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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Peterborough

Important things to consider before removing old insulation.

With insulation removal, the very first thing is to assess the condition of existing insulation. In old homes, deteriorating insulation may be noticeable, and it may be obvious that existing material has lost its integrity. Whatever the status, it’s important to quickly establish if insulation removal is of an urgent nature. For local homeowners considering insulation removal in Peterborough, Great Northern Insulation can offer professional workmanship and guaranteed project results. GNI will determine the scope of removal work and the amount of repairs and retrofits required. As for reinstallation, GNI will recommend the most viable options for new products.

Homes have different reasons for removing aging insulation.

In general, homes have different reasons for removing old or aging insulation. The crews at Great Northern Insulation have come across most every type of situation - from the most routine, to the more difficult, to the hazardous.  Surprisingly, there are homes that don’t have enough insulation. At the same time, some homes have more insulation that’s actually needed. And in many homes, the insulation work is simply substandard. For homeowners, poor quality insulation product, or a poor quality installation can be a prescription for wasting energy and money. GNI has also seen homes where air sealing is practically nonexistent, and ventilation it totally inadequate.

It’s a great advantage to remove insulation while renovating.

Removing insulation while renovating can be an advantage, and if contractors can coordinate, then removal and reinstallation can be very cost-effective. When renovating, it’s also a good time to repair and retrofit areas that are in need. For Great Northern Insulation, insulation removal is a step-by-step procedure. To begin with, the condition of existing insulation material is assessed. Then, there’s a decision on how much insulation has to be removed and how much can be saved. Finally, GNI will make viable project recommendations on new product and re-installation. The aim is to enhance energy efficiency, and deliver meaningful savings on seasonal utilities.

For most removals, experience and expertise will be required.

Most insulation removals are more than just cleanup projects. And for most, previous experience and expertise is a requirement. Great Northern Insulation offers homeowners both experience and expertise - insulation removal and disposal that is safe and effective. But there’s more. GNI also prepares the empty space before any new insulation is installed. That means air sealing the space tight and retrofitting the ventilation to ensure maximum air circulation. Working together, the sealed space and the ventilation will ensure optimum performance for the insulation product that will be newly installed. When everything is in place, energy efficiency is guaranteed.

Some homeowners will opt for a DIY approach to save money. 

There are homeowners who will opt for the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to insulation removal. But all things considered, nothing comes close to a professional approach. Removing insulation can be painstaking and challenging. It could take an inexperienced homeowner twice as long to do the work as a professional. Indeed, sometimes insulation removal can even be dangerous. The materials could be contaminated, there may be mold, or there may be leftover asbestos. For the inexperienced, the risks can’t be justified. Insulation removal is work for a professional, with the experience, expertise, and equipment to provide a 100% job that will be long lasting.

Insulation removal, disposal, and cleanup must be thorough.

For those considering insulation removal in Peterborough the pros at Great Northern Insulation provide comprehensive removal, disposal, and cleanup. GNI crews also undertake the necessary repairs and retrofits, and re-install high quality insulation where required. All work is intended to enhance energy efficiency in the home. In some situations, there may be need for an air barrier or vapour barrier. In some situations, the ventilation set-up may require some improvement. And in many situations, air sealing will need to be dramatically improved. Whatever the situation, GNI always provides top-quality products and professional workmanship – all guaranteed.

For the team at Great Northern Insulation, air sealing is vital.

Air movement throughout a home has an impact on the indoor environment. When air movement is properly managed, there’s improved comfort inside the home, and improved energy efficiency. And when a home is well sealed, everything benefits - the air circulation, the air quality, and the energy efficiency. For Great Northern Insulation, the aim with energy efficiency is to create a viable “system” – one that encompasses efficient air sealing, quality insulation, and effective ventilation. For homeowners, a viable “system” delivers results:  improved energy efficiencies; a reduction in energy use; and money savings on utility bills from one season to the next.

In Peterborough, GNI offers customers high quality products.

For Peterborough homeowners, GNI offers a range of high quality insulation products, along with superior installations. One popular option is blown insulation, available in fiberglass or cellulose. It’s considered a reliable and cost-effective installation, ideal for attics and roofs, and with good R-Value. Blown insulation creates an effective “thermal blanket”, and offers a satisfactory product lifespan. GNI also installs the traditional fiberglass batt insulation. This is another reliable option for attics and roofs, providing satisfactory R-Value where installed, and good lifespan.

For those interested in high performance insulation, GNI recommends Spray Foam Insulation. It’s considered the best insulation product, and has quickly become the “product-of-choice” for local professionals. The fact is, SFI offers more benefits than any comparable insulation product. Spray Foam Insulation does everything in a single application:  it seals a space airtight; it serves as an air barrier and vapour barrier simultaneously; and it offers higher R-Values than most. In terms of product lifespan, SFI never needs topping up, no replacement, and no replenishment.

Another approach to insulation from GNI is the “hybrid” method. It’s highly cost-effective, with impressive outcomes. In this method, two insulation products are incorporated. To begin with, Spray Foam Insulation is applied as the first installation. Then, blown insulation (either fiberglass or cellulose) is installed as a complement to the first application. By combining the two products, the “hybrid” method benefits twofold:  R-Value is excellent and the price point is cost-effective. Best of all, when working with Great Northern Insulation, everything is 100% guaranteed.

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