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Attic Insulation in Vaughan

If its time to insulate the attic, and if you’re looking for attic insulation in Vaughan, Ontario, then you have a couple important decisions to make.  You’ll have to choose the right product for the job, and you’ll have to choose the right contractor to do the job.  In deciding on the right product, it’s important to understand the challenges of your particular job.  And in choosing the right contractor, it’s important to find a company that is reliable and reputable.  At Great Northern Insulation, we encourage customers to be well informed, primarily because it allows for better decision-making.  GNI is Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor - we sell and install quality products; our workmanship is superior; and our commitment to customer service is unequaled in the business.

Attic insulation products are advertised, marketed and promoted every season.  Manufacturers push their products and insist that they are the best.  Independent contractors and renovators push their services, and also insist that they are the best.   In the end, with all the information, we are usually more confused and more uncertain on which direction to go.  But when you contract a well-established company like Great Northern Insulation, the trust and reliability factor can make all the difference.  There’s a lot to be said for GNI – our installers work with each customer from start to finish; we address each customer’s needs, and the unique requirements of the project; and above all, we focus on providing solutions and results.

The team at Great Northern Insulation is focused on doing the job right the first time.  We begin a project with an attic assessment, followed by a status report, followed by recommendations.  The GNI team recommends products (or product combinations) that are deemed to solve the insulation issues at hand.  Product and install recommendations also consider the customer’s budget.  At GNI, we believe that sealing tight is an essential component of every insulation project.  In practice, it means that all openings, holes and gaps are sealed tight, regardless of which insulation product will be used.  This approach results in an insulated space that brings long term results in terms of home comfort and energy savings.    It’s what we consider a thorough and comprehensive installation.

Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority for Great Northern Insulation.  We provide the manufacturer’s product warranty when an installation is complete, and we guarantee our products and our work.  In the event of a problem, we do our best to resolve it promptly, and if a repair or replacement is necessary, we will commit to a solution that meets the industry standard.  For attic insulation in Vaughan, or in the suburban communities just north of the GTA, the team at GNI can provide the same kind of professionalism for you.  When you hire Great Northern Insulation, you’ll be in good hands from the moment we start until the end of the job.  We’ll provide you with top quality products, a superior installation, and a customer service approach that is unparalleled.

With respect to choosing an insulation product for the job, more and more professionals are making spray foam insulation their first choice.  It’s being recognized as the best product available, and the one that provides the most benefits and the best results.  Generically it’s polyurethane foam.  The product is sprayed into the attic with special equipment, and materializes into a thick liquid, which quickly hardens into a solid, dense layer of insulation.  When applied properly, the attic is totally coated from corner to corner.  The foam envelops everything, including the wooden crossbeams, plumbing, ductwork, and all exposed wiring.  The super-dense layer of insulation provides an exceptional R-value to the attic space, and acts as an impenetrable air and moisture barrier.

Blown-in insulation is another product worth considering for the attic.  This is an affordable option that would suit any budget.  It’s available in two different compositions - fiberglass or cellulose, each with its own attributes.  The product is designed to be “fluffy” in its composition, so it restricts airflow, which is what makes it an effective attic insulator.  Blown-in products are treated to resist fire, mold, mildew, insects and rodents – it’s therefore an ideal product for a space like the attic.  Using special equipment, the insulation is blown throughout the attic and dispersed consistently and uniformly.  This is a product that can be applied on top of existing insulation, providing the insulation is clean and uncontaminated.  And it provides a “thermal blanket” with superb R-values.

For the installation teams at Great Northern Insulation, a “hybrid” approach to attic insulation is the favored approach.  A “hybrid” approach is one that combines two products:  one is the spray foam product, and the second is the blown-in product.  Depending on the attic project, GNI installers will choose either spray foam PLUS fiberglass blown-in – OR – spray foam PLUS cellulose blown-in.  The combination approach is recognized as the best option for a space like the attic.  It’s because each product provides benefits - the spray foam product is the sealer and insulator, while the blown-in product delivers good value per square foot.  In attics that require complete removal of insulation, GNI would recommend the “hybrid” approach.  The existing insulation is carefully removed, and the combination of products is then installed.  It makes for a comprehensive application – with quality products, properly installed, and delivering optimum results and benefits over the long term.

In recent years, home centers have been promoting the do-it-yourself approach to insulation.  But at GNI, we maintain that a professional installation is the preferable approach.  GNI believes that the unique products and the specialized installations are best left to the experts who have the right experience.  These installations demand skill and proficiency for best results.  And GNI installers do it right the first time - they create a “system” that is complete - a “system” that is well sealed, well ventilated, and well insulated.  Its one of the best reasons to hire Great Northern Insulation as your insulation contractor.

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