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Attic Insulation in Ajax

If you’ve decided that it’s time to insulate (or re-insulate) your attic, and if you are already shopping for attic insulation in Ajax, a few things are worth considering.  Selecting the insulation product that best meets the needs of the project is very important.  Selecting the right insulation contractor is just as important.  And for you, the homeowner, it’s important to have a good understanding of the project.  Being informed and knowledgeable as a consumer has benefits - you make better decisions all around, and you tend to work more productively with the contracting company you’ve selected.

Choosing the right contractor for the job can make a difference.  And choosing an established and reputable company is a very good first step.  Great Northern Insulation is considered to be Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor.  Our focus is on quality.  We sell top-quality products and we install professionally.  We encourage customers to understand the nature of their project, so they can make appropriate decisions before and during the installation process.  We believe that an informed and knowledgeable consumer contributes to a more productive relationship between us.

Choosing the insulation product that best suits the job is not always simple.  There is promotion and advertising all around, and it can often lead to more confusion than information.  The product manufacturers market their products as the “best” and the contracting companies market their services as the “best”.  It can all make a purchasing decision difficult.  But when you hire a reliable and established contracting company it can be different.  Quite simply, a good company should be able to answer your questions openly, make project recommendations that expressly suit your job.

A good contracting company should be focused on the customer.  Great Northern Insulation works with customers throughout the entire lifespan of a project.  We address the pre-requisites of the project; we address the associated challenges; and we recommend product and installation that best suits the needs of the job.  Our approach is to do it right the first time - it means installing only quality products while performing the work at the highest standard.  Doing it right ensures that installed products perform at their optimum and deliver maximum benefits to the homeowner.

For Great Northern Insulation, an attic insulation project is thorough and comprehensive.  We start with an in-depth attic assessment and provide a detailed report.  We make project proposals that reflect various product options and installations.  More importantly, we focus on what is the best approach for our customer.  And that includes the physical requirements, the short and long-term objectives; and the project budget.  With a contracting company like GNI, customers are in capable hands from the beginning of a project till the end - and customer service is always top-of-mind.

Everything we do at GNI is about providing the customer with quality products and workmanship.  We provide the manufacturer’s warranty on products we install, and our own company guarantee on all work performed.  If there’s an issue or a problem, we take care of it promptly.  If repairs are required, we expedite the repairs and meet the industry standard.  In short, we’re committed to the satisfaction of our customer.  So if the time has come to insulate your attic, and you’re shopping for attic insulation in Ajax, consider hiring Great Northern Insulation as your company contractor.

Attic insulation projects at GNI typically begin with sealing - we seal up every hole, gap, crack and crevices – the result is an attic space that is entirely airtight.  Sealing up the attic prevents airflow and ensures energy savings during the winter and summer months.  Proper sealing also allows the installed insulation to perform effectively.  Working together, sealing and insulation are integral to a complete “system”, and to an attic that is sealed, ventilated, and insulated.  Overall, the “system” contributes to significant energy savings, as well as enhanced home comfort from season to season.

Today, the marketplace is full of all kinds of insulation products.  But in recent years, spray foam insulation has become the “product-of-choice” for many industry professionals.  When compared to other similar insulation products, spray foam emerges as the best of the bunch.  It’s especially well suited for a space like the attic, and has proven itself as the product that delivers more benefits and higher R-Value than anything else.  And while it’s true that product and installation are somewhat more costly than others, energy savings and homeowner benefits make the initial cost worthwhile.

In an application, spray foam insulation is “sprayed” into the attic with special equipment.  It then spreads itself evenly and hardens quickly into a blanket of dense insulation.  The foam totally and completely encases the attic - the wooden beams – the plumbing – the electrical wiring - and all of the exposed HVAC ductwork.  As insulation, spray foam has a superior R-Value rating than any other product on the market.  And at the same time, it serves as an impermeable barrier to both air and moisture - a product feature that is particularly well suited for a space like the attic.

Another product that is worth considering for the attic is “blown-in” insulation.  Available in a fiberglass or cellulose form, this is a very affordable product, and suited for most budgets.  In an application, “blown-in” insulation forms a “thermal blanket” throughout the attic, and therefore provides excellent R-Value throughout.  The product is “fluffy” in nature and is designed to impede airflow, which contributes to its insulating quality.  The product is fire resistant; mold and mildew resistant; and deters insects and rodents.  It can be easily applied on top of existing insulation.

For the team at Great Northern Insulation, the best approach for the attic is a “hybrid” approach.  We start with a standard application of the spray foam product, and follow with an application of “blown-in” insulation.  The products work together, and provide specific benefits individually and together.  The spray foam product does the sealing and insulating, and the “blown-in” insulation brings additional R-Value as well as excellent dollar-value.  The “hybrid” approach from GNI does it all – it’s the best possible combination of insulation value and dollar-value on the market.

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