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Spray Foam Insulation in Peterborough

When it comes to insulation upgrades, spray foam insulation continues to grow in popularity, beyond similar products on the market.  Consumers are very pleased with the results, and the professionals in the industry are having great success with the product.  In fact, when spray foam is compared to other insulation products, it rises above the others with its many benefits.  If you’re currently shopping for spray foam insulation in Peterborough, give Great Northern Insulation some consideration – we’re all about quality work and customer satisfaction.

In short, we specialise in spray foam products and installations.  We have experience with the product and we have expertise with the installation.  We’re known in the industry for selling top-quality products and installing with professionalism.  Our focus is on quality workmanship, regardless of the size or scope of the project.  And when one of our spray foam jobs is complete, there’s nothing that can really compare with the excellent results.  The spray foam product and the expert install are nothing short of the best that’s available.

More and more, the professionals in the industry are endorsing spray foam as their preferred insulation product.  That includes residential homebuilders, construction companies, private contractors and independent renovators.  It’s also referred to in the industry as polyurethane foam, and is being used widely in all kinds of different applications – brand new construction, retrofits, and renovations.  It has also become a preferred product for GNI, having proven itself year after year, and delivering the kind of results that no other product can.

Spray foam is preferred, mainly because it serves so many purposes with its one application.  It seals up a space like nothing else - it results in a higher R-Value rating than anything else - and it provides additional structural strength to the space where it’s installed.  Spray foam is ideal for large expanses like the attic and roof - it covers the space completely and thoroughly, and seals everything up tight.  Every opening and hole is closed up.  Every crack and crevice is sealed.  And all of those hard-to-reach spaces are filled.  No other product can do all that. 

Spray foam also delivers the highest R-Value rating of any insulation product.  As well, when expertly installed, the application serves as an impermeable air and moisture barrier.  It means that a separate vapor barrier is not required.  Overall, a well-installed spray foam application brings many benefits:  energy efficiency is optimized from season to season; HVAC equipment performs at peak levels; and air circulation/air quality is enhanced throughout.  It’s a complete “system” that works in tandem, with consequent energy savings that are measurable.

As professionals in the business, Great Northern Insulation strongly believes in a professional approach to installation.  The spray foam products require special attention – the application equipment requires skill - and the whole installation process requires expertise.  The expert installer uses a special applicator to spray the liquid foam, and ensure that the coating is both consistent and uniform.  The liquid foam quickly expands and hardens into a dense coating of insulation, a process that clearly requires proficiency for successful results.

Spray foam insulation can potentially solve a number of issues with one application.  Higher-than-usual heating and cooling costs can be significantly reduced.  Poorly performing heating and cooling cycles can be re-adjusted.  And overall HVAC performance can be dramatically improved.  At Great Northern Insulation, we do the job right the first time.  Our install teams are intimately familiar with the uniqueness of the spray foam product, and are experienced with every aspect of an installation.

Needless to say, a good installation is wholly dependent on a good installer.  Our people are licensed and certified; they prepare the work site accordingly; they use appropriate safety gear; and they ensure safety for occupants during an install.  Our installers understand the ins and outs of the job they’re working on, and the outcomes that are expected.  For GNI, the bottom line is to deliver results and satisfaction to every customer.  It means selling and installing the very best products, and ensuring product performance as promised.

If you’re in the market for spray foam insulation in Peterborough, have a look at Great Northern Insulation.  We are the spray foam professionals - we don’t take shortcuts – we install based on manufacturer’s specifications - and we abide by building codes.  In short, we do it right the first time.  We provide a manufacturer’s product warranty when the install is complete and our own company guarantee on the workmanship.  Whether it’s a large job or small, our customer commitment is always the same – we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

GNI routinely recommends spray foam.  But we also routinely discourage customers from trying to make spray foam into a DIY project.  It’s a risky proposition, and calling in the experts to fix things up can get expensive.  Spray foam insulation requires expertise - the equipment requires skill - the compounds require special handling - and the application process requires the sort of worksite experience that comes from years of successful installations.  As we often have to remind customers, this is definitely a project that is best left to the professionals.  

In general, spray foam insulation is considered costly.  At the same time, it’s also acknowledged that the many benefits outweigh the up-front cost.  The truth is, the benefits of spray foam surpass any of the combined benefits from other insulation products.  The installation will last a lifetime - there isn’t a need for replacement or replenishment - the payback is reasonable (2 to 7 years) – and the annual cost saving on energy consumption is impressive.  When doing a cost-benefit evaluation, spray foam insulation always shows as a good investment. 

When it comes to spray foam insulation, consider Great Northern Insulation for all your needs.  We have over 35 years in the insulation business, and have grown into Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor.  We’ll show you how quality products and superior workmanship can make a meaningful difference.  And, of course, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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