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Spray Foam Insulation in Burlington

For insulation professionals across the country, spray foam insulation has emerged as the best product on the market today.  Indeed, when spray foam is compared to other products, it rises above the rest with better features and better results.  So if you’re in the market for spray foam insulation in Burlington, or in any of the surrounding municipalities, this might be a good time to have a look at Great Northern Insulation.  GNI is very well established in the region, and has proven itself as a reliable and trustworthy contractor.

At GNI, our focus is on delivering 100% customer satisfaction.  We stand behind all of the products that we sell and install, and our approach remains simple and straightforward:  we seal it tight and ventilate it right.  When we install spray foam insulation, every project is professionally managed and executed by the best installers in the business.  When a project is complete, nothing really compares with the excellent performance of the spray foam product.  For GNI, spray foam insulation has become the “product of choice”, and with results to match.

New homebuilders, independent contractors, and even renovators are realizing that spray foam is just a better insulating product.  It’s also known as polyurethane foam, and at GNI, it’s commonly recommended for new building construction, major renovations, and even retrofits.  Our experience with spray foam indicates that the product has numerous benefits.  It seals a given cavity better than anything else; it provides higher R-values than anything else; and it provides additional structural strength to spaces where it’s applied.  Nothing else compares.

For large, expansive areas, it’s hard to find a better-suited insulating product than spray foam.  This is the ultimate insulation product for very large cavities like the attic, roof, or inside a wall.  And when properly installed, the application totally envelops the given space.  Every hole, crack and crevice is completely sealed, and all of the hard-to-reach spots are thoroughly coated.  When complete, the finished application is impervious to moisture and air – the whole purpose of sealing and insulating.  The final coating also eliminates the need for a vapor barrier.

By any definition, spray foam insulation should be installed professionally.  The compounds are sprayed into an area with a special nozzle, and the thick liquid foam is allowed to spread evenly throughout.  The foam insulation expands into place, and hardens into a super-dense layer of insulation.  But this application provides more than just insulating qualities.  Energy efficiency throughout the building structure is improved.  Air circulation and air quality are enhanced.  And HVAC equipment performs to capacity as everything is now better balanced.

GNI installs spray foam insulation as an integral part of a whole “system”.  As such, the “system” contributes to a host of benefits:  lowering heating and cooling costs; balancing heating and cooling cycles from season to season; and markedly improving the performance of the HVAC unit.  But regardless how good the product, spray foam will perform to its full potential ONLY when properly applied and installed.  And that’s precisely why GNI believes that an expert should be performing the install - someone who understands the product and the installation.

If you’re currently shopping around for spray foam insulation in Burlington, or in any of the neighboring towns and communities, Great Northern Insulation has the expert installers for your project.  Our teams are trained and experienced, with many years of industry expertise.  They follow the local by-laws - they observe building and construction codes; and they install according to manufacturer’s guidelines.  Our customers are provided with the manufacturer’s warranty, and regardless of job size, we always maintain the highest level of customer service.

From our professional point of view, we cannot over-state the significance of a professional installation.  GNI installers are licensed and certified, and they understand the challenges of every job.  They properly prepare and organize the worksite; they follow product specifications during the installation; they make use of safety gear and protective wear; and they safeguard the occupants and/or residents.  This is just another way of doing the job right the first time – and it’s a business philosophy that delivers the best results, without compromise.

GNI routinely recommends products that will suit a customer’s requirements.  And because we avidly believe in the spray foam insulation product, we will recommend for new construction; for renovations; and for retrofitting.  At the same time, we will usually discourage a customer from turning spray foam into a “do-it-yourself” project.  This is not the time for a DIY effort.   The installation requires specialized equipment, and the product itself must be handled with expertise.  Application can be complex, and should be managed by those with training and skill.

There has been incredible growth in spray foam usage in recent years (about 40% per year) and the product has become a favorite of professionals nationwide.  And even though spray foam insulation is expensive, even a basic “cost-benefit” analysis shows it to be a worthwhile investment.  The fact is, we get what we pay for, and spray foam insulation is very much a premium product.  Over the long term, the benefits are clear:  the coverage will last a lifetime; there is no need to replace or replenish; and the payback is impressive (from 2 to 7 years).

Today, many of our customers are focused on energy efficiency.  As such, sealing and insulation have also gained focus, which is why spray foam insulation has quickly become the so-called  “go to” product for so many professionals.  If you are in the process of shopping for spray foam insulation in Burlington, or in any of the surrounding communities, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  We have become Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor during the last three decades, and are recognized as a leader in home comfort.  And because we specialize in spray foam insulation, you can be sure that your install will be expertly managed and fully guaranteed.  We’ll show you how a quality product, along with a quality installation, can make a real difference.

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