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Basement Insulation in Peterborough

Residential basements haven’t always been comfortable living spaces like they are today. In years gone by, the basement was allocated for doing laundry, for storing stuff, maybe for a tool shop or workspace. Most basements were on the damp side and smelled musty. The walls were cement, there wasn’t any insulation, and there wasn’t any drywall. These days, basements are finished to some degree, with practical living spaces that are used for various purposes.

Homeowners shopping for basement insulation in Peterborough are mostly focused on creating a livable, comfortable space in the basement. And while laundry and storage remain as essential elements, the more important focus is to make the space family-friendly. This is where a properly insulated basement becomes a priority. And it’s the properly insulated basement that becomes a comfortable basement - whether it’s a bedroom, an office, or a media room.

Simply put, a well-insulated basement makes a basement more comfortable. And when it comes to results, there’s no doubt that a quality approach to insulation is preferred. Of course, home comfort is much desired, but a well-insulated basement does a lot more for the home - energy efficiency is far better balanced in all areas of the home - energy consumption is much reduced in winter and summer – and seasonal utility bills are demonstrably lessened.

For many a homeowner, basement insulation was principally about keeping everything warm in winter and cool in summer. But the truth is, a properly insulated basement does a lot more.  And this is where a professional contractor can be a valuable asset. A professional will suggest the installation that offers the best possible results for the project. And when it comes to basement insulation, this is a project that’s worth doing the right way from beginning to end.

Homeowners shopping for basement insulation in Peterborough would be well advised to focus on a quality approach. And while so many home improvements tend to be cosmetic (washroom renos and/or kitchen renos), basement insulation work is different. There are definite payoffs, and a good insulating job can generate dollar savings throughout the year. In fact, with heating and cooling bills reduced so significantly, the total savings can often offset the project cost.

A professional approach to basement insulation will typically deliver better results than a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. And the benefits for a homeowner will be quite noticeable – installed R-Values will be heightened considerably; air movement and air leakage will be practically eradicated; and basement moisture will not accumulate. With improved energy efficiency throughout the home, comfort levels in the basement will be noticeable season after season.

Properly insulating the basement will improve energy efficiency

Like any insulation project, basement insulation relies on a quality product and a quality install. This will ensure improved energy efficiency and better-balanced energy consumption. The result: reduced heating and cooling costs season after season.

With a professional approach, basement insulation is worthwhile

Inasmuch as indoor home comfort is improved with good insulation, it’s the savings on energy that will make for a worthwhile project. And although every home is different, some savings will be substantial enough to “pay down” the project cost.

Seasonal savings will be subject to the extent of insulation work

When a basement insulation project is complete, the overall utility savings will depend on several factors: the layout and size of the insulated space; the product installed; and the quality of work. By any measure, a quality job will deliver best results.

Proper preparation of the basement is crucial before insulating

Many basements still have water entry issues. Whatever the extent, these issues require expert attention and professional remediation. Repair work should be expedited before insulation work commences, and by a well-experienced contractor.

Building codes should be followed when insulating basements

Building codes differ across the country, and according to the insulation work being performed. Here, a good insulation contractor could be very valuable in assessing the project and advising on code. Good contractors follow the building code.

Those “awkward” basement spaces must be properly insulated

For various reasons, basements always have “awkward” spaces. These can be difficult to insulate using conventional products. However, with Spray Foam Insulation, the application is flawless, and the space is sealed and insulated to the max.

For best results in the basement, a professional approach is highly recommended. Professional contractors know which product and installation to recommend, and which is best for insulating the basement. Indeed, many professionals are routinely recommending Spray Foam Insulation as the preferred option. It’s because a single SPUF application will do it all, and with better outcomes than anything comparable. Industry wide, SPUF is regarded as the best insulation on the market.

For some homeowners, insulating the basement floor is an integral part of the project. It means spraying SPUF into an open floor, and then covering with concrete. This is the ultimate in insulating and provides insulation values far beyond anything comparable. However, it’s not an approach for every project budget. As such, the basement walls remain the top priority. Once again, a good contractor would be valuable here, suggesting an install that would effectively seal and insulate.

Fundamentally, basement insulation is designed to improve energy efficiency. In this regard, SPUF has proven to be a superior product that delivers superior results. SPUF seals a space to create an airtight environment. It installs higher R-Values than other applications. And it stops basement moisture from collecting. But it is definitely a premium product, and not always suitable for every budget. As an alternative, Great Northern Insulation often recommends a “hybrid” installation.

Essentially, the “hybrid” installation is a combination install that merges Spray Foam Insulation with another insulation product. The results are excellent, the benefits are long lasting, and above all, the project is very cost-effectiveness. The “hybrid” installation allows a homeowner to benefit from both installed products:  air leakage and air movement are curtailed; R-Values are much increased; and the total project investment remains cost effective, even with the two products.

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