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Basement Insulation in the GTA

In North America, the basement has not always been the most comfortable space in the house. In years gone by, the basement was relegated to be the laundry area, and often, the storage area of the house. All of the furnace equipment was located in the basement, and there was sometimes enough space for a hobby area or workshop. In short, basements were dark and damp, without any insulation, and practically no drywall. These days, things are very different – the basement is now a valuable living space, comfortable in summer and winter, and used for various purposes.

For homeowners shopping for basement insulation in the GTA, the primary objective is to make the basement a more comfortable space, and therefore more functional. While the laundry area and furnace equipment may remain unchanged, the idea is to make the basement family-friendly. Properly insulated, a basement of any size will be substantially more comfortable in winter and summer. And improved comfort means more usability, whether it’s a self-contained home office, a fully equipped in-law suite, or one of those media rooms that the whole family can experience.

Properly insulating the basement is all about installing quality products, professionally. For the most part, the priority is home comfort – but a properly insulated basement actually provides far more benefits. First of all, energy efficiency throughout the home is dramatically boosted. Second, seasonal energy consumption is measurably decreased (including winter heating and summer cooling). Finally, because of increased efficiency, the utility bills are reduced, making for annual savings year after year. Needless to say, quality products and installation make for better results.

A basement insulation project will benefit greatly from a professional approach – in other words, a contractor who fully understands the products and installation methods. Beyond that, experts can suggest the best plan of action for the homeowner, a project approach that will deliver the best return-on-investment. While it’s true that a do-it-yourself approach might be appealing in terms of saving money, the best project outcomes are achieved when the work is done right from day one - by professionals who have the experience and expertise to guarantee the best results. 

For homeowners considering basement insulation in the GTA, it’s important to understand the nature of the project. Insulating the basement is different than other home improvements. Many home upgrades are aesthetic in their purpose, like washroom and kitchen renovations. They do offer significant benefits, but mostly the results are cosmetic. But with basement insulation, there are long-term dollar savings, especially when high performance products are installed.  A well-insulated basement will cut utility bills with savings that can actually offset the installation cost.

A well-insulated basement will boost energy efficiency

Like any other home project, basement insulation depends heavily on a quality approach for the best results. A job well done will improve home energy efficiency, and will reduce energy usage. Long term, heating and cooling costs will be reduced.

The professional approach is the cost-effective approach

With a professional approach to installation, energy savings are practically guaranteed. It makes for a basement insulation project that is cost effective, based on ongoing dollar savings. In fact, the savings will “pay down” the original project costs.

Actual savings depend on the amount of insulation work

Since every house is different, the amount of insulation work performed will have a bearing on energy savings. Clearly, the size and layout of the house will have a bearing. And, naturally, the quality of product and installation will have a bearing.

The basement space must be prepared before insulating

A basement must be checked for water entry problems before any other work commences. If any remediation is required, this should be handled professionally - repairs and/or restoration must be completed well before any insulation work commences.

The building code must be considered when insulating

With basement insulation, building codes differ from region to region, and are based on the scope of work. This is precisely why a professional contractor would be valuable in assessing the job, advising on code, and installing based on the building code.

Awkward spaces in the basement must be insulated

Most every basement will have a few awkward spaces that require insulation. These are difficult to insulate using conventional products, although Spray Foam Insulation has proven itself to be very effective in sealing and insulating those unique spaces.

For the professionals, basement insulation demands expertise. Professionals have the required product knowledge to recommend what’s best for a basement. Today, many installers are opting for Spray Foam Insulation, a product that delivers better long-term results than any comparable installation. Indeed, SFI is regarded as a product that delivers the best overall performance.

While insulating the basement, homeowners are deciding to insulate the floor as well. Here, SFI is sprayed into an open floor, and then covered with concrete. It’s the ultimate insulation approach, but not suitable for every budget. What’s most important, however, are the basement walls.  Here again, a professional can suggest the best options for sealing and insulating the walls effectively.

By any definition, basement insulation is about boosting the energy efficiency of the home. As such, many industry professionals are installing Spray Foam Insulation. The installation serves to seal a space airtight; provide very substantial R-Value; stop undesirable air leakage; and prevent moisture from collecting. Best of all, the SFI product does it all in one single application.

As a premium product, SFI may not be suited to every budget. This is why the experts at Great Northern Insulation often recommend a “hybrid” installation for homeowners. It’s an installation that combines Spray Foam Insulation with another insulating product in a dual application.  The project results have proven to be excellent, long lasting, and extremely cost-effective.

For most basement insulation projects, it’s the professional touch that will deliver better results long term. This is work that’s worth doing right the first time, with high performance products and high quality installation work. Importantly, the energy savings going forward will make the project well worthwhile.

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