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Spray Foam Insulation in Richmond Hill

For many insulation professionals across the country, spray foam insulation is fast becoming their preferred product of choice.  Generically, the product is polyurethane foam, and is quite simply considered a better product when compared to the others.  The benefits are evident.  Spray foam insulation does a superior job of sealing an area; it provides much better R-value than comparable products; and it adds structural strength to the area where it’s applied.  The team at Great Northern Insulation recommends spray foam insulation because there’s no better product on the market that can compare.

There is consensus throughout the industry about spray foam.  When compared with similar insulating products (or combination of products), spray foam climbs to the top.  If you are currently shopping around for insulation, and if you are considering spray foam insulation in Richmond Hill, then Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration.  We are very well established in the region, and have a straight-up approach to installation - we seal it tight, and we ventilate it right.  For us, it’s the combination of sealing and ventilating that contributes to a job that is complete and comprehensive.

We’ve been in business for years, so we often hear contractors and homeowners ask if the spray foam insulation product is right for their particular project.  Invariably, we answer YES most every time.  We believe that spray foam insulation, when installed as part of a complete insulating “system”, is the best approach.  And the results, over and over again, confirm the effectiveness of the product.  When a proper installation is performed, a number of issues are resolved at the same time - high heating and/or cooling costs; imbalances in heat and/or cool cycles; and under-performance of HVAC equipment.

In recent years, for many professionals in the industry, spray foam insulation has become the ultimate insulating product.  It’s an ideal application for large, expansive areas like an attic, a roof cavity, or inside a wall – and best of all, the coverage is absolute.   During an application, foam insulation is sprayed out of a special nozzle, and is allowed to spread out as a thick liquid.  It quickly expands and then hardens into a dense coating.  When installation is complete, the entire application area is totally covered, including all of those hard-to-reach spaces.  More importantly, the final coating is impervious to air and moisture.

An expert installation of spray foam will eliminate the need for a separate vapor barrier.  This is both time saving and cost saving, and it’s because the insulating layer is so impervious, it acts as its own vapor barrier.  But the application provides additional benefits: energy efficiency is improved throughout the space; indoor air circulation is optimized, which enhances air quality; and HVAC equipment is allowed to operate to potential.  The home (or building) is “breathing” properly, and everything is working in better balance.  In the longer term, lower utility bills are realized from one season to another.

With the spray foam insulation product, proper installation is key.  In the Richmond Hill area, Great Northern Insulation is a leading contractor, with installers who are trained, proficient and experienced.  With many years of project experience, our installers adhere to established building and construction codes; they obey the local by-laws; and they install according to the manufacturer’s product specifications.  As a contractor, GNI stands behind everything that is sold and installed, and provides the manufacturer’s warranty additionally.  For us, we want to do it right the first time, regardless of the size or scope of the job.

Beyond the experience and expertise of working with spray foam insulation, we want to make sure that we are doing a complete job.  We make sure to understand the full extent of the job, and the built-in challenges.  We also want to recommend the right product for the job – the one that best suits the customer’s needs.  And in most every case, we will discourage a customer from making a spray foam installation into a so-called do-it-yourself project.  The fact is, spray foam insulation is a job for the experts, for those who appreciate the nuances of the product, and the special nature of an installation.

Spray foam insulation was actually developed in the 1960s, and was used for the most part in industrial applications.  It was an exceptional insulating product, and was used to seal freezers, coolers, and even cold rooms.  Over the years, the product was improved and morphed, and has become the excellent foam insulation product we use today.  Professional installers throughout the industry are in agreement that spray foam is the very best for sealing and insulating large cavities like attics and roofs.  And at GNI, we readily recommend the product for new home construction, retrofit projects, and renovations (both residential and commercial).  

But we cannot overstate the importance of a proper installation.  No product on the market will perform to its full potential if not properly installed.  Nor will it perform without following the manufacturer’s specifications.  GNI installers are experts in their field – they are licensed and certified; they prepare the worksite appropriately; they make use of the proper safety gear and protective attire; and they always take the necessary precautions to safeguard residents and occupants.  Its our approach to project management, and reinforces our philosophy of doing the job right the first time.

In recent industry statistics, the popularity of spray foam insulation shows exponential growth (about 40% a year during the last decade).  It has gained this popularity because it has clearly proven itself as a product with countless benefits.  And although spray foam insulation is more costly than other products, the “cost-benefit” calculation makes it a worthwhile investment.  It’s a premium product, with premium benefits:  it lasts a lifetime - it doesn’t need replacement – it doesn’t need replenishment - and it has a reasonable “pay-back” of 2 to 7 years.  Indeed, the cost savings on energy consumption will amortize the upfront cost over the long term.

If you’re shopping for spray foam insulation in Richmond Hill, or in the suburban communities north of the GTA, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering.  And when you do decide to become a customer, we’ll quickly show you how we do the job right, the first time.

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