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Attic Insulation in Etobicoke

In the “good old days”, there wasn’t much need to insulate our homes; there wasn’t much thought given to the high cost of heating; and there wasn’t a particular need to consider household energy usage or savings.  Homeowners just wanted the inside of the home to be warm in the winter, and relatively cool in the summer (most people didn’t have AC of any sort).  People lived in homes that were quite drafty, with uneven heat distribution between the upper floors of the house and the lower floors, and with little concern for air circulation.  Today, everyone wants complete seasonal comfort – we all want our indoor spaces to be warm during the winter months, and cool throughout the hot summer months.

So if you’re currently in the market for attic insulation in Etobicoke, or in any of the communities west of the GTA, consider the people at Great Northern Insulation as your insulation specialists.  The pros at GNI can advise you as to which insulation is best for your needs, and can install all the products that they suggest.  They’ll even tell you if insulation is really required.  GNI professionals insulate your home to the max - with cost-effective solutions that are designed to address your specific needs and meet your required budget.  We want to ensure that your insulation issues are fully resolved, and that the long-term benefits will be realized.

The GNI approach is to tackle each insulation project as a complete insulation system, and to make that system viable, efficient and effective.  We focus on everything:  on the air barriers that prevent the movement of inside and outside air; on insulating all of the cavities, holes, gaps and cracks; on the vapor barriers (polyethylene sheeting) that prevent moisture penetration and condensation; and on the insulation products that deliver the best results for the short term, and the best return on investment for the long term.  For GNI, the comprehensive approach is the only approach - a home that is well sealed, well insulated, and well ventilated.  It’s all-inclusive - something the professionals like to call a “true insulated building envelope”.  And for the homeowner, this kind of approach delivers results:  a balanced HVAC system; improved indoor air quality; and better overall performance of the indoor environment.

When it comes to finally deciding how best to insulate, the people at GNI encourage a thoughtful process that is measured - after all, this is a time to think long term.  This is not a time to hire a local contractor with a pickup truck, who will simply install new insulation over existing insulation.  As mentioned prior, insulating is only one part of the entire job - there’s the aspect of moisture control; there are air circulation and ventilation issues; and there’s the overall indoor air performance to think about.  And that’s without mentioning the quality of the installation.  On that account, a bad install always results in reduced R-values.  It comes from improperly installing the actual product; it comes from lousy coverage of air pockets and leftover spaces; and it comes from poor air-sealing methods that contribute to uncontrolled air movement.

Fiberglass “batt” insulation (also known as pink fiberglass).

Fiberglass “batt” insulation has always been a popular option for attic insulation (they are heavily promoted during the fall).  The “batts” come in convenient, pre-cut sections, and are usually manufactured from fiberglass, although today the “batts” are available in other compositions.  The fiberglass “batts” are an affordable insulation product, easy to install, and delivering acceptable R-values and energy efficiencies over the long-term.  But the installation must be executed with expertise and the final coverage must be absolute - if not, an incomplete or inadequate installation will result in reduced insulation values.  Installation must be “super-tight” - leftover gaps will have an affect on the heating/cooling balance throughout the home.  In this respect, proper air barriers and vapor barriers are also a must.

Blown-in insulation made of cellulose or fiberglass.

Blown insulation is always a great option in the attic.  Cellulose and fiberglass are the two most common blown insulation products, each with its own range of product advantages.  Both products are well suited for the attic, and both have very similar insulation values.  It’s agreed, however, that cellulose has an R-value slightly higher than fibreglass (the R-values are measured per-inch of installation).  Cellulose insulation settles over time and therefore has an affect on its general insulating value.  Fiberglass insulation, say the manufacturers, doesn’t settle.  Both of the products are designed to be fire resistant: cellulose is treated to perform as a fire retardant (which stops the spread of a fire); and fiberglass, since it’s made primarily of glass, is highly fire resistant by its nature.

Spray foam insulation - the best insulation product. 

Spray foam insulation has built a reputation as the best insulation in the market.  It’s composed of polyurethane foam, sprayed directly into the attic, and is routinely used inside walls, under floors, and above ceilings.  The product is sprayed out as a liquid, transforms into hard foam, and expands to fill the intended cavity.  The two common spray foam products are “open cell” and “closed cell” (a higher density composition).  The “open cell” product is less expensive, and provides an excellent air barrier, but not a water vapor barrier.  The “closed cell” product is an excellent air barrier AND water vapor barrier at the same time, which makes it ideal for attic and roof.

If you are currently in the process of shopping for attic insulation in Etobicoke, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering for both insulation products and expert installation.  We offer the highest quality products available, stand behind each manufacturer’s product warrantee, and always guarantee our installations.  We do every job right, the first time, and we do it completely:  with appropriate air sealing and draft proofing; with vapour barriers that perform; and with the installation of air vents and air exhausts that ensure optimum ventilation and circulation.

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