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Attic Insulation in Markham

If you are in the market for attic insulation in Markham, or in any of the suburban communities just north of the GTA, the experts at Great Northern Insulation are worth your consideration.  GNI can give you advice on which insulation option is best for your specific needs, and can undertake the installation of the products that they recommend.  As professionals in the field, they will tell you if additional insulation is even required.  GNI insulates homes the right way, the first time – they offer cost-effective solutions, designed to address your needs and to meet your budget.  The people at GNI want to make sure that insulation challenges are resolved in the short-term, and consequent benefits are realized for the long-term.

The “good old days” are behind us - there was not much need to insulate the home; there was not much regard for the cost of heating; and there was not much thought given to energy savings.  Everyone basically wanted the home to be warm in the winter, and cool in the summer (very few even had air conditioning).  In those days, homes were drafty, and heat distribution throughout the house (and between the upper and lower floors) was completely unbalanced.  There was no reason to consider air circulation or indoor ventilation.  But today, everyone wants complete indoor comfort from season to season - everyone wants the indoors to be cozy and warm during the winter months, and comfortably cool during the summer months.

At GNI, the approach to insulation is comprehensive – every project is viewed as an “insulation system” – a complete system that is viable for the home, efficient in its operation, and effective in delivering results.  We focus on the whole:  on the air barriers that prevent air movement between the inside and the outside; on the proper insulation that covers all cavities, holes and gaps; and on the vapor barriers (polyethylene sheets) that prevent moisture and condensation from collecting.  For us, the comprehensive approach is the only approach – we deliver a home that is sealed well, insulated well, and ventilated well - something the pros refer to as a “truly insulated building envelope”.  As for the homeowner, this total approach to insulating will deliver results:  an HVAC system that works to the max; indoor air quality that is improved and enhanced; and much better performance of the general indoor environment.

When it comes time to decide which product best suits your needs, the people at GNI recommend a measured decision process - this is definitely the time to think long term.  It’s not a time to react, or to hire a local contractor with a panel truck, to simply blow new insulation over existing insulation.  As detailed earlier, insulation is only part of the overall job – there is moisture control to consider; there are ventilation issues to think about; and there is also the general indoor air performance to study.  And then, of course, there is the quality of the installation itself.  Any expert will tell you that a bad install results in reduced R-value throughout.  And it can come from an improper install of the product; from poor coverage of air pockets and spaces; and from inadequate air-sealing that can contribute to unbalanced air movement.

Fiberglass “batt” insulation.

Fiberglass “batt” insulation is a popular option for the attic (these are the fluffy “pink” batts that are promoted every fall and winter).  The “batts” are packaged in rectangular (pre-cut) sections, and are manufactured using fiberglass.  Today, “batts” can also be purchased with content other than fiberglass.  Fiberglass “batts” are an affordable option, relatively easy to install, without the need for special tools or equipment.  The product delivers good R-value and good energy efficiency for the long-term, but installation must be precise, and coverage must be total.  An incomplete, inadequate install will inevitably result in reduced R-values.  The install must be “super-tight” - any leftover gaps will affect the heating/cooling balance throughout the home – and proper air barriers/vapor barriers are a must.

Blown-in insulation.

Blown-in insulation is ideal for the attic.  Cellulose and fiberglass are two common products, each with their own product advantages.  Although both products have comparable R-values, it’s known that cellulose has an R-value slightly higher than fibreglass (R-values are measured per-inch of installed insulation).  Cellulose insulation does have a tendency to settle over time and this settling affects its general insulating value, but over the long term.  According to the manufacturers, the fiberglass insulation product does not settle.  Both of these products are fabricated to be fire resistant after the installation: the cellulose product is chemically treated to be a fire retardant (this is a feature that stops fire from spreading); and the fiberglass product, because it’s made of glass, is a highly fire resistant product by its very nature.

Spray foam insulation. 


Spray foam insulation has turned out to be the best insulation product on the market.  Comprised of polyurethane foam, it can be sprayed directly into an attic (using special equipment), and can be used inside wall cavities, under the floor, even above the ceiling.  Spray foam insulation starts out as a liquid, and quickly turns into hard foam, filling and expanding to cover every nook and cranny.  The two primary spray foam products are “open cell” and “closed cell”.  The “open cell” product is more affordable, provides an excellent air barrier, but not a water vapor barrier.  The “closed cell” product (higher density) is an excellent air barrier and water vapor barrier at one time – its just ideal for attic or the roof.

If you are in the market for attic insulation in Markham, or in any of the suburban communities north of the GTA, Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration.  We offer you only high quality products, and we stand fully behind the manufacturer’s warrantee.  You also have our guarantee on all installations, and our commitment to your complete customer satisfaction.  We always strive to do the job right, the first time, and to ensure that the finished work delivers the optimum results.

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