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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Oakville

It’s important to determine if existing insulation has to be removed entirely.

The decision to remove insulation from a given space will depend mainly on the condition of the material. Homes with aging insulation, for example, might require removal if the materials have lost their integrity. And while there may be many good reasons for removal, some may require more urgency and fast action. For homeowners considering insulation removal in Oakville, Great Northern Insulation can provide a professional approach with guaranteed results. GNI evaluates the scope of removal; assesses any repair work; and recommends options for re-installation.

There are a variety of reasons for removing old residential home insulation.

Every home has a unique set of circumstances when it comes to insulation removal. GNI has seen virtually every type of circumstance. There may be too little insulation to deliver performance. There may be too much insulation, causing ventilation to be compromised. And finally, there may be a situation where a space is either poorly sealed or not sealed at all. In worst-case situations, (like many of the older homes), installed insulation may be starting to deteriorate. Even worse, there are homes that still have home insulation materials that contain asbestos or vermiculite.

When renovating or retrofitting, it’s a very good time to remove insulation.

One of the best times to remove insulation is while other home renovations or retrofits are being expedited. When contractor crews can work in tandem, insulation removal can be both efficient and streamlined. In fact, repairs can be easily undertaken; retrofitting can be incorporated; and new insulation product can be installed. For GNI, it’s an ideal time to assess how much insulation should be removed, how much insulation can be saved, and if new insulation product can be installed on top of existing materials. Whatever the case, insulation removal must be thorough.

Removing old insulation materials needs the experience of a professional.

In general, insulation removal is a “cleanup”. But it’s work that requires experience and expertise from a professional. At Great Northern Insulation, crews use industrial “cleanup” tools to clean a space thoroughly, while ensuring safe disposal of the waste. GNI uses industrial vacuum units to remove waste materials completely, and eliminate those materials through an exterior disposal system. Crews ensure that the worksite is debris-free and well prepared to install new insulation. Once clear, the space can be sealed airtight, allowing for new insulation product to be installed.

Some homeowners find the DIY approach to insulation removal appealing.

When it comes to insulation removal, there are various DIY options offered through local home improvement centres. For GNI, however, past experience shows that a professional touch is much preferred. Insulation removal can get quite involved, and in most cases, the work is laborious. It will take an amateur twice as long as a professional. As well, insulation removal can be hazardous and may pose risks for someone without the right experience. In fact, deteriorated insulation may be contaminated. There may even be mold or animal waste. And worse - there may be asbestos.

Properly removing old insulation is essential before doing a re-installation.

For insulation removal in Oakville, local homeowners can count on the experts at Great Northern Insulation for the complete job - removal, cleanup, and reinstallation. And while proper removal remains essential to the process, it’s equally important to plan for any repairs or retrofitting. For instance, an air barrier may be required; or, it may be necessary to provide a vapour barrier; or, there may be a need to retrofit the existing ventilation. Above all, a reinstallation by GNI will include sealing. Sealing the space will ensure the performance of the newly installed insulation.

For Great Northern Insulation, sealing a space is as relevant as insulating.

Regardless of the size of a home, air movement has an impact on the indoor environment. Air carries oxygen, moisture, and pollutants throughout the home, and a well sealed home allows air movement to be much better managed. Homes that are properly sealed and properly ventilated provide much improved energy efficiencies from one season to the next. The GNI team therefore creates a working “system” that incorporates effective air sealing, appropriate ventilation, and quality insulation. In this way, the “system” can deliver maximum efficiency and performance.  

When it comes to reinstalling insulation, there are many product options.

When it comes to reinstalling insulation, Great Northern Insulation can offer various options for customers in Oakville. One option is blown insulation, which is popular for both attics and roofs. This product is available in cellulose or fiberglass, and provides satisfactory outcomes wherever installed. GNI install teams will blow this product into a given space, and lay down a so-called thermal “blanket”. The application provides satisfactory thermal insulation (R-Value), along with a cost-effective price point. Another reinstallation option would be fiberglass batt insulation, also good for attics and roofs, with good R-Value when installed, and reliable product lifespan.

For many residential applications, GNI will recommend Spray Foam Insulation. SFI is recognized as a high performance insulation that has more product benefits than anything comparable. SFI will do more with a single application than any insulation product on the market today. When it’s professionally installed, SFI makes a space completely airtight, incorporating an air barrier and vapour barrier simultaneously. The finished space has far higher R-Value than other insulation products, and a lifespan that is without compare. Spray Foam Insulation will not need topping up, replacement, or replenishment. It’s a high premium product and installation in terms of cost.

Another option from Great Northern Insulation is the “hybrid” approach. It’s a very cost-effective installation that combines two products, both of which deliver good performance. First, the Spray Foam Insulation is applied. Then, one of the two blown insulation products is installed (either the fiberglass product or the cellulose).  The “hybrid” approach allows for excellent short term and long-term outcomes, with substantial energy savings as a result. The annual dollar savings can easily “pay down” the original project investment. For homeowners in Oakville, GNI guarantees complete customer satisfaction, supported by a reliable manufacturer’s product warranty.

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