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Basement Insulation in Kingston

Originally, basements were not really set up as living spaces. Homes that had basements were set up for laundry, for storage, and of course, for the furnace and hot water tank. Most basements were damp and musty – not really hospitable. And for the most part, walls were made of brick, with no drywall, and no insulation. Today, residential basements are far different – most of them are multiple-use spaces, made quite comfortable as additional living areas within the home.

For homeowners considering basement insulation in Kingston, the objective is to transform the space into something more usable and more comfortable. The furnace equipment will likely remain, the laundry facilities will probably be enhanced, and storage space will be improved. But most important is to make the space family-friendly. And with basement insulation, it’s possible to have an additional bedroom, a home-office setup, even a completely self-contained apartment.

A comfortable basement is a direct result of a well-insulated space. And with an expert install, a homeowner can realize the maximum in comfort level. Like anything, a quality approach makes a difference, and with insulation it means having a quality product expertly installed.  The fact is, there’s much more than just comfort - a properly insulated basement makes a home more energy efficient, and reduces energy consumption so that seasonal heating and cooling bills are lower.

For the average homeowner, insulating the basement is mostly about keeping the space warm in winter and cool in summer. But having the basement properly insulated will deliver many more benefits. Here, a good insulation contractor will be able to explain those benefits, and recommend a viable project plan that suits the needs of the space. Bottom line, insulation work should be done right from the start, and with a quality approach, the best outcomes can be achieved.

For homeowners considering basement insulation in Kingston, this is truly a home improvement project with a payoff. The thing is, most home improvements are aesthetic, like a kitchen reno or a washroom reno. But with basement insulation, there are measurable cost savings throughout the year. Good insulation makes for dollar savings on heating and cooling bills, and in some cases, the savings are such that the original project investment can be “paid down” in a few short years.

With basement insulation work, better results are achieved with a professional approach. For the typical homeowner, a professional install will deliver a number of benefits. The installed R-Value will be considerably enhanced. Unwanted air movement will be deterred. And air leakage will be virtually ended. A well-insulated basement also stops moisture from collecting, something quite important in the basement. Best of all, energy efficiency is improved throughout the home.

Noticeable benefits with a well insulated basement

When expertly installed, a high quality insulation product will considerably increase R-Values.  It will enhance a home’s overall energy efficiency, it will measurably reduce energy use, and it will noticeably reduce heating and cooling bills all year round.

Added value when properly insulating a basement

Beyond the home comfort factor, there is additional value when basement insulation is expertly installed. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the savings on heating and cooling can be substantial enough to “pay down” the project cost.

Dollar savings after a basement has been insulated

Dollar savings will depend on the size of the basement, the quality of the insulation product, and the quality of the installation. Clearly, going with a high quality product and install will result in superior outcomes and much better dollar savings.

Doing the proper preparation before the insulation

Even today, many basements (including new builds) have problems with water entry. These must be properly remediated prior to any insulation work being undertaken. Needless to say, this is work for an expert experienced with the repairs.

Building codes should be followed when insulating

Building codes will differ according to the building structure and the scope of work undertaken. A good insulation contractor can assess the work, and advise about any building code requisites. Good contractors will follow the building codes.

Insulating those “unusual” spots in most basements

Because of the layout of a home, most basements have “unusual” areas that require insulation. These are often difficult to insulate with conventional products. But with Spray Foam Insulation, these areas can be properly sealed and insulated.

By any measure, it’s a good idea to have basement insulation professionally installed. It’s the experts who can best recommend product and installation that are most suitable for the job. And today, many experts are recommending Spray Foam Insulation (SFI) for basement projects. SFI basically requires one application, and delivers more benefits with that application than any other product on the market. Simply put, Spray Foam Insulation is the best product available.

The ultimate basement project would include floor insulation. In this application, SFI is sprayed into an open basement floor, and then covered with cement. This approach goes far beyond any comparable application, and delivers the maximum in insulation outcomes. But it’s not an install that will suit every project budget, and as such, the insulating the basement walls becomes the priority. Here, the main focus has to be on effectively sealing and insulating the entire space.

For the most part, insulating a basement is about dramatically improving energy efficiencies. For this, the SFI product has proven to deliver the best product performance by far. SFI creates a completely airtight space. It results in higher R-Values than anything comparable. And it prevents basement moisture from collecting. However, Spray Foam Insulation is a premium choice, and it might not be amenable to the budget. Here, a good alternative may be the “hybrid” application.

The “hybrid” option from Great Northern Insulation could be a worthwhile approach for many a homeowner. The finished job delivers first-rate results, and the project investment is quite cost-effective. This is a combination install that incorporates SFI with another compatible insulation product to effectively seal and insulate the basement. The dual install allows the two products to work together, delivering years of performance, and a project cost that makes economic sense.

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