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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Thornhill

Insulation removal should begin with a good inspection.

Proper insulation removal begins with a good inspection. In older homes, existing insulation may be performing poorly, or may already be deteriorating. A good inspection of the space will reveal the quality of existing materials, and the extent of removal that may be required. Homeowners considering insulation removal in Thornhill can rely on Great Northern Insulation for a complete package of services. GNI starts with an inspection; proposes a removal plan for the old insulation; and offers viable options for new insulation product, including re-insulating the space.

Insulation removal work varies, depending on the home.

Insulation removal varies with each home, and the professionals at GNI have seen it all. In many cases, the project is problem-free. In some cases, there are problems to tackle. And in some cases, there are hazards. As well, most homes require some level of repair or retrofit, particularly prior to re-insulation. The truth is, most homes need improvement to airtightness and/or ventilation. When left unattended, these types of deficiencies will negatively affect a home’s energy efficiency - and that’s a formula for wasting energy with winter heating and summer cooling.

Removing insulation during a renovation can save cash.

Removing insulation during a renovation can be money saving. When contractors are organized, work can be better streamlined, and money can be saved. GNI has a systematic approach to insulation removal. First, a thorough inspection is undertaken. Next, GNI establishes how much insulation will be removed, and how much can be salvaged. Finally, there’s a plan for re-installing new insulation. For the GNI team, the intention is to enhance overall energy efficiency – this will serve to reduce seasonal energy consumption, and will consequently save on utilities.

Insulation removal requires the skills of a professional.

Everything considered, insulation removal is best left to a professional. The work is beyond the skill level of a typical homeowner. GNI professionals are highly trained and skilled with this type of work. They use very powerful vacuuming systems, and safely dispose of insulation waste. Once the removal work and disposal are complete, GNI prepares the space for new insulation. This step includes any repairs or retrofits that may be required to meet standards and codes. The aim here is to optimize the space so that the newly installed insulation will perform at peak.

When the budget is tight, a DIY method may be inviting.

With a tight budget, a DIY approach to insulation removal may be an inviting option. However, homeowners with little expertise will find the DIY approach to be demanding, time-consuming and challenging. An amateur will work twice as long as an expert to accomplish the same amount of work. More than that, insulation removal can be risky. The old materials may be contaminated. There could be some leftover asbestos, or mold deposits. Whatever the circumstances, insulation removal is best left to the professionals – those who have relevant experience and expertise.

Repairs or retrofits may be needed before re-insulating.

For homeowners in Thornhill, Ontario, GNI offers insulation removal services from end to end. Repair work and retrofits meet all building code requisites. Newly installed insulation product is the best on the market, and every project is professionally managed. The fact is, GNI does it all - from upgrading the existing ventilation, to installing an air barrier/vapour barrier. And when it comes to air sealing, this is a priority for GNI. Air sealing will ensure an airtight space, which will serve to maximize overall energy efficiency, while substantially reducing energy consumption.

Air sealing maximizes the energy efficiency in the home.

In virtually every home, indoor air movement affects the indoor space. Homes that are properly air-sealed manage indoor air movement better. These homes have better air circulation, better indoor air quality, and better energy efficiencies. For the team at GNI, improving a home’s energy efficiency depends on an effective “system” – it’s a “system” where airtightness, ventilation, and insulation work together to improve overall energy efficiencies. In turn, this reduces energy use, and contributes to substantial savings on winter heating and summer cooling costs.

GNI installs brand name, top-rated insulation products.

For customers in Thornhill, GNI offers brand name, top-rated insulation products. One option is blown insulation, a good product for the attic, where a “thermal blanket” provides a good level of R-Value. It’s a cost effective install, and available in either fiberglass or cellulose. Another product option for the attic is fiberglass batt insulation. This popular installation provides good lifespan and good R-Value. Both product options deliver satisfactory results when expertly installed.

For customers who favour a high performance insulation product, the best option is Spray Foam Insulation. One application of SFI does it all. The product effectively seals a space airtight; creates an air barrier and vapour barrier in one; and provides high R-Values. A professional application of Spray Foam Insulation will outperform and outlast the others. This is an application that won’t require any topping up in future, and will never need any replenishing or replacement.

One of the more cost effective insulation approaches is the “hybrid”. This approach combines two separate products into one install. First, Spray Foam Insulation is applied throughout a space. Next, blown insulation is installed in order to complement to the initial SFI application. It’s a cost-effective approach that results in substantial energy savings during the winter and summer. In many cases, the annual utility savings can “pay down” the initial project investment.

On every job, regardless of the size, GNI makes every effort at complete customer satisfaction. GNI installs the best products on the market, and provides manufacturer warranties that ensure long-term performance. Every project, large or small, is company guaranteed - if there’s an issue or problem, repairs are made, without cost to the customer. For GNI, the customer satisfaction commitment is all about quality products, superior installations, and great service.

From insulation removal, to disposal, to re-installation, customers in Thornhill are in capable hands with Great Northern Insulation. 

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