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Spray Foam Insulation in the GTA

Today, with so many home insulation products on the market, many professional contractors are suggesting spray foam as one of the better options.  Spray foam can offer homeowners a number of product benefits, along with excellent long-term product performance. When compared with other insulating options, nothing comes close to the overall outcomes.  For homeowners who are thinking of insulating with spray foam in the GTA, the experts at Great Northern Insulation offer quality products and installations that will deliver years of home comfort and energy savings.

When it comes to spray foam applications, GNI installation teams are specially trained and highly experienced. For them, spray foam has become a “product-of-choice”, along with other insulation professionals throughout the industry. As an insulation approach, spray foam products are being widely used throughout a building structure - from roofs and attics, to basements and walls, even in cottages and storage spaces. Project outcomes, both short term and long term, are excellent. In short, other insulation products and product combinations come up short when compared.

Building professionals are routinely recommending spray foam as the insulation-of-choice. From new homebuilders to renovation contractors, spray foam has become popular in virtually every segment of construction, including new builds, renovations, and retrofits. Spray foam does more in a single application than anything comparable. Residential or commercial, a spray foam application will ensure optimal energy efficiency in a building, improved energy consumption, and therefore significant dollar savings on heating and cooling costs from one season to the next.  

With a professional install, spray foam applications are truly multi-purpose. A finished space is completely sealed and airtight. Installed R-Values are measurably higher than other insulation products.  And finally, structural strength is enhanced throughout an installation space. For those who are considering spray foam insulation in the GTA, the project costs are well worth the initial investment. Long term, with improved energy efficiencies, the annual savings on utilities actually “pay down” the project cost, allowing for cost-effectiveness and excellent return-on-investment.

Spray foam insulation does more than just insulate a building envelope. The installation provides both an air barrier and vapour barrier, thus preventing air leakage and moisture accumulation. Overall, the HVAC system (heating, air conditioning, and ventilation) operates in better balance and with improved performance. Spray foam continues to be the best approach to resolve energy efficiency issues - like high utility costs; inconsistent heating and cooling; and poorly performing HVAC equipment. Importantly, it’s a project that demands professional installation.

For Great Northern Insulation, spray foam products and installations are highly professional. Simply put, spray foam requires expertise – the chemical compounds need special handling and the application process entails special equipment. And when it comes to application, the spraying requires both precision and uniformity. GNI installers are trained to apply the perfect consistency and density to create a thick envelope throughout a given space. It’s an insulating “blanket” that will endure for years to come, and never need replenishment or replacement (like others). 

Homeowners should understand that a good installation depends entirely on good installers. The GNI team is certified and licensed with spray foam insulation. They prepare every jobsite in order to ensure safety for workers and residents. They use proper safety gear and personal protection while installing. Above all, GNI installs only the highest quality products, along with the highest quality workmanship. Both product and installation are guaranteed, and every effort is made to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. This pertains to every project, regardless of the size/scope.

Customers shopping for insulation in the GTA can rely on Great Northern Insulation to manage their project from end to end. GNI installers do not take unnecessary installation shortcuts. All products are installed based on manufacturer specifications. And most importantly, building codes and local bi-laws are followed. Customers are offered a product warranty, and a company guarantee on workmanship. The aim for GNI is to assure customer satisfaction, so that long-term performance can be guaranteed. Any outstanding issues or problems are effectively dealt with.

While the GNI team highly recommends spray foam, the idea of a do-it-yourself application is very much discouraged. For an amateur homeowner, the DIY approach is full of risk. The truth is, DIY efforts often result in calling in the experts for a rescue. It’s simple to understand – the spray products require skilled handling, the equipment requires expert management, and the spray foam application requires years of experience. In short, there are more reasons not to choose the DIY approach – this is work best handled by professionals who have experience and expertise. 

Homeowners considering spray foam insulation should be aware of the cost prior to installing. This is a premium quality product/installation, but with a project cost that might not suit every budget. Spray foam makes for a good home improvement investment, with a “payback period” that allows the original investment to be amortized over a short period. The application lasts a lifetime, and it doesn’t have to be replenished or replaced. For an astute consumer, this is an investment that can be “paid down” with the dollar savings on seasonal heating and cooling.  

When compared to other home improvements, spray foam insulation makes far more economic sense. For customers considering home insulation, the professionals at GNI can effectively manage the project from end to end. GNI has been in business in the GTA for 35 years plus, and has an established reputation as Canada’s biggest insulation contractor. Residential customers are supplied with the best products on the market, and the best workmanship in the insulation industry. For the experts at GNI, it’s important to do the work right the first time.

Once a project has been completed, GNI makes every effort to resolve any outstanding problems or issues that may arise. Customers are encouraged to report their concerns, after which GNI tries to provide a solution, either immediately, or with a property audit to determine the source and scope of the issue. Technical Service Representatives address the specific issues, and offer appropriate solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

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