantied; our manufacturers’ warrantees are sound; our work teams are insured (covered by WSIB); and above all, your satisfaction as our customer is guaranteed. So when considering spray foam insulation in Toronto, and around the various communities of the GTA, make sure to consider GNI. We always encourage consumers to choose a service provider carefully, in an effort to prevent potential problems down the line. Throughout the industry, contractor guidelines and standards are continuously urging customer satisfaction as a priority, and professionalism amongst contractors and their installation teams. Of course, in the end, it’s best for the individual consumer to become informed and educated, someone who does a thorough job of researching and puts in the necessary legwork to understand the task at hand, and to make the wise decisions required.

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