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Attic Insulation in Woodbridge

When you’ve decided that the time is right to insulate your attic, there are some important things to consider.  For instance, it’s very important to choose the right product to insulate the attic.  And it’s equally important to choose the right contracting company for the job itself.  Finally, it’s important to understand the job at hand, and the challenges that are posed.  As far as choosing the contractor, it’s important to shop around and decide on a company with an established reputation for quality and service – it will make a meaningful difference in project outcomes.

If you find yourself shopping for attic insulation in Woodbridge, a contractor like Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration.  We are regarded as Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor, and for good reason.  We sell quality products; we install with expertise; and our brand of customer service is unrivalled in the industry.  Most importantly, we want our customers to be well informed.  We want them to understand the nature of their project, and we want them to make informed decisions throughout the life of their project.

Every season, and especially during the winter, we are bombarded with advertising and promotion for attic insulation products.  Every manufacturer tells us their product is the best product.  And every contractor tells us their service is the best.  After all the marketing, we are often left with more questions than answers.  That’s why its important to hire a contractor who can answer all of those outstanding questions, and make viable recommendations that pertain specifically to your needs and priorities.  After all, you’re the customer.

Hiring an experienced and well-established company like Great Northern Insulation can make a big difference.  The installation teams at GNI offer a lot, working with each customer from the start of a project to the end.  We make certain to address the specific requirements of your job, and we focus on providing viable solutions.  And regardless of project size, we do the job right the first time.  It means performing a top-notch installation that satisfies customer needs, and it means providing measurable, long-term benefits at the same time.

With GNI, every attic insulation job is comprehensive – we begin with a thorough attic assessment; we follow up with an in-depth report; and finally, we present viable recommendations.  We only recommend the insulation product (or combination of products) that suits the project, and resolves the challenges at hand.  And we always consider the customer’s budget when suggesting products and installations.  In short, when you contract Great Northern Insulation, you’re in good hands from the very start of the project until the end.

As a GNI customer, you can be sure of an installation that will incorporate quality products with superior workmanship.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority - we provide a manufacturer’s warranty on the products we install and our company guarantee on work performed.  In the event of a problem, we are committed to resolve it promptly.  In the event that repairs are required, we are committed to a solution that meets industry standards.  For attic insulation in Woodbridge, or in the communities north of Toronto, you can rely on GNI to meet your expectations.

The GNI approach to attic insulation always begins with sealing up the space.  Throughout the attic, we seal up every hole and gap so that the space is airtight.  We do this prior to installing insulation. It’s the best way to ensure a finished insulated space that will deliver long-term energy savings, and enhanced comfort throughout the home.  It’s also our way of doing it right the first time.  We create a complete “system” – a system that is well sealed, well ventilated, and well insulated – and probably the best reason to hire Great Northern Insulation to insulate your attic.

When it comes time to choose an attic insulation product that’s right for the job, there are many options.  But most professionals in the industry are choosing spray foam insulation as their product of choice.  From one end of the country to the other, the spray foam product is recognized as the best product on the market – it delivers the most benefits, it has the best R-Value available, and the long-term results are unrivalled.  Generically known in the business as polyurethane foam, this product has quickly become a favorite at Great Northern Insulation.

Spray foam insulation is applied throughout the attic using special equipment, which allows the thick liquid to spread out evenly, and harden into a dense layer of insulation.  Properly installed, the attic space is coated completely – all of the wooden crossbeams; all of the plumbing and ductwork; and all exposed electric wiring.  The result is a dense layer of insulation with very high R-Value per square foot.  But there’s more – the envelope of foam also serves as a barrier that is impenetrable to both air and moisture – it’s the most effective way to insulate the attic.

Another product worth considering for the attic is blown-in insulation.  It’s an affordable option that will suit most every budget.  Available in two variations, fiberglass or cellulose, the blown-in product is “fluffy” in nature, and is designed to restrict the airflow in the attic.  It makes for an efficient insulator.  Blown-in insulation is treated to resist fire, mold, and rodents – it’s therefore an ideal product for the attic.  When expertly applied, and uniformly dispersed, this product can be applied on top of existing insulation, creating a “thermal blanket” with excellent R-value.

For optimum results overall, Great Northern Insulation favors a “hybrid” approach for insulating the attic.  This is an installation that combines the spray foam product and the blown-in product in one application.  Depending on the scope of the project, GNI installers would decide on either spray foam PLUS fiberglass blown-in, OR spray foam PLUS cellulose blown-in.  The spray foam application serves as a sealer and insulator, while the blown-in insulation provides the great dollar value.  GNI routinely recommends this “hybrid” approach for optimum long-term results.

At GNI, we believe that an attic insulation project requires a professional approach.  And while home improvement centers regularly promote a DIY approach, we regularly discourage it.  We just believe that the products and installation are best left to the experts who have the skill, experience and proficiency to deliver the best results. 

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